0207 – Monday thoughts

Unfortunately this is going to be a very short edition of the FFL Blog as not much has happened at all this past week, what with the coaches clininc ensuring that no junior games could be played.
The only real news I have comes from West Flanders, where head coach Andy Brutyn has stepped down and been replaced by recently retired OLB/T Benedict Verheyen.

What I can tell you about coach Bene is this : if his influence can rub off on the Tribes, their penalties and other screw-ups will decrease dramatically. They will miss not having him on the field, but his discipline is going to be of great use along the sidelines.

However, in other Tribes news, their Offensive coördinator Mark Jasper is heading back to the USA, and with him goes a wealth of knowledge about the passing game (if you didn’t know, he was actually on the roster of the Chicago Bears for a while). Just how the Tribes are looking to fill this hole remains to be seen.

Otherwise there’s really nothing of note going on. The indoor tournament is happening in a couple of weeks in Leopoldsburg, although I still haven’t heard which teams are competing. Anyway I’m looking forward to giving you all the rundown on what happens there, as I’ll make the cross-country journey to cover the tournament for you.

Some of you will know that last year I posted my college football rankings on facebook. But seeing as how there’s so little else to say I guess I’ll include that here today. The rankings are made by the computer (a much better and clearer system than I had been using), so here goes.

1 – Wisconsin, 2 – Alabama, 3 – Oklahoma, 4 – Stanford, 5 – Oregon
6 – Michigan, 7 – LSU, 8 – Oklahoma State, 9 – Boise State, 10 – Tennessee
11 – Notre Dame, 12 – Pittsburgh, 13 – Florida, 14 – Florida State, 15 – Clemson
16 – Michigan State, 17 – Kansas State, 18 – Texas A&M, 19 – South Florida, 20 – Texas
21 – Washington State, 22 – Arizona State, 23 – San Diego State, 24 – Washington, 25 – Iowa

Just for a laugh, here are the bottom five too

116 – Western Kentucky, 117 – UAB, 118 – Akron, 119 – New Mexico, 120 – Memphis

Well, I guess that this is just about it. Hopefully we’ll have the senior schedule to talk about soon, plus the restart of the junior league. So sorry for the lack of content, but that’s what happens when there’s a lack of football! Until next time

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3 Responses to 0207 – Monday thoughts

  1. Dorian Vermeir says:

    Can’t believe they are not showing Wisconsin-Nebraska from this weekend on ESPN. Dang baseball! Maybe, hopefully, Wednesday or Thursday (haven’t checked the schedule yet), but we’ll see. Go Pokes.

    • dalehousden says:

      Yeah, it sucks that they choose the baseball over the football… The computer had Nebraska ranked fairly high before this week and seeing how the Badgers gave ’em a wooping they jumped up to #1. It’s tight though, the top 7 are all within 3.5 points of each other

  2. Klaas Allosserie says:

    Hey Dale, looks like the indoor tournament will not happen. Tribes were scheduled to play but got word it is cancelled. Bummer.

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