0208 – Junior week 2

Welcome to the FFL Blog – Monday edition. What is there to talk about today? Well, a little junior action from the weekend, my top 25 NCAA football rankings and maybe something else if I can think of it. Thanks to my junior correnspondent Klaas Allosserie for his thoughts about the six-man games. Let’s get to work.


6 vs 6

Leuven Lions 40, Tournai Phoenix 0

This game could have been a lot less painful for the Phoenix, two late pick-sixes really ran the score up and made it seem worse than it was. Leuven ran the ball extremely well with their bruising fullback. Tournai made a few first downs but couldn’t convert those opportunities into points, probably not helped by the fact that the team don’t practice together much, because there are some kids from different teams there.
Anyway, Leuven have a promising young quarterback who made a number of nice throws so he seems to be a good one for the future.

Brussels Tigers 18, Bornem Titans 0

What happened to the Phoenix happened to the Titans as well. They had chances to score but just could never cross the goal line. The Tigers had a size advantage as well as being more experienced. The bad weather was responsible for making the running game boss, and the Tigers had the bigger bodies to take advantage of the situation. It’s clear that the Titans have many new players and they’ll be better for the experience.


October 16, at Tournai

Bornem Titans v Charleroi Cougars
Gent Gators v Tournai Phoenix

9 vs 9

Brussels Black Angels 52, Liege Monarchs 48

Dudelange Dragons 30, Louvain-la-Neuve Fighting Turtles 20

Sounds to me like there’s not much defense going on in nine-man football!


There are no nine-man games this weekend

Junior Rankings


1 – Brussels Tigers + 21.8
2 – Brussels Bulls + 15.4
3 – Leuven Lions + 14.5
4 – Bornem Titans + 3.8
5 – Gent Gators + 0.0
6 – La Louviere Wolves – 1.9
7 – Tournai Phoenix -25.5
8 – Charleroi Cougars – 28.2


1 – Brussels Bulls + 14.8
2 – Brussels Angels -0.2
2 – Dudelange Dragons -0.2
4 – Liege Monarchs -4.2
5 – LLN Fighting Turtles -10.2

The rankings this year are much more transparent (and accurate, at least I may hope so) than ever before. The positive and negative are relative points to average, meaning you can easily see how many points the computer will predict the following games by (for example, the computer has Bornem over Charleroi by +3.8 – -28.2, or 32 points).
While I’m on the subject of rankings, here come the latest NCAA rankings, also thanks to The Sports Machine.

1 – Oklahoma, 2 – Stanford, 3 – Boise State, 4 – Oregon, 5 – Wisconsin
6 – Alabama, 7 – LSU, 8 – Oklahoma State, 9 – Michigan, 10 – Notre Dame
11 – Arizona State, 12 – Texas A&M, 13 – Temple, 14 – Toledo, 15 – Michigan State
16 – Kansas State, 17 – Tennessee, 18 – Georgia, 19 – West Virginia, 20 – Rutgers
21 – Clemson, 22 – Florida, 23 – Cincinnati, 24 – Baylor, 25 – Florida State

Other news

Well, there isn’t really much ‘other news’. There will be next week, that’s for sure. There will (if the technology and football Gods are on my side) be something completely new and exciting next week as well, something that the FFL has never seen before. Not sure when yet, I don’t want to put a time frame on it because I don’t know quite how it’s going to work or how much work it’s going to be, but I’m going to give it a crack and see what happens (I have been reading “Go Big” by Dude Perfect and I’ll be damned if I don’t give it my all). Until next time

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5 Responses to 0208 – Junior week 2

  1. Titan58 says:

    Just want to ask a couple of questions:
    Who are the geniuses who made up the 6 on 6 schedule? First of all there are not many 6 on 6 teams. 8 to be exact. Why are we preparing our guys for months to play only 4 of those team?? And even if we have to play only 4, why aren’t we playing the teams closer to home? We don’t play Leuven or Ghent (which are only 30 minutes away from Bornem). No, we have to drive hours to Tournai and La Louviere. There is just no logic here,…

    I’m aware that Ghent withdrew, but the schedule was made earlier.

  2. Not a genius says:

    Let those on the sideline play the game.
    On the first question I will not answer, cause the one asking knows the answer as we all do.
    On the second: why is it called a development league? Indeed to prepare and develop to learn.
    On the third question:
    Bornem Doornik – 120 km 79 min *
    Bornem – La Louvière 87 km 61 min *
    Bornem – Leuven 62 km 51 min
    Bornem – Gent 48 km 39 min
    Bornem – Evere 33km 33 min *
    * sheduled games
    Visiting Doornik is indeed for every team a long distance travel.
    To Leuven even 128 km!
    Phoenix also visits the Titans as far as i know they travel the same distance?
    As a last and closing comment:
    This blog was never intended (as far as I know, Dale correct me if I’m wrong) to become an open discussion board where we can ventilate frustration in public.

    • dalehousden says:

      You’re right Sven, this blog isn’t here so people can get angry. Discussion is good though 🙂 In fairness to the schedulers, I’m sure it’s not easy. In fairness to Kevin, I also think 4 games is too few (you could also schedule ‘practice games’, and I still think there should be a 6-man championship game). Perhaps in the future, when the seniors are only playing once every two weeks, the juniors could play in the off weeks?

  3. Coach Curtis says:

    Hey Dale,

    For 9 vs 9, it is really good to see such close scores. It makes for a exciting season, when all teams involved are so competitive.

    For 6 vs 6, we should all be very grateful to the coaches and the organizers involved in all Belgian communities, as the alternative, is NOTHING (no kids learning and playing this great game). Since there are only 4 “Regular” games, perhaps teams, even Ghent, could organize inter squad scrimmages. Same format as regular games, invite parents, have team party after. Anything to keep the kids active. Just a suggestion.

  4. Titan58 says:

    Hey guys,

    Sorry that I used the blog for my questions. It’s the most popular and most read Footballforum nowadays, so don’t shoot me 🙂

    Actually nobody ever told me why there are only 4 games scheduled.
    Indeed our people will try to get our juniors some more games. A lot of other coaches showed intrest, so it won’t be that hard to put something together. We have to keep the young guys involved in the game for a longer period, or we are in danger of losing them.

    I think it’s a great idea to play the junior season in those offweeks. It’s hard to prepare our guys during the summer, because half of the team is on holiday.


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