32 – Semi finals

And then there were two! By now I’m sure you all know that this year’s Belgian Bowl will be contested between the Brussels Black Angels and the West Flanders Tribes. Over the course of the season, I think it’s fair to say that these have been the two best teams in Belgium, and so it will be a worthy final. And not only that, but from all reports it’s going to be an excellent crowd as well. It’s just a pity that we have to wait two weeks for it!

Game One : Brussels Black Angels 38, Brussels Tigers 10

The score might have been comfortable in the end but what price did the Angels have to pay? Injuries to FB Banza and WR Killens were just the beginning (both will play in the Belgian Bowl though, I’m sure), but their outstanding OT Meys got ejected in the final quarter and will not play in the final, after allegedly punching a Tigers player.

Things started pretty well for the Angels, their running game in control but they were unable to finish as well as they might have liked, settling for two K Killens field goals and one RB Trouillez touchdown in the first half. The Tigers scored on a nice pass to WR Denis after some ill-discipline from the Angels gave them good field position, and after the two point conversion on the ground the Angels led just 10-8.

The Angels caught a break when the Tigers committed a penalty during an interception return that otherwise would have been a touchdown and given them the lead, but instead they were forced to punt. They did get a safety though to bring the score to 13-10 at the half.

The second half was much more like it, as far as the Angels were concerned. Yet another touchdown by RB Trouillez was followed with some more good work on the offensive side of the ball which led to two touchdowns from RB Sarta. S Godichal racked up yet another pick-six to make the scoreline a bit of a blowout. Again the Angels defense was extremely strong, especially in the second half, including when they weren’t confused by a few weird formations that the Tigers threw at them.

All in all, yet another solid performance from the Angels in all three phases, as they head back to the Belgian Bowl for the first time since 2008.

Game Two : West Flanders Tribes 27, Brussels Bulls 21

At the time it seemed a little excessive, but a 12-yard touchdown catch from Tribes WR Thomas DeGroote made the score 27-14 with only a couple of minutes to go, and it turned out to be very neccessary for West Flanders.

The Bulls got the ball back and behind the arm of QB Fogarty he drove them the length of the field and finished the drive himself with a sneak to bring the Bulls back to within 6, however there was just 1 second left when this happened, not enough time for the Bulls to complete a comeback.

The Tribes started the game with the ball but were forced into a turnover on downs. On the Bulls first play from scrimmage WR Leroy was left wide open and QB Fogarty found him on the first of many deep completions for a 65-yard touchdown strike. K Simon nailed the extra point and the Bulls led 7-0. Once they got the ball back, the Tribes had their longest drive of the season, 15 plays, which culminated in a QB Vermaut to TE Brutyn 24-yard score, knotting the score at 7 at quarter time.

The second started well for the Tribes with RB George tip-toeing his way down the sideline before finding some open space and cutting it back inside, going 65-yards of his own to the house, K Dossche does the rest and Tribes lead 14-7. The Bulls come right back with another long ball to WR Leroy, great effort by S Huyghe to make a diving ankle tap tackle, but not after he’d gained 72 yards. It was up to RB Abrakan to score from 2 yards away and again we were tied, this time 14-14 at the half.

The Bulls had most of the possession in the third quarter but couldn’t score, LB Jamin making a sack and P Brutyn pinning the them back at their own 3-yard line. On the other hand, the Tribes gained just 4 total yards in the quarter.

At the beginning of the fourth, Bulls K Simon missed a 30-yard field goal and the Tribes got the ball back, putting together another long drive which was ended with a touchdown after a little trickeration on a fake field goal, TE Brutyn walking in for the score by himself and the Tribes were up 21-14.

On the ensuing possession the Bulls had to punt from their own 1-yard line after a sack from DL Ongena. The punt was fielded by WR Gancharov and he wove 40 yards for the score, but it was called back on an obvious block in the back penalty. It wasn’t the only bad penalty on the drive as the Bulls were called for an unsportsmanlike conduct call just when the Tribes had failed a third down conversion. This all led to the touchdown from WR DeGroote, the attempted comeback of the Bulls, and a final score of 27-21 Tribes.

