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09 – FFL week 02

So, after two weekends of the FFL, six of the eight teams have been in action. They say that football is a funny old game, and that was certainly proven on Sunday, with a couple of unusual games. Most teams are … Continue reading

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08 – Thursday Mailbag

Thursday has rolled around yet again, and in FFL-land, that means it’s time for your mailbag and couple of previews of the upcoming games. Let’s go to work. Games this weekend @ Berendrecht – 12:00 – Brussels Black Angels (0-0) v … Continue reading

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07 – FFL Week 01

Finally I can say, “Welcome one and all to the 2011 FFL season!”. This week I’ve got some actual football to talk about and this can only be a good thing. Along with that I’ve got my ten thoughts, and I’ll be … Continue reading

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06 – Thursday mailbag

Welcome to this weeks’ mailbag. Today we’ve finally got two games to take a look at, but that’s not all, as we also have a new field to talk about! And given that this is the Thursday mailbag, some of … Continue reading

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05 – T minus 6 days

Welcome to the final Monday thoughts before the FFL season finally gets under way! Starting next week you’ll see a bit of a different format with match scores, reviews and hopefully some interesting quotes from various coaches and players involved … Continue reading

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04 – Thursday Mailbag

Welcome to the Thursday Mailbag version of my FFL thoughts. I must say that it’s been a slow news week, so there isn’t much to report on that front. And much to my shame, I have to start with an … Continue reading

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04a – Mathematics

Welcome, brave adventurers, into the world of statistics. This is going to be a semi mathematical text about my computer ratings system. Why computer ratings? Because people go about having ‘opinions’ and other such things that cloud their judgement when … Continue reading

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