34 – All-FFL team

Here we are, just five days before the Belgian Bowl. There isn’t much that needs to be said at the moment, so I had a bit of a think of what to write about and I came up with a bit of a ‘what if’.

What if the BFL used a bowl system?

Given that I’ll likely be talking about college football over the offseason, I wondered what would have happened if we had used a BCS type system instead of the playoffs we know and love. How would the post season have turned out?

National Championship Game (#1 vs #2)

West Flanders Tribes v Brussels Black Angels

Brussels Bowl (top ranked remaining team from Brussels vs at large)

Brussels Tigers vs Brussels Bulls

Flanders Bowl (Highest ranked remaining FFL vs at large)

Bornem Titans vs Antwerp Diamonds

Wallonia Bowl (Highest ranked remaining LFFAB vs at large)

Charleroi Cougars vs Louvain-la-Neuve Fighting Turtles

note : I gave the Brussels Bowl first choice for at large, followed by Flanders Bowl, followed by Wallonia Bowl, though presumably that would rotate each year.

I think we can be happy that we have the playoffs as they stand, as it gives the chance to more teams to try to win the Championship.

2011 All-FFL team

Alright, it’s finally time to reveal the team. Let me first just do a quick review on how I did it before I start.

I made a spreadsheet with room for 24 starters, 16 backups and then a ‘watch list’, players who weren’t in the 40 but who I needed to see more and whom I hadn’t given up hope on just yet. After each Sunday I’d update and re-arrange the list, until the end of the regular season (playoffs were not taken into consideration). There were lots of changes every week at the start of the year, I think only two players were in the starting 24 after week one and stayed there all season, but by the second half of the season not many new faces got in, which is logical, I suppose!

Some players missed significant time in the season due to injury or not being able to play in many games. I haven’t punished these players by leaving them off the team – If someone made a big enough impression on me after just one or two games to make it in, then so be it (and it did happen).

I also know that one player in the team is actually the back-up for his team at that position. This just means that your coach is wrong and you should be starting 😉 Nah, like I said, I only judged based on what I saw, no matter how much of it I saw, and this guy was the best I saw in his position this season.

Some positions were rather hard for me to judge. Those would be cornerback, defensive line and offensive line (especially the interior linemen), just because I don’t know so much about those positions and also it’s just not easy to tell who’s doing a good job and who isn’t (could the O-line make a big gap because they crushed the D-line or because the D-line had run a stunt or whatever). The positions that I thought were played best this year overall were Runningback, Linebacker and even Kicker – I had to leave out some really good ones at all positions. The spot on the field, without doubt, that was played the most poorly this season was Punter.

But anyway, that’s enough of that, it’s time to announce the All-FFL team for 2011.


Quarterback : Benedict Vermaut (Tribes)

H-Back : Rashidi Banza (Black Angels)

Runningback : Gregory “De Rosten” George (Tribes)

Wide Receivers : Dorian Vermeir (Titans), Vital Goncharov (Tribes)

Tight End : Joris Verhelst (Diamonds)

Tackles : Bart Meys (Black Angels), Argyris Chiotis (Bulls)

Guards : Olivier Beck (Bulls), Paulo Salvaggio (Lions)

Center : Scott Willems (Lions)


Defensive Line : Stijn Dossche (Tribes), Romy Nyati-Panzu (Bulls), Reda Vrancken (Black Angels)

Linebackers : Roland Fiquet (Black Angels), Chase Curren (Shotguns), Olivier Van Moorleghem (Titans), Steve Stepman (Tribes)

Cornerbacks : Nicolas “Oshe” Wart (Black Angels), Wim Van Marcke (Tribes)

Safties : Kenneth Huyghe (Tribes), Joshua Vanderaa (Diamonds)

Kicker : Maxime Simon (Bulls)

Punter : PJ Brady (Bulls)


Quarterback : Jasyn Saffo (Shotguns)

H-Back : Kristof Grenson (Lions)

Runningback : Sebastien Trouillez (Black Angels)

Wide Receivers : Kris Stalmans (Bulls), Pauwel Depreitere (Gators)

Tight End : Andy “Pizza” Brutyn (Tribes)

Tackle : Joric Ongena (Tribes)

Center : Bjorn Van Den Bremt (Black Angels)


Defensive Line : Tom Van Put (Titans)

Linebackers : Stefaan DeGrendele (Tribes), Sergio Borra (Diamonds), Mattias Lagae (Titans)

Safety : Hadrien Godichal (Black Angels)


Michael Vervaet (Diamonds), Kim Jolie (Gators), Dieter Eerens (Titans)


Offense : Curtis Plybon (Bulls)

Defense : Romuald Derys (Black Angels)


Gregory “De Rosten” George (Tribes)

So there you have it! The only thing now is to let you know where you can find the photos, which would be here : www.flickr.com/photos/fflblog. There is one “set” and one “gallery”, I don’t find flickr the easiest website in the world to navigate but hopefully you can all figure it out. Please note that you cannot download the photos as I didn’t take most of them myself, however my thanks go out to Gary Dibble, Rein van den Bergh, Klaas Allosserie, the Brussels Black Angels and whoever else I may have borrowed photos from. Special thanks to Lorenzo Janssens (tribe98 on flickr) for letting me borrow some of his awesome shots as well.