I think the scoreline was a good representation of the play. The Bulls running game hadn’t been stopped like that all year, but they made up for it by completing three huge passes. The Tribes offense had a pretty regulation day at the office, doing it both on the ground and in the air, but they’ll want to shore up their pass defense going into the final.

Like I said, it was a tough day for the Bulls halfbacks, RB Abrakan with 9 rush, 23 yards, 1 td, and RB Acheson with 9 rush for 16 yards were the best of the ground game. WR Stalmans had 4 catches, 38 yards in another solid performance. On their defense, DE Nyati-Panzu led the team with 7.5 tackles and 1 sack, and he was helped out by Nicolajeff 5.5 tackles, and S Ammadi had 1.5 tackles and 1 interception.

On the side of the winners, RB George continued his wonderful season with 22 rush, 146 yards, 1 td. TE Brutyn caught 3 passes for 72 yards and 2 td. On the defensive side of things, LB Stepman had 5 tackles, DE Dossche 5 tackles and .5 sacks, CB Van Marcke 5 tackles too and LB Jamin 4 tackles and 1 sack.

Tribes total offense : 346 (132 passing, 214 rushing). Bulls total offense : 274 (223 passing, 51 rushing)

This week’s All-FFL announcement

So I promised an announcement about the All-FFL team today (the team itself will be anounced next week, as you know). I hadn’t planned on doing this, but in order to keep a little momentum going, I’m going to list 11 players and 1 coach as “Honourable mentions”, and it’s those that I’ll give today. These aren’t done per position, but there’s at least one per team. These are all players who had great seasons but didn’t quite make it into the final 40.

Representing Antwerp Diamonds : QB Elliott Keymolen, Coach John Jolie

Representing Brussels Black Angels : WR Bart Killens, T Charly Cohen

Representing Brussels Bulls : LB Jean-Christophe Kitoko, RB Ben Acheson

Representing Bornem Titans : G Kabil Baldemir

Representing Gent Gators : DL Didier Timmermans

Representing Leuven Lions : DL Erwin Janssens, CB Christophe Olenaed

Representing Limburg Shotguns : WR German Oyen

Representing West Flanders Tribes : LB Greg Jamin

Computer rankings

Not surprisingly, the new numbers 1 and 2 are our finalists. The Tigers drop to 3, the Titans jump up to 6, and Gent complete their jump over the Shotguns into the number 9 spot.

1 – West Flanders Tribes : 2937

2 – Brussels Black Angels : 2703

3 – Brussels Tigers : 2613

4 – Brussels Bulls : 2243

5 – Louvain-la-Neuve Fighting Turtles : 1480

6 – Bornem Titans : 1391

7 – Charleroi Cougars : 1380

8 – Antwerp Diamonds : 1059

9 – Gent Gators : 563

10 – Limburg Shotguns : 560

11 – Liege Monarchs : 474

12 – Leuven Lions : 309

13 – Andenne Bears : 31

Players of the week

No disrespect to the Angels and Tigers, but I can’t really put any players from those teams in as I don’t have the stats to do it.

Bulls WR Leroy. 3 catches, 179 yards, 1 td. The most dangerous player on the field constantly got behind the Tribes last line and caused trouble.

Bulls QB Fogarty. 8/24, 233 yards, 1 td. 4 rush, 9 yds, 1td. Threw his deep passes really well today and managed to sneak a touchdown in as well. Gave his team a chance to win.

Tribes QB Vermaut. 6/22, 132 yards, 3 td, 1 int. 9 rush, 65 yards. Had a few drops which didn’t help his passing stats but made the ones that were required. Took off and ran when his pass protection broke down and actually threw a ball away when he didn’t have anything.

Tribes DL Mestdagh. 8 tackles. This is a little more personal than I’d normally write, so just bear with me. I remember when he first showed up at the Tribes about 6 years ago, he was like a big teddy bear. Now he’s giving opposing offensive lines nightmares because he’s becoming so hard to block.

Stat of the week

The Bulls 51 yards rushing for the game were lower than RB George’s yards rushing on his touchdown in the second quarter (65).

Quote of the week

“Well kick me in the balls, let’s go get a beer”, Bulls coach Curtis Plybon. My Missourian isn’t all that great, but I believe a proper translation into the Queen’s English would be – ‘Well, the game is over, so let’s drink a cool, foamy beverage’. Or something like that!

