0215 – May 2

So here we are with just one game left in the FFL this season. Let’s hope that it’s decent weather on Sunday because I’m getting a bit tired of all this rain (I guess I’m not the only one). Let’s go to work

West Flanders Tribes 42, Leuven Lions 26

This was a real mixed bag from the Tribes, I think we saw the best and the worst of them in the same game. QB Vermaut went 11/24 for 185 yards and 4 td, but all the good stuff was mixed in with dropped passes and questionable throws, as Tribes QB’s combined to throw 4 picks (2 to league leader Lions CB Vanbrabant, along with 3.5 tackles) including a pick six by Rubenstein at the end of the game.
The Lions offense completed a couple of long balls, QB Baete (11/25, 147 yards, 1 td) finding WRs Sakyi-Gyinae and Rubenstein for long connections. But the Lions offensive line were swamped by Tribes defenders, giving up 6 sacks, 3 of them to LB Jamin, as QB Baete was on the run for a lot of the game (he also had 7 rushes for 42 yards and 1 td).
The maximum amount of tackles by anyone in the game was 5, done by 4 people – Lions S Sakyi-Gyinae, Tribes DT Mestdagh (who also had two sacks), LB Jamin and S Huyghe.
On the offensive side of the ball it was Tribes TE Brutyn with the outstanding game, 4 catches and 3 of them were touchdowns.
The Tribes ended up outgaining the Lions 306-190, who now look forward to their crucial game against the Gators.

Antwerp Diamonds 28, Brussels Bulls 0

The Diamonds started with all guns blazing after a long return by TE Verhelst sparking his best game of the season (3 rushes for 28 yards, 5 catches for 60 yards and 2 td), and he also finished the first drive with a score, which was also partially due to some unusual formations which caused the Bulls some problems.
The Bulls weren’t able to do much damage on offense and once the Diamonds got the ball back, it was this time RB Vervaet (6 rush, 38 yards, 2 td) crossing the goal line, putting the Diamonds up 12.
The second quarter was much of the same, Vervaet scoring again on the ground and Coach Jolie taking over at QB managed to throw a touchdown pass to TE Verhelst as well. Vervaet also nailed a short field goal and the score was 28-0 at the half, where it would stay for the rest of the game and despite the Bulls doing everything to take that donut off the board, they couldn’t do it.
For the Bulls, RB De Caluwe led the way with 13 rushes for 65 yards and LB Abarkan had another great game with 9.5 tackles but I guess the Bulls just lacked a bit of motivation given that they had already wrapped up the top seed.
QB/LB Borra was efficient as usual and LB Van Rompuy managed 5.5 tackles for the Diamonds. The Diamonds outgained the Bulls 202-150 and converted 3-3 on fourth down.

As for the ‘controversy’ around the game, I don’t really have much to say about it. I guess if I was associated with the Angels I’d be pretty steamed, but I also understand if a coach wants to give some players a rest.

Quote of the week

“I preferred it when we were winning everything. That way I didn’t have to be a mathematician!” – Tribes current consulting coach and former head coach Harve Heuvicq, after a long discussion about tie breakers

C’Mon man of the week

The C’Mon man of the week is me. I’d planned to go to Leuven with the Tribes team so I walked to the meeting place only to realise that I’d forgotten my umbrella (rain is the enemy of every stats boy), so I had to head home to get it. But then I’d be too late to leave with the team so I had to drive myself. When I got there it stopped raining and I ended up sitting upstairs in the cafeteria anyway. C’Mon man!
But I will say this – that cafeteria is the best place to watch a game in the whole FFL.

Stat of the week

FFL leader in interceptions Lions CB Vanbrabant (with 6) also leads the league in percentage of interceptions thrown (with 100%, that’s 2/2). I admit they have been pretty weird plays, but still it’s pretty unusual. I also believe that he was the first player this season (and probably in quite a long time) to intercept a pass, throw a pick and catch a touchdown all the the same game.

Players of the week

Offensive : Tribes TE Brutyn had a day out with 4 catches for 97 yards and 3 td against the Lions.

Defensive : Tribes LB Jamin lit up the Lions for 3 sacks, as the whole team were able to pressure the Lions all game long.

Iron man : Diamonds QB/LB Borra had another remarkable game against the Bulls. He went 6/8 for 56 yards, 1 td and 1 int, while on the defensive side of things he made 4.5 tackles and made an interception too.


May 5, 2pm, Ostend : West Flanders Tribes v Gent Gators

What to watch for

It’s a simple situation. If the Tribes win, they will finish second. If the Tribes lose, they will finish fourth. We all know who the Angels will be cheering for, but can the Gators pull the upset?
This game is a bit of a strange one for me. Most of you probably know that I’ll be the Gators head coach starting next season, so I think I just won’t say too much about what could happen.
The computer says : Tribes by 12


Next week there won’t be any games to preview as there is a week off before the start of the playoffs. Because the FFL season will be over, the All-FFL team will be finalised, and it’ll be revealed the week before the Belgian Bowl. However next week I’ll release the “honorable mentions”, 8 players who could have, but just didn’t quite, make the team. Until next time.

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One Response to 0215 – May 2

  1. Coach Chubby says:

    >>The computer says : Tribes by 12
    Haha, the computer is wrong 🙂
    2nd place and playoffs, next vs the Monarchs in Ostend i guess, allthough the llfab site isn’t clear, last scores aren’t up.

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