0216 – May 9

So our playoff match ups are set. Representing the FFL in the playoffs will be the Brussels Bulls, West Flanders Tribes and Antwerp Diamonds. This is the second time in two years that one of my predicted Belgian Bowl teams haven’t even made the playoffs! Fortunately I won’t have to make predictions in the future. Let’s go to work.

West Flanders Tribes 41, Gent Gators 13

As we all know by now, the Tribes had to win this game in order to qualify for the playoffs, and any doubt that anyone might have had evaporated quickly as West Flanders dominated the early exchanges, scoring three touchdowns in the first quarter and another on their first play of the second quarter.
The Tribes dominated on the ground with a total of 270 yards, RB G George with 86, QB Vermaut with 76 and RB Monserez with 69 the leaders (each scoring one touchdown as well).
The Gators fought hard with the limited players that they had, but were overmatched for much of the first half, their high point coming on a 12-yard touchdown catch by WR Brasseur (5 catches for 60 yards and 1 td). However, the 6 turnovers by the Gators were far too many to overcome (including 3 picks by CB Pype).
The Tribes scored twice more in the second half, WR Laleman’s (3 catches for 40 yards and 2 td) second of the game and RB Monserez’s first of the season, but the real highlight was Gators DL Y Piqueur recovering a fumble and rumbling 40 yards for a touchdown.
The boys from West Flanders outgained the Gators 380-203, but it was Gators LB/RB Jolie who had the outstanding numbers, 13 rushes for 82 yards, 1 catch for 15 yards, 14 tackles and 1 interception.

Quote of the week

“It’s kinda old school now preparing for a game without video footage and stats” – Diamonds coach, John Jolie

C’Mon man of the week

The C’Mon man of this week is the stupidest thing I’ve heard this year. The Tribes game against the Gators was supposed to be played in Izegem. But the Izegem City Council forgot to reserve the field, so the game was moved to Ostend (lucky the Tribes have this option). The Tribes then wanted to play their upcoming Wild Card game in Izegem, except that’s not possible because every single field in Izegem is unavailable for use because they’re all being re-seeded. Are you serious? There are people running around on that team who have won 8 national championships in this city (yes, I live in Izegem too) and they can’t even play a home game because you first of all fouled things up, and second of all can’t make a single exception for a rather exceptional team. I bet you would make things happen if this was a soccer team. What a joke.
Izegem City Council (and these words are not strong enough for what you deserve) – C’Mon man.

Stat of the week

No stat of the week, instead let’s look at the expanded league leaders for the 2012 FFL season. Congratulations to everyone on this list, but also to everyone who is not on the list, because without you guys, those who are on the list wouldn’t be!
OK, that’s a bit hard to follow – I just mean that this is a team game, and everybody’s contribution is important.


Pass completions : Bart Killens (GNT) – 63
Pass attempts : Bart Killens (GNT) – 154
Pass yards : Benedict Vermaut (WF) – 781
Pass touchdowns : Benedict Vermaut (WF) – 11
Pass interceptions : Benedict Vermaut (WF) – 13
Passer rating : Bram Baete (LEU) – 70.3
Pass completion : Bram Baete (LEU) – 53.7%
Pass yards / attempt : Benedict Vermaut (WF) – 6.1
Pass yards / completion : Jeroen D’Hondt (PUU) – 21.0


Rush attempts : Ben Acheson (BB) – 111
Rush yards : Ben Acheson (BB) – 633
Rush touchdowns : Ben Acheson (BB) / Rashidi Banza (BBA) – 5
Rush average : Benedict Vermaut (WF) – 8.4


Receptions : Bas Laleman (WF) – 19
Receiving yards : Bas Laleman (WF) – 331
Receiving touchdowns : Andy Brutyn (WF) – 5
Receiving average : Andy Brutyn (WF) – 19.8


Tackles : Ken Meersmans (PUU) – 56.5
Sacks : Casimir Sumen (BB) – 4.5
Interceptions : Carlos Pype (WF) / Sam Vanbrabant (LEU) – 6


Kickoff average : Kirsten Stalmans (BB) – 56.4
Punt gross average : Michael Vervaet (ANT) – 32.3
Punt net average : Kirsten Stalmans (BB) – 28.2
Kick return average : Brian De Caluwe (BB) – 24.8
Punt return average : Dorian Vermeir (PUU) – 25.8


Points scored : Bas Laleman (WF) – 49
Points accounted for : Benedict Vermaut (WF) – 84
All purpose yards : Ben Acheson (BB) – 683

All-FFL Team Honorable Mentions

It has been tough to pick the team this year, but I definitely would love to have the chance to see them all on the field together!
Anyway, these are 8 players who didn’t quite make the team but weren’t far off.

LB Alexandre Nicolajeff (BB)
T/DE Jens Mullebrouck (WF)
C Glen Resman (ANT)
DE Reda Vrancken (BBA)
LB Guillaume Schuermans (GNT)
LB Jens Meersmans (PUU)
LB Jarne Schmitt (LEU)
WR Rob Hermans (LIM)

As you can no doubt see, the linebacker position is absolutely stacked! The All-FFL team, along with award winners, will be revealed in the blog post before the Belgian Bowl.


There are no games this weekend, so enjoy your time off!


So next week we’ll be looking forward to Wild Card Weekend, and I’ll let you know who won your votes for Offensive, Defensive and Iron Man MVP (along with Offensive Rookie and Defensive Rookie, if possible). Check out the FFL Blog Extra page on facebook for details! Until next time

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2 Responses to 0216 – May 9

  1. John says:

    Izegem? Are you serious? C’mon man!!
    Could arrange for a nice article in the press on this….but it most likely would hurt the team.

    • Coach Chubby says:

      Hurt how? By taking away our “game” field? Uh, already done. By not *really* recognising the effort it takes to win 8 BFL titles in total, and 6 of them consecutive (+6 FFL) and 1 european tournament title. What’s new?

      Luckily the city of Ostend is way more involved and respectful towards our achievements.
      As Dale said, king soccer rules Izegem. It was surprised that we could use the main field for the half final game against the Bulls last year.
      But guess what, my son had to play the final of the cup of west-flanders and then there was no problem using the main field. As i said, king soccer.

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