Ten thoughts I think I think

1 – I think former Tribes CB Vandendriessche (aka Swatten) is being deployed to Afgahnistan for 5 months a week after the Belgian Bowl. All respect for that – stay safe, my man.

2 – I think Tribes LB DeGrendele was injured in the game against the Bulls. I’m sure he won’t miss the Belgian Bowl but whether he’ll be at 100% is another question.

3 – I think it was yet another nice day for football on Sunday. The question is – how much longer can this go on for?

4 – I think the Bulls used every trick play known to man (and a few that weren’t before yesterday) on their last drive. I do love a bit of trickeration. Did I really see a throwback to an offensive lineman? I assume he was supposed to throw the ball downfield. Brilliant!

5 – I think it was an excellent crowd in Izegem. Hard to estimate as I was sitting in the middle of them, but there were probably 250 or so in the main stand, and the Bulls had brought a bus-load of supporters too.

6 – I think both teams showed a lot of class today. Tribes and Bulls don’t exactly get along, but it all seemed to be above the belt to me. It was definitely good for football, at any rate.

7 – I think Nelson Vanlocke is busy working on BFL and FFL pages on Wikipedia. Anyone with information should feel free to put it up there as well!

8 – I think I’m not exactly sure what to do with this blog after the season. Well, first I will be taking a well deserved rest, and after that I’ll see. I have some ideas – will just be a once a week thing, I guess. I was thinking about writing something for non-football fans (we all know plenty of those) to try and gently introduce them to the game, as it strikes me that many people who go to watch don’t really know what’s going on. Also I had some ideas for some Onion-like stories for a bit of a laugh. Anyway, if anyone can think of a good idea, then you know where to find me.

9 – I think I just read my very first column again. How embarrassing! It’s like looking back at photos of yourself when you were just 10 years old! Anyway, one of my ten thoughts back then was that there would be two FFL teams in the Belgian Bowl this year. My predictions haven’t been that far off this year, have they?

10 – I think these are my non FFL thoughts of the week

– Because there’s no football next weekend, I’ll be spending my time very wisely and going to watch Piet Piraat in Ostend with the wife and my daughter, Mai. Better get some golf in too.

– Kids look so helpless when they’re sick. My son is under the weather at the moment and there’s no energy in him at all – totally the opposite of normal. Get well soon, little guy.

– I wonder how much longer Lance Armstrong is going to have his 7 Tour victories. Then again, this whole doping thing is the reason I don’t watch cycling any more.

– I saw a trailer on youtube for the X-Alps. Now that is one crazy race, how can anyone actually complete that?


Ostend, June 4, 17:30 (gates open at 15:30)

Belgian Bowl XXIV

Brussels Black Angels v West Flanders Tribes


It’s going to be a long couple of weeks while we wait for the Belgian Bowl. Thursday will be your mailbag, so be sure to comment so I’ve got plenty to write about as there will be no football to preview. To the Tribes and the Angels – get to training, I am sure that your coaches have a lot to teach you! Until next time

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30 Responses to 32 – Semi finals

  1. Chubby says:

    It was a tough game versus the Bulls.
    Again, it could have gone either way.
    I think that once the Bulls start winning the top games, they will be off for a few championship titles in a row. I really envy their organization. It’s build on getting youngsters in the first team with a solid background and knowledge of the sport.
    One can only applaud that.

    There were a couple of moments in the game where it could have gone either way.
    A missed D coverage of the Tribes where the TE was almost alone near the Tribes endzone, missed FG, dropped passes on both sides…
    For me, it was hard but super fun playing on D and O but I really enjoy playing both 🙂
    It felt good to sack the QB too 🙂 Almost a 2nd time in the 4th quarter but I ended up flushing him and Aristo made the sack.

    As you mentioned, the spirit between the two teams was good.
    People say, the teams don’t like each other but the only teams I hate, are teams that don’t follow the rules and play to injure people. By the way, it silly to judge a team by the actions of a few. I think every team has a few nutters 🙂
    In my experience, this hasn’t been a problem in the FFL. As I said, I really respect the Bulls. Good organisation, great young athletic players.

