0202 – News update

Good evening FFL Universe. I’ve been away for the last week (a week with the family in Slagharen in the Netherlands- by the way, if you ever go there, get one of the larger houses, the little ones are seriously tiny, not to mention the poor ventilation), and not surprisingly, things have happened while I wasn’t here!


– It would appear that FFL free agency has begun with QB/K/WR Bart Killens leaving the Black Angels and signing up with the Gent Gators. Killens provides an instant upgrade to the Gators kicking game as well as a potential starting QB or starting WR if they choose to go in that direction. It’ll be interesting to see which way they go as the offseason unfolds as the Gators already have some quality skill players, however what is certain is that the Gators are most pleased with his arrival. I wonder if this is also the end of player movement this year or if there are still some surprises to come.

– In coaching news, Lawrence Grugeon is taking over as head coach of the Shotguns (he played some in the backfield for the Titans last season). Meanwhile in Bornem, the Titans’ search for a head coach continues.

– Soon there will be actual football to write about! This year the Antwerp Diamonds are hosting a weekend long tournament, the Diamond Bowl, on September 17 and 18. Last year the Lelystad Commanders put on an excellent display to win the Bowl in a tournament featuring the Diamonds (of course), the Gent Gators and the Nijmegen Pirates. No news yet of who will be playing this year.

– In other Bowl related news, Saturday June 9, 2012 is one to write in your diaries already. Belgian Bowl XXV! It will once again be in Ostend although the exact site remains a secret for now. Let’s hope that we see another record crowd and another brilliant game! I probably shouldn’t get so wound up as it’s still 9 months away. More news as it becomes available though. By the way, Belgian Bowl XXIV is being posted (quarter by quarter) on youtube.

– Lots of new players are showing up for the start of Tribes training. They’d better hope that some of them turn into linebackers, and fast, in order to make up for their retirements in that area.

– For those of you who think you know the NFL, there’s a pick ’em competition on Yahoo. The league ID is 3314 and the password is “NFL”. The winner will apparently receive a memento from the next Superbowl! Be warned that if you join, you’ll face tough competition from ‘The Sports Machine’!

Strongside / Weakside

Readers of The Onion know all about Strongside/Weakside already, and here comes my trial version for the FFL.

De Rosten (aka Gregory George) : two-time Belgian Bowl MVP and last year’s All-FFL starting halfback and MVP as well – but is he any good?

I think that that’s just about all there is to report for this week. Not sure what I’ll have for you next week, I guess we’ll see then. Thanks to everyone who took the time out to answer my questions, it’s much appreciated. Until next time.

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13 Responses to 0202 – News update

  1. Law Fg says:

    HAHA. The strongside/weakside was funny! ^^

  2. Bart says:

    You didn’t even talk about fantasy football 😮

    How many junior teams are playing this season? Heard there is a 9vs9 and 6vs6 league.

    • dalehousden says:

      Isn’t the fantasy league full?
      As for the juniors, would you believe that I have absolutely no idea about anything at all? I’ve asked for the schedule from the right people and not had it. *throws hand up in the air* What can I do? 🙂

  3. ballhawk says:

    less lb’s means more tackles for the safety xd

  4. Steven (Turtles) says:

    For those that are interested you can find the schedule here:

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