0202 – Feb 09

Welcome to the Thursday edition of the FFL Blog. Apparently everyone out there agrees with everything I said on Monday, because there weren’t many comments about the Monday column, so that means that this is going to be rather short.


PJ Brady, Overijse

“Good write up! Season can’t get here soon enough!”

Agreed! I hope that it warms up a little soon though, I know that teams are cancelling trainings and practice games all over the place, and that’s not good for their preparation.

The Rankings

First, a little explanation. There are three separate polls that are used to make the rankings, the computer poll, the coaches poll, and the media poll. At the moment the computer says nothing is it refuses to comment on teams it hasn’t seen yet, so for now it’s just the coaches and the media that count (people familiar with college football will recognise this whole system immediately – it’s virtually the same as the BCS standings).

Only the top five teams have a “rank” (the number before the name, you’ll see what I mean later on if you don’t know it already), while the other three teams will be unranked.

There is also a score involved, the maximum score is 1.000 (which would mean that the team was voted at number one by everybody that could), so you can see by the scores just how close the teams are.

So here we go for the first ever rankings!

1          Brussels Bulls                                          0.804

2          West Flanders Tribes                            0.775

3          Brussels Black Angels                           0.671

4          Puurs Titans                                           0.283

5          Limburg Shotguns                                 0.167

Congratulations to the Bulls on becoming the first ever #1 team, I wonder if they will be able to hold their ranking for the next poll, because they don’t play on the first weekend.

The voters clearly think that the top three teams are much better than the rest, given the large gap in between numbers 3 and 4.


February 26, Puurs

12:00 – (3) Brussels Black Angels vs (2) West Flanders Tribes

15:00 – (5) Limburg Shotguns vs (4) Puurs Titans


Monday should be a good one. I’ll have a report of Friday’s press conference about the Belgian Bowl, and then I’ll take it a step further and tell you who is going to win it. Until then

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