  2. benedict says:


    I think the bulls made a great statement, they became a great team. And they have some great young aspiring players, giving a clear statement that we will gonna have to invest in the future or else we are going to get it :). If there was a manufacturing trophy in football like there is in F1, the bulls would win it. Also i hope we would be able to get together as a football community to get some kinda of national team together because we are missing some beautiful experiences on the international level.


    did you kicked him in the balls? :p

  4. oli says:

    Hi Dale, i enjoy reading you every week more and more !!! About the spirit between 2 teams: i think a lot is just about one guy say something small that becomes bigger and so on! When we (Bulls) where gonna played the Cougars people told us: watch out, they have durty players and play bad football, well we hade a great, hard football game but clean as hell! so why somebody tell those thing i d’ont know…
    Take meyself: some Tribes players think i dont like them because i live in Harelbeke and go to Brussels every week to practice with the Bulls! Whell that aint right! its just i played all my live in Brussels… Started with the Ravens, USR, Angels, Tigers and now with the Bulls who will be my “forever” football familly ! So you can imagine that all my friends and past is in Brussels so i dont mind driving over there to play… I never hade a problem with a Tribes, i do envy them! But just getting over there and play with them looked 2 easy to me, so i prefere to follow my good friend Lesley and make Bulls history! I’am now 41 years old and i played sinds my 18 years… I love that game so much, and i know on the field i become an other person, but when the game is over i respect all teams, players, coaches… I really hope Football in Belgium will go higher and higher… I will be there i Oostend and hope to watch a great game… I wish both teams good luck!
    I wonder if you can use your skills and this blog to mayby talk about the College football season in the USA ! whatever you do, i hope i can read you every week 😉
    Oli #77

    • Chubby says:

      Talk about the College Football season, now that’s a good idea !
      Dale? 🙂

      • dalehousden says:

        Well, I can try, apparently the season starts in 100 days which should give me a little time to get organised 🙂 The thing is that I kind of consider myself an expert in the FFL, but I know plenty of people who know more about college than me (Klaasman and Coach Allan for a start). I guess I’ll have to get reading if I’m to make a good fist of it 🙂

    • willem says:

      Hi oli

      Glad to hear that we “old ” guys keep up given ourselfs 100% on the football field.
      I’ve played the ravens,usr and the rest of your teams. my first season was in 90 and I’ve played starter in every game since then.
      We shook hands at the coinetoss on sunday.
      I understand why you stay in Brussels.
      We had some rough times alsow in the past with the redskins, and some players left to go to other teams. But I always believed that your team is where your hart and soul lies, and that is where your family is.
      So good luck with the bulls, you all made a big team in a short time.
      With the base you have now, the future is bright.
      And for you , Oli ” Dinosaur” : on Offensive Line we can play until …. 50.

      See you next time

      • oli says:

        Hi maat,

        50 !!! Mmmm, like i feel every Monday morning after a game, i dont think so 😉
        We will see each other on the field, again, next year…

  5. Van Hauwaert #58 says:

    Hi Dale

    Nice work again. I would like to say thanks for your honorable mention of Kabil Baldemir. He has been an indestructible force for us on the offensive line straight from the beginning. Never complaining, always there to deliver. He just finished his last season and will be dearly missed. Turkish power!

  6. ffl player says:

    I wish to remain unknown because I’m a player and do not wish to get in trouble with the BAFOC
    As I didn’t have any game to play on sunday (yes, my season finished begin may) I wen’t to see the Angels-Tigers game.
    It was a circus, a disgrace to our sport
    This isn’t the way we’re teached to play
    FFL and LFFAB don’t play with the same standards
    The Angels play hard (as we all know and I sure know) but they are fair
    They don’t go for injuries, they block and tackle hard
    They’ve got some hotheads on the team, but their players and coaches shut them up
    they started out with their new mentality: discipline, but some times they lost it
    how would you be in such a situation?
    true story:
    I saw the running back (Black Angels),an american black dude and a damn hard player, almost in tears because they were punching him with their fists and he was so frustrated about it because he wouldn’t (and couldn’t) do something against it

