37 – Thursday mailbag

So here we are. The season is still over and what a great shame that is. What are we all going to do with our Sundays from now on? Well, I will be playing golf but I don’t know about you guys!

For those who didn’t catch it, the stats from BB XXIV are online at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YSQCW21N. Thanks to Law for the hosting idea – I can’t just post it like normal because I wrote it as a Word document and this program didn’t approve (formatting was up the creek* and it wouldn’t display the pictures). You’ll find all the usual stats on there, plus an extra look at the four players of the week from the Bowl and the two quarterbacks. It should be fairly accurate, the tackles are the hardest stats to take, but all the offensive stats should be right on. Pretty amazing what one Aussie, six pieces of paper and a pencil can do, right?

Time to find out what’s going on in the FFL Universe (and maybe even a little beyond as well)


Klaas Allosserie, Izegem

“1. Looks like whoever organizes the BB next year will have a pretty tough job. 2. Pryor leaves Ohio State, Tressel already gone, that must suck for the Buckeyes. 3. Finals in NHL and NBA, anyone?”

1 – I wonder where it could be next time. Brussels? Ostend? Who knows.. But you’re right, BB XXIV is going to be tough to top. 2 – A bit of NCAA action before I get stuck into it after the holidays! They’re still Ohio State and they’ll win at least 9 without both of them. 3 – Yes. Not really into the NBA but hoping the Mavs pull it out. As for the NHL, good to see the Bruins make a contest of it. I’d like it to go to game 7.

Dieter Eerens, Bornem

“The All American Day (July 2 in Bornem) can never have enough promo! Hit me with your questions if you have any! 😉 Thanks!”

I have a question – Am I getting paid to include advertising in the blog? I had better have a word to my agent!.. Speaking of BBQs and such, is there a Tribes BBQ this year? I haven’t heard anything. Last year my team lost to the Bulls in the final of the flag tournament after an unfortunate interception tossed by our QB (alright, it was me). Time for revenge, methinks!

Nelson Vanlocke

“How about my suggestion of a new interconference round in the FFL – LFFAB. One of the 8 matches would be against the equal peer of the other conference.”

I wrote a reply to your original comment a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t changed my mind. Such a thing can only work if and only if each conference has the same amount of teams. They don’t, and they won’t for the forseeable future. Also if the FFL/BFL goes to an Austrian system then it’s totally not possible (all 8 FFL teams would play one weekend and all LFFAB teams the weekend after, alternating through the season).

Jean-Yves Steenhout, Gent

“You might want to consider writing something about the upcoming junior season?”

Impossible. If you read my first ever blog you’ll know that there was no information available about senior teams – there’s less than zero information available about juniors. I don’t even know in what format the juniors will be playing next season (though to be honest I haven’t asked).


Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments about the blog and the stats from the Belgian Bowl etc. It’s really no problem, I have had a good time doing it – I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t like it. But I do think that I’ve reached just about as many people as I’m going to within the Belgian American Football circle, so I’ll probably try to get some attention elsewhere next season too (still thinking about exactly what and where, let me know if you have an idea too). We’ll see what happens with all that when the time comes.

Monday will be something of a season review, and that will be all for now (I hate to say it like this, but anyone who was planning to answer some questions of mine have only a little time to answer, otherwise it’ll be too late). Like you guys, I have earned a rest and will be taking full advantage of it! Time to put a little more effort into my other hobbies. Until Monday

* ‘up the creek’ is the nicer version of the more usual ‘up shit creek’, which means ‘messed up’.

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2 Responses to 37 – Thursday mailbag

  1. Law Fg says:

    Slight correction, it was Benedict Vermaut that came with the upload site idea, I just posted one I had already used in the past :p
    but your welcome anyway 😀
    Thursdays are gonna become so boring without ur mailbag 😦 again, great work Dale for giving us some great reads during the season. it was a real pleasure and I hope you will continue next year too!

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