Thursday will be an interesting one as it’s your mailbag and I also heard that there’s some football game or other on Saturday that needs to be previewed – I’ll see if I can’t break that one down for everyone. Until next time

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28 Responses to 34 – All-FFL team

  1. lesley says:

    just for your info but PJ didnt punt for us this year but Kris Stalmans…great writing D….see you saturday.

    • dalehousden says:

      Ahh, it would seem that I know your own team better than you do! Didn’t you read where I talked about the one guy who was back-up? 🙂

    • PJ Brady says:

      Les, why are you trying to get me kicked off the All FFL team?! I punted during the Titans game and my punt was AMAZING! Thanks for noticing Dale!

      • Stijn says:

        PJ, congrats on your nomination. Nevermind Les, Dale used to be a punter and a kicker so I’m sure he picked with good judgement. No offense to Kris, who did a good job, but I do believe Dale was spot on with his choices for those 2 specialist jobs.
        These 2 specialist where also coached by Curtis who took the specialteams’ coaching with the bulls to an all new level.
        All in all, Dale, thank you for your blog this season and the nice conclusion (safe for the belgian bowl) you give with this all FFL-team.


    damn i made the team.
    know i need to go and take extra practices :p

  3. Nelson says:

    totally agree with you that the current playoff system is a good one,

    i would make one extra tweek to the regular season shedule.

    i you could match up the teams from the FFL with teams from the LFFAB who finishes on the same place that would be a great thing. Like in the NFL.

    “Each team plays once against the other teams in its conference that finished in the same place in their own divisions as themselves the previous season, not counting the division they were already scheduled to play: one at home, one on the road (two games).”

    Now you have 7 matches against all 7 other teams and 1 match against a team that you’ve already played. If next year the wolves, dragons and phoenix play in the LFFAB you have 8 teams in both divisions, making both divisions in balance.

    If this rule would be implemented next year you can match up the top 5 teams and make a special arrangement for the bottom teams who don’t have a peer. (like matching up FFL n°6-8 at random with the new teams in the LFFAB next year)

    This new tweek gives more interdivisional games which otherwise only occur in the playoff season for the lucky top 3… And only 1 matchup with an LFFAB team limits games with hugh travelling distances…

    • PJ Brady says:

      Thats a great idea actually!

    • dalehousden says:

      In principle it’s a good idea, but
      1 – there are no ‘special arrangements’ if there aren’t the same number of teams in the FFL and LFFAB. If it’s not the same, it can’t work (or at least the teams can’t play the same number of games which is kind of important)
      2 – I don’t understand why everyone thinks playing LFFAB teams means an increase in travelling. Anyone looked at a map of Belgium lately? East-West is a lot further than North-South. If you want to decrease travel and play one more game each year, have ‘local rivals’ (Limburg-Leuven, Antwerp-Bornem, Angels-Bulls, Tribes-Gators) and play those games twice per year, along with the current system. But still I don’t think it’s going to change any time soon

  4. Stijn dossche says:

    Hoi hoi, im proud i made the team but i want to change my place with all my team mates! Without them i’m nothing! One team, one family!
    See ya saturday in “OUR HOUSE”!

  5. I made it to the Iron men! 😀 Although I’m not completely sure what that means I definetly am honored!
    But I’m missing one player who could easily take my place on the roster: Mr. C Steenbeke (#31). He made our season worth watching as runningback and kept us alive on Safety position. I know not everyone could make it to the list, but I think he deserves the mention more then I do! 🙂
    But for the rest I’m happy with the Titans in the list! We be coming, y’all know it! 😉

    • dalehousden says:

      An Iron Man is someone who plays both ways. You started at both LB and C and played well at TE too against the Tribes. It’s true – Cedric did play well, but it’s also true that I couldn’t pick everyone 🙂 Also I believe he tore up a game that I didn’t see – unfortunately there’s only one of me 😉

      • Dorian Vermeir says:

        And there’s only one Ce too, unfortunately for us. Alongside that, it takes eleven to get their so let’s not forget all our teammates who did their part and then some.
        Thanks for creating that vibe around the FFL competition & the allround recognition it creates for us players. It is much appreciated throughout the league.