    The Tigers on the other hand, …….. where do I begin
    they trashtalk all the time, taunt, …
    I saw a couple of times a guy (#18)headbutting an angel after the whistle
    A black angel was lying on the floor and a Tigers player was punching him under his facemask
    Tigers don’t go for the block, they go diving for the knees, even if the play is going the other side, on kick returns, on kickoffs, …..
    as for OT Meys, BULLSHIT
    he’s hard to get past or to block and he’s huge/strong
    but fighting????? hell no, he’s constantly telling black angels to shut up and get in the huddle
    he helps his opponents up when their down (He put me on my ass, but after the whistle gave me a hand to get up)
    the Tiger was always rolling in his knees (I could read the pain on his face)
    he just put his hand (or fist, the action was so fast I couldn’t see it) on the guy’s back (the guy was rolling again in his knee) to protect himself and get back in the play
    is that fighting?????? he didn’t get a warning, 15 yards, ….nothing, straight out/ejected!

    or maybe (could/would I be brave enough to say it:) the officials should have ruled better!
    on one play there were 3 players off side (tigers defense) but no flags, everybody saw it
    Is that blindness or stupidity?

    Penalties happen, everybody makes mistakes, but this game wasn’t fair
    The angels won the game despite being abused by the Tigers and officials
    my respect for them is bigger then ever after seeing this
    I’m happy they won, cause after this game/circus if the Tigers went to Ostende I would have thrown my tickets away

    If the league would split in 2 divisions, tell the Tigers to start playing football!!

    • Bart says:


      • Romu says:

        And I have to add, to make this evidence complete, that when the Tiger #18 (a guy who probably hold the world record for ejection) was finally ejected on the 4th quarter, he yelled to his team mates “cassez leur les genoux !” (roughly translate by: break their knees).
        I was used to hear that in the late 80s when I started my football career, I tought it was the past…
        A lot of people came to watch this game (probably between 200 and 300 persons around the field), they were all shocked to hear that.
        So was I, but also disappointed because none of the Tigers coaches reacted to that…

        It’s good to know that the other game between Tribes and Bulls was a great one. Our game was just a streetfight and the only fun was the final result.

        Sorry Dale, your blog is great and it’s maybee not the place to talk about that but many people read it and this has to be said and to be known by everybody.

        Thank you for doing this blog.
        Keep up the good work

      • Oshe #03 says:

        Great blog again Dale.

        Thank you whoever you are, it was unbelievable, ridiculous and a shame.

        About what Romu said on the “break their knees”, it wasn’t just words. I have been playing ball for over 10 years and I never felt so insecure, even after a tackle someone would step on your legs just to hurt you! It wasn’t football, they had no rules, no fair play, no honor!!!

    • Jan B says:

      Hey FFL player,

      Sad to hear all this. As an official we aim for an objective view on the game and therefor I can not support your call that it is DESPITE the officials, the BBA would have won the game.

      However, I understand frustration on BBA side for nasty fouls that are not picked up. This is something we all should have a better look at.

      Let’s hope for a clean Belgian Bowl. Remember: it starts with you guys. No nasty teams = no nasty games…

      Good luck to everyone who has a heart for the sport.

  7. Christophe (Ole) Olenaed says:

    Thanks for you blog throughout the whole season Dale, it’s been a breeze to read it. Two things I’m looking forward too for the next season : playing games and reading your blog again, which is always good to catch up on the other games as well as picking up a bit of Aussie 😉

    And I’m incredibely proud to be on your “honourable mentions” list, and at the same time it shows me their still a lot of room for improvement, which is exactly the plan for offseason 🙂 Big thx for my team and coaches for helping in my own and the development off all the other Lions.

    Hope to see a huge crowd (but that does not seem to be the problem ;)) at the Belgian Bowl!

  8. John (jvdm) says:

    1. There were about 350 – 400 fans out in Izegem on Sunday…. could’ve been more with just a little promo, but hey, that’s how playoffs should be organised: a good venue, even if it’s not the regular field, a nice turnout… and a great game with players respecting each other, everybody in control, no silly arguments,….
    If we want to improve and be taken seriously as a sport, teams who reach the playoffs should upgrade their organisation… and Sunday in Izegem was a good example!

    2. Yes, Aristo… ow man. He arrived in my final years with Tribes and indeed… big but such a cuddle :-D! I know exactly what you mean Dale.

