0206 – Junior week 1

Hello everybody, I said that I wasn’t really going to cover the junior season in detail, and I’m not, however I have received too much information about the games to ignore it! So, thanks to Stijn De Backer and Klaas Allosserie for their efforts – here’s what went down on Sunday.

Nine-man football

Brussels Bulls 43, Louvain-la-Neuve Fighting Turtles 18

The Bulls welcomed the Turtles to nine-man football. The Turtles seemed to take control of the Bulls spread offense but in controlling this they opened up running lanes (mostly involving the quarterback plowing straight up the middle) which were exploited by the Bulls’ coaching staff. The Turtles defense was often very good but they had no answer for that play. An experienced team showed the newcomers that they are still to be reckoned with as the Bulls rolled to victory.

Brussels Black Angels 44, Dudelange Dragons 44

The Dragons tried hard to spoil the Black Angels’ season start. Behind the powerful and fast running of RB Jason Ribeiro (punt return touchdown, 3 rushing touchdowns and a forced fumble) they challenged the Angels and almost beat them on their homefield. In fact, without him, the Dragons would have been hammered, so this guy is definitely one to keep your eyes on. The Angels juniors would not allow themselves to be beaten at home and countered this running game with good football of their own. It turned out to be an evenly matched game that looked like both teams had fun on offense resulting in an incredible tie.

Six-man football

Brussels Tigers 50, Charleroi Cougars 0

What a first game to play for your re-entry into youth football. The Charleroi Cougars (who mixed in some Andenne Bears players) faced former nine-man power the Brussels Tigers, although we can now drop the “former” from that sentence. In the first half the Tigers offense hardly went on the field as their defense did all the scoring. The Tigers will definitely prove a challenge for last years unbeaten team, the Bornem Titans. As for the Cougars, they have some homework to do.

Brussels Bulls 49, Tournai Phoenix 8

The oldest player on the Bulls six-man squad is just 17 and although they mostly want to have fun, the goal for the Brussels coaches was to improve upon last year and to follow in the footsteps of their nine-man brethren. A good ground game and complementary passing game proved hard to counter by an equally young and unproven Phoenix team.

Random thoughts

– Injuries didn’t stop the Bulls nine-man team. Also great to hear so much encouragement from the coach to the players.
– A lot of people had fun on Sunday.
– Some people were having too much fun. Excessive celebration penalties should not happen.

News from across the pond

Dylan Pierquin (Bulls) is doing his senior year at Cheyenne Mountain High School (Colorado Springs, CO) and is playing football for the Indians, who improved to 4-0 by defeating the Sand Creek Scorpions 27-7. He played mostly special teams and linebacker and had fun in the game but reckons he can play harder, just like he hopes his teammates back home will do.


I’ll be able to do computer rankings (after the next games, probably) however, over such a short season they won’t be very meaningful.

Again thanks to the junior experts for their contributions to the blog (that would be all of it!)
Thursday is likely to be the next episode of Football 101, which is about those other guys – the defense. Until then

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  1. Aarnout says:

    For anybody interested: full game film of the two 6 man games can be found on my blog:

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