0213 – Apr 03

A lot of teams are happy to have reached the Easter break. So am I!

Antwerp Diamonds 7, West Flanders Tribes 7

It was the Diamonds who opened up strong, two interceptions by CB Nils De Groef on the Tribes first two passing plays (by QB Stefaan DeGrendele (6/22 for 60 yards, 57 rushing yards), coming out of retirement to play this game which should give you a fair indication of how many Tribes players are sidelined at the moment), but the Diamonds couldn’t turn it into points thanks to two turnovers of their own inside the red zone.
Eventually, the Diamonds running game made a lot of ground, and it led to a 2-yard scamper around the left side by RB Smet (18 rush for 42 yards and 1 td) and it put the Diamonds up 6-0 (this play cost me my drink which I’d sat on the ground in front of me and it got wiped out by a diving Tribes player!) QB Vervaet nailed the extra point and the Diamonds would head into half time up 7-0, with the Tribes running game stalling and asking too much of QB DeGrendele.
The introduction of RB Asaert (6 rush for 33 yards and 1 td) was just what the Tribes needed, a bit of a change of pace that was effective, and he ended up scoring from 4 yards away. After the extra point from WR Laleman, the game was tied.
And so it would stay, the Tribes defense didn’t let Antwerp cross half way in the second half but couldn’t enter the red zone themselves, three second half sacks killing whatever momentum that they had.
For the second week in a row the Diamonds were severely outgained (190-122), and yet they stay undefeated. This draw has made things very messy in the chase for playoff spots, because right now there are 5 teams with a .500 record or better. Tribes LB Vanmarcke was the standout on D with 10.5 tackles.

Brussels Black Angels 25, Gent Gators 0

It would be fair to say that the Angels owned the first half. They held the Gators to negative yardage while running all over them and even scoring a defensive touchdown, LB Fiquet scoring on a fumble recovery in the endzone.
As last week, it was the ground game that did it for the Black Angels, pounding out 254 yards and scoring twice, HB Banza (23 rush for 155 yards and 1 td) leading the way and RB Trouillez (13 rush for 91 yards and 1 td) doing a lot of damage of his own. WR Lebek (4 catches for 28 yards and 1 td) made a diving catch in the endzone from QB Njufom on a fourth down, and that was all the scoring that was done. Except for the fact that C Van Den Bremt potted an extra point too, which all lead to a 25-0 half time score.
The Gators defense tightend up in the second half, led by S Jolie (10.5 tackles), LB Schuermans (9.5 tackles, 0.5 sacks) and LB Timmermans (9.5 tackles). They were helped by an Angels team who had two touchdowns called back (on consecutive plays) for penalties.
On the other hand though, the Gators offense couldn’t mount any sort of sustained attack against the strong Angels defense, so their difficulties with big defenses continues.
The Angels outgained the Gators 319-22, so if anything it was a surprise that the score wasn’t even more lopsided.

Quote of the week

“Oooooooh!”, the whole crowd when Angels LB Fiquet absolutely smoked Gators CB Van Poucke on a punt return. He was carted off and had a badly cut lip but he’s OK.

C’Mon Man of the week

I have mentioned this problem before. Apparently catching a football must be much more difficult than I think, because the amount of balls that end up on the grass after a receiver has got his hands to it is extraordinary. I understand if a cornerback or safety drops would he should have taken, but receivers? Isn’t your job to run, catch the ball, then run some more (with emphasis on the second part)? I think I speak for fans of offense and I know that I speak for all quarterbacks when I say : tight ends and receivers, C’Mon man!

Stat of the week

In the first half against the Angels, the Gators offense managed just 14 plays (4 three and outs and one turnover) for a total of -5 yards.

Players of the week

Offensive : Angels HB Banza. This is the second week in a row that this guy has run all over an opponent, this time for 155 yards and a touchdown against Gent.

Defensive : Tribes LB Vanmarcke. His 10.5 tackles and 1 fumble recovery kept the Tribes in the game when perhaps they didn’t deserve to.

Iron-man : Tribes QB/LB DeGrendele. Coming out of retirement to stand under center due to a complete lack of other options, he ran a sneak for 26 yards and even found time to make 2.5 tackles on defense.


A bit of a shake-up this week as the Tribes tumble. Meanwhile, the Bulls become the first team to ever get a score of above 0.900.

1 – Brussels Bulls                        0.911
2 – Brussels Black Angels         0.647
3 – Antwerp Diamonds             0.633
4 – West Flanders Tribes          0.628
5 – Gent Gators                           0.364


There are no games this weekend


I’m going back to Australia now for a couple of weeks. I plan to post something next week that I’ve been working on, and after that we’ll see. Send me all the stats like usual and I’ll see what I can do with them, but I am making no guarantees when anything will be ready. Also the week after I come back I won’t be at the football either because my daughter has her ‘schoolfeest’, but everything is arranged as far as the stats go, so thanks to everyone for that. See y’all in a few weeks, until then

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2 Responses to 0213 – Apr 03

  1. ballhawk says:

    have fun on your trip dale 😉 keep up the good work

  2. Stef.D 32 says:

    a lot of fun with your familie at Australia ! greetings from Stef .D 32 (WF)

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