04 – Thursday Mailbag

Welcome to the Thursday Mailbag version of my FFL thoughts. I must say that it’s been a slow news week, so there isn’t much to report on that front.

And much to my shame, I have to start with an apology. When adding up the players to be in the All-FFL team, I was certain that I’d originally come up with 38 but when I typed it out I had 37.. Upon further review, I’d forgotten my opponent from when I played.. the kick returner!

I wonder what’s going on with the Belgian Bowl website. It was supposed to be ready for February 8, but a quick check showed a postponement until February 12. So far the momentum for BB XXIV has been rolling so smoothly, so let’s hope the website is open as advertised, otherwise I’ll have to say “C’mon man”! Having said that, it appears that the press conference happened right on time, so I suppose they just need a little more time to get organised.

In the future (starting after all teams have played at least once), I’ll be including in the Thursday column my computer ratings. Some of you may know that I posted that last year on the BFL forum, although that was a much simpler version that what I have now. I’m not going to include details here for fear of boring everybody to tears, but I will include a link that you can follow if you’re interested, but be warned – there is some mathematics involved.



Tom van Put, Wilrijk :

“Non-Football thought: I’m really looking forward to the best Australia has to offer, V8 supercars! Kick-off this weekend with the YAS V8 400, Abu Dhabi!

Football thought: Always difficult to predict the FFL, but I hope you’re right! You only got the score of the final game wrong”

Not much of a Supercars fan although I did used to take a look at Bathurst each year (actually, my Dad and brothers watched it and so I had no choice). As for the final score of the Belgian Bowl, you’re probably right.. Ostend is where kickers go to die, so let’s make it 24-12! Just kidding, no matter who plays, I hope it’s a close one like a few years ago.

“Ole” (Christophe Olenaed, possibly?), Leuven

“Nice reading your blog! Although I’m pretty convinced there will be some surprises in the FFL this year”

I believe that this is my first comment from east of Brussels, so welcome on board! Bring on the surprises, I say, they’re what makes life fun.

Dorian Vermeir, Bornem

“I’d like to thank you Dale for the extra motivation you’re giving some of the players reading all this, you sure did for me.
Also, I’m glad you said “Some people will agree, most won’t – but don’t worry, I’m happy to be proven wrong!”. I’ll be more than happy to prove you so (concerning your thoughts on the Titans game based on a TE/RB combo). But, for now, let’s blame it on a lack of information.”

That’s fair enough! I’m very much looking forward to watching the Titans play and seeing what they bring to the table, in all facets of the game. The last weekend in March there aren’t any games, so I think I’ll do a mid-season report for all teams, and then we’ll see just how clever (or not) that I was.

So that’s all for now, join me on Monday for the next edition of my FFL thoughts. Thanks for all of your comments and support. Until next time.

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2 Responses to 04 – Thursday Mailbag


    keep it coming dale 😉

  2. Love the blog man! Keep up the talk, love the way American Football is growing/evolving in Belgium the last few years!

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