    3. Indeed still a little under two weeks before we have the ‘big one’. But for the organisers, having that little extra time is not too bad… even though about everything is in place and ticket sales are going so well, we don’t even bother with presale on standing places (sorry for that, but impossible to manage … especially with those who just order 1 ticket). Tribune seats are almost completely sold out (about 50 left this morning at 7am), and this is a first in the history of our sport here. If we could only break the 1.000 spectator mark, we’ll set yet another record.

    4. Teams/players not liking each other.
    Oh well, it can get a bit tense during the game, but players who play a clean game always can walk up to their opponent after the game and have a chat… that’s the fun in our sport: knock the wind out of your opponent within the rules, then laugh about it over a beer after the final whistle!
    What I am a little concerned about though is some people in the stands… and this time I talk about some of the Flemish ones!! All that (verbal) aggression towards anyone speaking French… where does that come from?? Everyone has the right to cheer for their team and we should be able to sit next to each other while doing so… please let us NOT revert to the mentality in soccer etc… PLEASE!! This really saddens me and I tryly hope somehow we can contain this… and do not see it at the Belgian Bowl.

  9. PJ Brady says:

    A work conference in China held me out of the Bulls-Tribes game and it killed me to hear we were so close again. I for one will be rooting for the Tribe in the Belgian Bowl. Nothing against the Angels, but I want the Bulls to be the team that ends their winning streak next season. Looking forward to the rematch boys!

  10. Hey Dale

    Nice blog once again. I wish both teams the best of luck in the Belgian Bowl, just too bad they will not play at full force. I’m glad all went well in Izegem sunday, on the field and off. If the Bulls can keep their team together, they’ll be a championship caliber team in no time.

    If you want to write about CFB, I’ll be more than happy to help. Lots of great things to write about. I’ll mail you about that, mmkay?

    See you, Klaas

  11. Jurgen says:

    first off, congrats to both teams for the game played in Izegem.
    as some of the correspondends above already mentioned, the Bulls will be a team to be reckoned with in the future… both teams really played hard and fair and it seemed only the experience of the Tribes made the difference .. as Tribes # 30 said : ” these are the (close) games we love playing and love being part of, why did it take so long to get a play-off game of this calibre ?” … with the progress most FFL-teams seem to be making we could well be watching these exciting games on a weekly basis.

    Concerning #18 of the Tigers, I remember him being ejected from the Belgian Bowl last year (with the Tribes sporting an unsurmountable lead), hitting the stands (not the showers) , taking a megaphone and starting yelling all kinds of horrible things to refs and opponents, stiring up the crowd … looking like a real hooligan at the time. Sorry to hear he hasn’t changed yet

    Of course I’m also looking forward to the Belgian Bowl, wishing both the teams the best of luck and hoping the game will be as … or even better … more exciting then the one in Izegem last Sunday.

    • Chubby says:

      Makes one wonder what the BFL is going to do with “players” like Tigers #18
      I really hope the LLFAB gets their teams to start playing real football.
      Playing the game to injure people is way old school…(and it doesn’t get you BFL titles apparently)

  12. FanBase says:

    I have to admit I did not see the game against the Tigers.
    However I did watch another game that matched the description of this game,
    but the ones doing the taunting, making the penalties and going for injuries were the Black Angels and the victims this time were the Gators.

    Standing on the sideline of the BA, I saw BA players throwing subtile fists when blocking, janking opponents up (helping?) and making funny comments (hey it s al friendly…).
    There s a lot to be said about some dirty, injurydrawing tackles, but then again, they were legal…
    What struck me most however wast the final play.
    Ghent was way behind, BA scored yet another Touchdown and with little time left (only 10 sec or so) BA players walked off the field thinking it was over.
    Ghent, for some reason, still wanted to do the kick return (saving your honour I guess, but it would ve been smarter to prevent injuries).
    At that time some BA players went crazy… A player/coach/…(guy standing in playerbox, never seen him before) ran ON the field and started “firing up” players.
    “Break them”, “Punish them”
    The play ended in a “fight” (more pushing around here n there)

    There are other examples of such games in our ffl league.

    Let’s not put the blame at “the others”, it s not something that only happens in the lffab.

