26 – FFL week 10

With one round left, our three playoff teams are known. The FFL will be represented in the playoffs by the Flemish Champion West Flanders Tribes, the second placed Brussels Black Angels and the third placed Brussels Bulls. I think the three most worthy teams made it and I’m sure that all teams will do us all proud. The Tribes have one more game to go for their fourth perfect regular season in a row, which is at home on Sunday to Gent.

Plenty to talk about this week, with two games to review along with ten things and more good stuff. Let’s go to work!

Game One – West Flanders Tribes 27, Bornem Titans 6

For the second time in two games, Tribes WR Gancharov was the first player in the endzone in a Tribes-Titans match, this time catching a 20-yard pass from QB Vermaut.

For the second time in two games, the Titans put their heads down and scored on the following drive, a 40-yard pass from QB Rochtus to WR Vermeir (5 catches, 74 yards). This left the score nicely balanced at 6-6.

Then both teams had a touch of fumbilitis, RB George and WR Gancharov fumbling after some nice work from Titans LBs Van Moorleghem and Lagae (back in the lineup after doing his knee in the first game of the season), but Tribes LBs DeGrendele and Jamin countered by creating a fumble of their own and we were back to where we started.

The second quarter belonged to Tribes RB George, who scored twice, from 14 and 4 yards away on his way to yet another 100-yard game, a two point conversion on a fake kick and then a good kick from K Dossche took the score to 21-6 at the half.

The Titans introduced Dieter Eerens at tight end and he caused some trouble for the Tribes, catching 4 balls, Tribes S Monserez playing some tight defense to stop a few others, however the score didn’t change until late. The Titans had their best chance down at the Tribes 15 yard line, but QB Rochtus was sacked by LB Ryckelynck and DT Mestdagh on fourth down to end the drive. The Tribes took the ball downfield and iced the game with a QB Vermaut (10/19, 151 yards, 2td) 33-yard strike to TE Brutyn for his first touchdown of the season.

For the second time in two games, I called the result of the game exactly – Tribes by 21. If only I could use this information to make myself rich!

Tribes total offensive yards : 336. Titans total offensive yards : 175.

Game Two – Brussels Black Angels 55, Limburg Shotguns 0

There was a lot of concern along the sidelines when people caught wind of how many players Limburg had for this matchup, I believe it was 15. I know that the final score was a mercy rule blowout for the Angels, but they faced a lot more opposition than just the total number of Shotguns that were at the game. Respect to the Shotguns (and not just from this guy, but all on the sideline, Angels coaches and players included) for playing every play and never giving up.

However, the facts are that the boys from Limburg were outgunned and simply outplayed by the Angels. The Brussels defensive line were just terrorising Limburg QB Saffo, sacking him on 6 occassions and knocking him down and pressuring him countless other times into mistakes. Angels defensive backs made 3 picks, CBs Oshe and Law one each and the other to S Godichal, who almost returned it to the house. The only time when QB Saffo had a few seconds, he found WR Voordeckers for a 44 yard gain.

Angels RB Sarta got the start today and took advantage of it with a solid 9 rushes for 75 yards and 1 score, but again it was RB Trouillez who did most of the damage, rushing just 5 times but scoring 3 touchdowns. The other member of the Trio, FB Banza, had a big game too, scoring once on the ground, making 3 catches and sacking the Limburg quarterback for a safety. The other scorers were WR Delaisse and FB Jackson busting one for 30 yards up the middle to end the game midway through the last quarter.

For the Shotguns, LB Gijsel, LB Curren and S Hermans all had 5 tackles (the latter including 2 sacks), and CB Voordeckers had an interception which he returned 40 yards.

Black Angels total offensive yards : 320. Limburg Shotguns total offensive yards : 58

Computer rankings

No changes in the order of the computer rankings, but for the first time in about 6 weeks the Tribes don’t have the maximum of 3000 points any more. Note also the large gap between third and fourth.

1 – West Flanders Tribes (7-0-0) : 2974

2 – Brussels Black Angels (6-1-1) : 2575

3 – Brussels Bulls (4-2-1) : 2212

4 – Bornem Titans (4-4-0) : 1248

5 – Antwerp Diamonds (3-5-0) : 977

6 – Limburg Shotguns (2-5-0) : 383

7 – Gent Gators (2-5-0) : 354

8 – Leuven Lions (1-7-0) : 61

Players of the week

Tribes QB Vermaut. 10/19, 151 yards, 2 td, 4 rushes, 34 yards. It was a good bounce back performance from Vermaut after going 4/21 last game against those same Titans.

Angels FB Banza. 3 rushes, 31 yards, 1 td. 3 catches, 35 yards. 1 sack / safety. The stats say it all – was everywhere, did everything.

Titans LB Lagae. 6 tackles (2 for loss), 1 sack, 1 forced fumble. Boy oh boy did the Titans miss this guy this year. On the Tribes third play from scrimmage, he sliced through the offensive line and nailed RB George for a loss of 5, a very rare occurance.

