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34 – All-FFL team

Here we are, just five days before the Belgian Bowl. There isn’t much that needs to be said at the moment, so I had a bit of a think of what to write about and I came up with a … Continue reading

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33 – Thursday mailbag

Just nine days until the Belgian Bowl! Great news to hear that the stands are already sold out – that means that there will be at least 670 of us (and hopefully many more) to witness the biggest game in … Continue reading

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32 – Semi finals

And then there were two! By now I’m sure you all know that this year’s Belgian Bowl will be contested between the Brussels Black Angels and the West Flanders Tribes. Over the course of the season, I think it’s fair … Continue reading

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31 – Thursday mailbag

┬áSo here we are, just three days before the semi-finals and what a pair of match-ups we have got. I know it’s dangerous to think such things, but I’m expecting the two best games of the season on Sunday, and … Continue reading

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30 – Wildcard weekend

So Wildcard weekend has been and gone, with pretty much the expected results. At least both winners didn’t have everything go their way, despite the rather lopsided final scorelines. But I guess we can look at this weekend as the … Continue reading

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29 – Thursday mailbag

The FFL blog is entering into unknown territory – the LFFAB and BFL! I feel just about as clueless as when I wrote the first blog all those months ago – I was just getting comfortable with all 8 FFL … Continue reading

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28 – FFL week 11

So it’s finally come to this, the 2011 FFL season is over. It’s been a season with ups and downs, but in the end there has been more positive than negative. I for one have enjoyed following you guys all … Continue reading

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