    Oh and also, it s not only BA, I just mentioned that since the roles where turned around now, but there are more teams in the FFL that did the same, maybe even all teams.

  13. Steven (Turtles) says:

    Being an LFFAB player I’m getting a little bit frustrated reading all the comments about LFFAB teams. it is not because of two teams showed a “bad” image about football in LFFAB that all teams play like that.

    You take our team for example, we only got 5 personal faults during the whole season,
    so I think we are not just a lot of lumberjacks going for the knees that are running with or after a ball.

    But yeah that’s for you guy’s to judge.

    Last of all good and fair Belgian Bowl to the Tribes and Black Angels and above have fun.

  14. dalehousden says:

    Alright, have we all had enough now? I’m not going to let this blog turn into a place where people point fingers at each other and say “Yeah, but he started it”. We’re all bigger than that.
    However, all this has raised an important issue with regards to inconsistancies in suspensions which I have just emailed our BFL president about. More info when I get an answer.

    • dalehousden says:

      So – my question was this : if the Tigers player got ejected in the Belgian Bowl last year (a BFL game), why was he even playing against the Angels, because he should have been suspended for his next BFL game?
      The answer – his suspension carries over into the regular season -> he should have been suspended for the first game of the LFFAB season.

      I’ll write something about the rules surrounding this tomorrow because it has changed recently, and I for one didn’t realise it until just now

      • Cliffe gooding-bennett says:

        Dale, I’ve been involved in European Grassroots American football since 1983 when I Set up the American Football League UK, I can tell you the problem of “Dirty Players” usually originates with the coaches who either actively encourage the Practise or give tacit approval to stupid players who think its alright to try and hurt a player on purpose.There is a fine line between a great hit and career ending one.
        Players forget that none us in Football make a living from football and we all have families to feed. So why you would you want to purposely injure an opponent is beyond me. In The couple of years I coached in Belguim the team that made my blood boiled with their tactics was always the Diamonds..Not all the players or the whole team but several of senior playerswho should know better and who lacked skill and talent and decided that dirty tactics was a good way of winning a game of football..

      • dalehousden says:

        Nice to hear from you Cliffe. You make an excellent point with the coaching and I know that the BFL are going to be working on that in the future, with coaching programs and the like, so here’s hoping we see the results of that sooner rather than later.

  15. Cliffe gooding-bennett says:

    As a former offensive co-ordinator of the Bulls I left england at 4.00 am in the morning and completed a 750 kilometer round trip from england and arrived back home at 11.30 pm. I did this because i was so proud of what the team has achieved this year compared to previous years. Coaches Curtis and Gus have done a superlative job with such a young team, it is just Awesome.. Les & Sven have done a stalwart job behind the scenes.
    When you consider that WR Leroy is only 17 the kid has THE BEST hands i’ve ever seen in one so young even after 35 years in football. I think, but for a bit more experience and some better calls or non-calls from the officials, the result would have been different. The Tribes won the game with the help some very questionable calls and some less than sporting tactics (JC Kitoko’s helmet in the kidneys was testimony to that)..but I think Football in Belgium is about to change The Tribes time at the top of the pile is coming to an end mark my words. If Les can keep much of this team together I think the Belgium Bowl will soon be displayed in Berchem St Agathe…

  16. #32 LFFAB Tigers Player says:

    Now i have read a lot of comments here that are stupid this week. You are all speaking about #18 and how much my team is a team who only play to hurt people. Well i’m sorry if you feel that way Romu, FFL Player , Oshe & Bart. If someone all game keeps insulting you and your family after awhile you are going to snap even tho i am not excusing his (#18) actions. Seriously the whole game you are all telling me that you saw every tigers player going for the knees? Not once did i punch a BA player not once did I tackle wrong. Yeah i admit I trash talked but thats how BA vs BT games have always been since i’ve been playing even worse when we played at Bruxelles Les Bains. Besides that no other teams can say we played dirty if you ask around the LFFAB normally people will tell you yeah we have a few hot heads on our squad but we always help an opponent up after a tackle. This year we injured no one. Well anyways good luck to both teams and see you next year for an even harder (but clean) hitting game and thats a promise. And if you all have a problem with number 18 on my team sign a damn petition to kick his ass out the BFL thats all i can say. Peace

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