06 – Thursday mailbag

Welcome to this weeks’ mailbag. Today we’ve finally got two games to take a look at, but that’s not all, as we also have a new field to talk about! And given that this is the Thursday mailbag, some of your comments will be posted too. Let’s get stuck into it.

Games this weekend

@ Gent – 12:00 – Antwerp Diamonds v Brussels Bulls

Since 2000 : Diamonds 3, Bulls 1

Last match : Feb 28, 2010 – in Leuven – Diamonds 18, Bulls 2

This would appear to be that classic match-up of youthful enthusiasm against experience. It would also appear to be a straight up strength versus strength match-up as the offensive line of the Bulls dig in against the defense of the Diamonds. This one is going to be won in the trenches, the question is do the Diamonds have enough speed and blitzes to worry the Bulls and throw off the timing of their quarterback and the whole passing game? I’m not convinced. I think the Bulls might just start the season on a winning note but I’m not really expecting a high scoring game. Bulls 20 – Diamonds 14

@ Gent – 15:00 – Gent Gators v Leuven Lions

Since 2000 : Lions 4, Gators 2, Tied 2

Last match : May 2, 2010 – in Gent – Gators 6, Lions 6

This is the first game for the Gators at their new field (The Swamp?), and I’m sure they will be out to impress. I’m hoping to see some definite improvement on the offensive side of the ball from the Lions, but can they score enough points to beat the always dangerous Gators? I’m not sure how the Lions will be able to keep up with the big play ability of Gent, even if the weather turns out to be a bit nasty. Gators 33 – Lions 17


The Gent Gators have a new and improved home field for their games. For those of you who haven’t heard, the new address is : Noorderlaan 10, Gent. What makes this field special is the stand for the fans, which is covered by a roof! Well done to Gators coach / President Roald Piqueur for making it happen. The plan is also to sell hamburgers and booze on the bleachers so the fans won’t miss any of the game. Now you’re talking turkey!* This of course means that fans won’t have to look over the players or stand in the rain in order to see the action. According to Piqueur, the bleachers can hold around 300 people, so I hope to see a big crowd there enjoying two great games of football!


Coach Andy Brutyn, Oostende :

“We still need a good kicker though ;)”

I think I was over-rated as a kicker throughout my career. Actually I was a punter who kicked only because nobody else wanted to!

Willem DeMuynck, Izegem :

“I like reading your column especially when I’m stuck in f*** traffic like now. Why do the Tribes plan a scrimmage the week before kicking off our season? Well Dale, you of all people should know that we always need a wake up call, and better to have this against a Dutch team than against the Black Angels. But be sure that we will be ready to defend our title. See you all on the field.”

That is absolutely true, the Tribes are terrible starters. I just think it’s weird to play the week before the first game – couldn’t it have been a week or two earlier?

Thomas Snoeckx :

“Keep up the good work! Your insider blog makes it more entertaining than ever to follow the FFL and the road to the Belgian Bowl.”

Thankyou! Happy to be of service. Speaking of service, any spelling mistakes now remaining on the Belgian Bowl website are my fault as I’m now proof reading it all. You see that influential people are reading this blog too?

So what have we learned today? That football is only 3 sleeps away, and the fans are going to be dry in Gent no matter what precipitation the Football Gods throw at us! See you all there.

* ‘Now you’re talking turkey’ is an Australian phrase, in this case meaning ‘That is a freakin’ awesome idea’

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2 Responses to 06 – Thursday mailbag

  1. overrated kicker? I havent seen any other kicker in BFL doing 5 drop-kick fieldgoals in a game (pitty is was against us). Sometimes you just need to accept the compliments 😉

    • dalehousden says:

      Sure, not many kickers get compliments 😉 But just to correct you, they were extra points, not field goals, and also I missed a couple of them. It’s more the shock of it than anything. Not often that something happens on the field which makes players and refs go “is that legal?” 🙂

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