Stat of the week

The Brussels Black Angels had a total of just 14 tackles against the Shotguns (not including special teams tackles, of course). How is this possible? The Shotguns only ran the ball 7 times and had 1 completion. Add that to the 6 sacks and there are your 14.

Quote of the week

During the Angels-Shotguns game, the Angels returner dropped the ball while everyone was shouting “Fire” (meaning that the returner isn’t supposed to try to catch the ball). I remarked that the guy was supposed to leave it alone because it was fire.

“No no, Dale, it wasn’t fire, it was just one of the Angels coaches who wanted to light a cigarette” – Klaas Allosserie

Ten thoughts I think I think

1 – I think I had a really good time in Anderlecht, despite being sandblasted during the first game. It’s really enjoyable to watch football with some mates, so I’m looking forward to next weekend in Ostend, and, of course, the Belgian Bowl. It’s gonna be awesome, no matter who is playing.

2 – I think I’m more likely to go back to Anderlecht in a couple of weeks to see Angels v Turtles than to Charleroi to see Cougars v Bulls.

3 – I think I would like some clarity from the refs about something (and I know now that you’re reading!). When a team scores a touchdown to put themselves up by more than 50, do they get to try the extra point or not? I thought that they did, and I have definitely seen a team do it this year (I think it was Angels over Diamonds), but the Angels weren’t allowed to try yesterday?

4 – I think that there’s no more appropriate football food than a burger. A nice touch by the Angels catering to offer cheeseburgers as well.

5 – I think the Shotguns could have made it to the end of their game against the Angels if they’d have punted better, especially in the first half. I know it was a bit windy but you’ve got to guide the ball down, not just drop it.

6 – I think the Tribes did pretty well considering they have a makeshift offensive line. I’m sure they’ll be hoping to get a couple of players back for the playoffs.

7 – I think the idea of a tailgate breakfast in Ostend on Sunday is brilliant, so nice work Hans. Let’s hope we don’t have to eat too much dust to go along with our breakfast!

8 – I think I’ve come up with a way to keep games closer. For every touchdown a team is ahead, they have to play with one player less! OK, maybe it’s not such a good idea after all.

9 – I think my brother would have described the field in Anderlecht as having “more dust than a dust factory”. You see what kind of household I grew up in!?

10 – I think these are my non-FFL thoughts of the week 

– Happy birthday to me! I’m 32 today. At least, Australian time. Belgian time I was born May 1, so I like to consider my birthday as lasting 48 hours! Thanks again to everyone who wrote on my facebook wall – I’m feeling the love!

– I had a good trip to the golf driving range before the football on Sunday. Fixed up my shots off the tee which were a shocking disgrace when I played a couple of weeks ago. If you ever see me wearing a polo shirt at the football, that’s a sign that I’ve been to the golf course earlier, because normally I’d never wear one!

– I’ve paid so little attention to the NFL lately that I thought the first round of the draft was on Friday, not Thursday. Looks like the ol’ Vikings fouled it up as usual. The Falcons GM is either going to be a genius or a moron in about three years time.

– For the first time my kids were both old enough to go easter egg hunting. The Easter bunny (me) had to wake up at 6am to hide the eggs but it was worth it!


May 8, Ostend

09:30 – Breakfast tailgate

12:00 – Brussels Bulls v Limburg Shotguns

15:00 – Gent Gators v West Flanders Tribes

Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but the May 22 semi final at the Tribes home will be in Izegem.


Thursday will be the usual fare, looking forward to the final games of the regular season before we get stuck into the second season straight after that, which is going to make it tough for this reporter, as I’m afraid I don’t really know anything about our friends from the LFFAB. We will all find out soon enough. Until next time!

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13 Responses to 26 – FFL week 10

  1. for the ones interested in the Tailgate Breakfast: join the Facebook event! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=180445828670625

  2. Coach Harve says:

    May 22, bite nails – wait for result.
    Please Tribes,make sure I have to book my flight that day!


    not knowing the lffab teams will mean you won’t get the scores right this time hehe

  4. Bart Killens says:

    Just for the stats: Angels have the best defense in FFL 2K10
    If you count the points that they scored there a + XX in points :p

  5. Jens Mullebrouck says:

    1 thought I think I think:
    I think I forgot your birthday today and I’m sorry 😦
    Happy Birthday !!

  6. Chubby says:

    Just a thought on forfeited games.
    The game gets a 50-0 score. This could affect play-off chances of teams.
    This year this isn’t the case.
    But in the future we might have 2 teams that are in the sprint for a play-off spot where point difference might be important.
    If this is then decided by another team’s forfeit and an automatic 50 point in favour, i don’t think that’s fair.
    So maybe 50 points is to much ?
    Or are there any tiebreaking rules to deal with this?

  7. PJ Brady says:

    I wonder what are the odds that we could have a night game under the lights in Berchem next year? That’d be pretty cool.

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