      • dalehousden says:

        I think it’s nice how many players get a personal award and then immediately refer to their teammates and how they all did it together. Which is, of course, true, but it shows that the team spirit is alive 🙂

  6. Dorian Vermeir says:

    * there, not their. Unless I’d make it: ..it takes eleven to get their W every week 🙂

  7. Coach Harve says:

    The fact that there is one player from the Zeebrugge area, one from Brugge, one from Kortrijk, one from Izegem, two from Oostende and one nationalised player on the starters, really proves the Tribes project of having players from all over the province works. As for your MVP, he was voted the most respected player a couple of years ago at a weekend camp. Why? He never misses a practice, he has never had any penalties, he’s humble and even though at 35 he is one of the fastest players in the BFL, he still practices sprint training during the summer. Added to thta he does exactly what his coaches tell him to do. and he probably ran over a thousand yards this year. A deserving MVP if you ask me.

    • Chubby says:

      I agree. You can debate a lot on all the different players that were or were not picked but the MVP? No doubt about it. Rosten, you rule!
      It was great blocking for you and to me, it’s an honor that I helped you run & score.

      • Crazy C says:

        “… he has never had any penalties, he’s humble …”
        I presume that’s not taking into account his penalty for early celebration while running towards a score in this year’s season finale…

        But besides that, the ‘Rosten’ is awesome, a pleasure to see him run with all that determination and speed!

        Congrats Rosten!

    • Stijn dossche says:

      Rosten aka THE BEAST!

  8. Marco Karmidi says:

    The list is out! Congrats to all.
    Great job all season, Dale. And a big Thank You to your family for allowing you the time to create an online community for all players.

    Great idea on the photo gallery, too. Apart from position a lot of players are merely known to me as ‘die-n dikke’. Nice to learn some names.
    My suggestion (as if this were a democracy 😉 ) is to mention some shirt numbers in the game report. I understand this may take away some of the readibility, but would increase recognition IMHO.
    Another one, quite a prophecy on the banner picture, displaying the two championship teams, but seeing the pics in the All FFL gallery, could you pick out one that is more appealing ?
    Black Angels look like Austin Powers (Do I make you horny?), Tribes (especially die-n dikke) look like Forrest-s Gump.
    …And as we found out, neither team lived up to that image on the field.

    All have fun @the Bowl !!

    • dalehousden says:

      Thanks 🙂 I figured that a lot of people wouldn’t know a lot of players that were selected as I also didn’t know a lot of them before the season either.
      You’re right – this is not a democracy 😉 But you’re also right, shirt numbers could be the way to go, just a matter of finding a good way to include them : “LB Karmidi (47)” or something like that. I was planning to include the numbers with the All-FFL team but I went with the pictures instead.
      I’d like to go with the photo prophecy, but the truth is that I’d forgotten to take my camera to the first two weekends. I remembered to take a photo of that warmup and then propmtly forgot to take any more photos for the rest of the day (hence the unflattering photo of Steven – it was the only shot I had) 🙂

  9. oli says:


    Dale, thank you 4 having me in your all FFL team, but (like everybody sayed) it’s a team sport and in my case if i dont have my Tackle Lionel & my Guard Denis, i will be nowhere 😉

    but thanks, i appreciated it



    ps: if you need a pic of me, just look @ my facebook profile (Bigdaddy olivier)

  10. Bram Wydooghe says:

    Can’t agree more with your MVP, Dale ! “De Rosten” is a phenomenon, and he’s sure a joy to watch. Plus: as Harve mentioned, he’s a joy to coach, too. Congrats to all that made the all-FFL team. And hoping for a spectacular final on Saturday !!

  11. Coach Curtis says:

    Hi Dale,

    I keep a personal “checklist” of items I would love to see in the BFL. Items, large and small that would make the league more similar to Football in the U S, and thus make the sport alot more fun for all. Until this year, one of those missing pieces, was “Sport Reporting”. From reading the above, you have a done a great job filling that void. For that I, along with many others are quite thankful to you.

    A couple things. Thanks for the mention on the All FFL, I share the credit with no one (sarcasm). I try my best to NOT let Brady punt since a critical dropped snap in a close Tribes game last year (sarcasm again). You correctly translated “Well, kick me in the Balls”. Its the same as “F–k me” or “G-d Damn it” or any similar phrase. I still feel the same today.

    Thanks again for a great Blog.

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