24 – Thursday mailbag

This is going to be rather short as there’s no football to preview, as I’m sure you’re all aware.

Man v Machine

For the third week in a row I got all four games right. Either I’m good or you guys are totally predictable! The computer missed one again so now I have 15 and it has 11.


It’s been yet another quiet week on the mailbag front. I am beginning to think you guys are getting bored of me!

Ike Baggett, Gent

“that “fumble” – it was actually highway robbery – really killed me. Nonetheless good job by the dude that took it… Cudos!” 

I walked past you at one point and you were talking to someone about it. Your words were “he stripped me like a school boy”, and I think that that was very well said.

Bram Wydooghe, Izegem

“How did Titi get a 15 yard penalty?? I guess I missed something funny.”

I believe the trendy way to describe what he did was that he dropped the F-bomb. I think the fact that he was on the game sheet and wearing his game jersey didn’t help, because I don’t think there’s a rule that supporters can’t yell out whatever they like.

Picture of the week

OK, here’s the story. Bulls assistant coach Sven Peeraerts bet Bulls S Brady that he wouldn’t score a touchdown. Here’s the evidence of the pick-six, so what does coach Peeraerts have to do? Not much, he just has to wear a pink thong to the Bulls next game! I should probably point out right here and now that I don’t require any evidence that this was actually done!

Also, check out this link on facebook for more photos of last weekend’s games in Leopoldsburg thanks to Rein Van den Bergh. :  http://www.facebook.com/album.php?fbid=1669821154533&id=1507470139&aid=2083061&l=95b7cc937e


There may or may not be a column on Monday. That depends on what I learn over the next few days. Everyone enjoy your long weekend, until next time.

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4 Responses to 24 – Thursday mailbag

  1. FFL Fan says:

    Dale, don’t worry, we keep on reading youre blog , don’t worry
    What about the LFFAB, do you know something about the teams ?
    Who is very strong , the tigers ?? What about the turtles and the cougars ?
    Can they win a play off game against the Bulls or Angels ??

    • dalehousden says:

      I haven’t seen an LFFAB team play since the Belgian Bowl last year, so I only know what I see from the standings. I heard some good things about the Turtles but I’m not sure if they’re at a level where they can beat the Angels or Bulls yet.

  2. Coach Stijn says:

    I havent seen any LFFAB games myself but did talk to several coaches and players. At the moment the tigers have virtualy no opposition (they only conceded a safety thus far), the phoenix started to turn their season arround just before they had to step out and they would’ve meant a decent challenge to the FFL nr2 or nr3. As it stands today the Cougars and the Turtles are in the post season with the Cougars holding the tiebreaker over the Turtles. Over the season the turtles have been growing into their own where the cougars didnt seem to stand appart from the rest of the competition.
    I might be called out for beating a dead horse here but the Tigers are the only team with a functioning Yought program at all levels on the LFFAB side (I know the Phoenix have all levels of yought aswell but they shot themselves in the foot on senior level). (On FFL side the Tribes showed us it pays to invest in yought, which they did a decade ago, the angels, bulls, diamonds, lions and titans have participated in yought programs and are showing ongoing comitement to developement. )

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