0210 – Monday thoughts

Welcome back to the FFL Blog. Just a quick one today as first of all, there isn’t much to say, and second of all, I don’t feel well.

Junior results


Leuven Lions 52, La Louviere Wolves 12
Leuven Lions 30, Charleroi Cougars 26
La Louviere Wolves 40, Charleroi Cougars 30

I’m afraid I can’t say much about the games except for the fact that Wolves v Cougars must have been pretty brutal, with 3 personal fouls called against each team (thanks to Christophe Geldhof for the scores).


1 – Brussels Tigers : +26.3
2 – Brussels Bulls : +15.6
3 – Leuven Lions : +12.1
4 – Puurs Titans : -6.3
5 – Charleroi Cougars : -8.9
6 – La Louviere Wolves : -13.4
7 – Tournai Phoenix : -25.4


October 30

at La Louivere (6-man)

13:00 #3 Lions v #2 Bulls
15:00 #4 Titans v #6 Wolves

at St. Agatha Berchem (9-man)

12:00 (not 13:00!) #3 Dragons v #4 Monarchs
15:00 #1 Bulls v #2 Black Angels


You’ll have no doubt noticed that in the junior rankings that the Titans are now the “Puurs Titans”, and this is officially official now. Again well done on their big move.

It was noticed (not by me) that after the changes to the 6-man junior schedule after the forfeit of the Gators have resulted in an uneven schedule. This is true and the schedule isn’t going to be changed. The reason is that it’s a development league – it’s there so teams can try and develop their junior program to the point that they can field at least a 9-man team, and not to keep track of the wins and losses. In other words, the 9-man league is supposed to be more ‘attractive’ than the 6-man league (this is, for example, why there is no 6-man Championship game), so that all teams begin playing 9-man as soon as possible.

As far as the senior schedule goes, the reason that there are less games (7 instead of 8) is due to the fact that the ‘cycle’ is over (all teams have played every other team twice now in a season, except for Limburg, for obvious reasons), and it wasn’t neccessarily a fair system anyway, although then again, what is? Also, more games means less breaks which means more games (perhaps even 5) in a row, and this can be a sticking point with teams.
Note that in Austria, their top teams play a 6 game league schedule (many of their teams play European games too). Also because the FFL is starting a week later than last year, there’s extra time to play a pre-season game to prepare for the games that matter.

Speaking of pre-season games, the Leuven Lions will take on our defending Champions, the West-Flanders Tribes, in Ostend on November 6.


Well, I think that that’s just about all there is to say at the moment. If I recover alright I’ll get to work on the next Football 101 episode for Thursday. Until next time

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  1. lion says:

    where is the next update staying? 🙂

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