0217 – May 16

It’s been a fairly quiet week in FFL-land, with two teams preparing for their matches in Wildcard Weekend. But I’m afraid that a decent preview isn’t going to be possible as I really don’t know anything about the teams from the LFFAB – I’ll just focus on the FFL teams and what I think they need to do.

FFL #3 Antwerp Diamonds @ LFFAB #2 LLN Fighting Turtles

I do know that the Turtles are well coached, which means discipline. They will not self destruct under pressure and they will not give away silly penalties. So it’s going to be up to the Diamonds to do just the same.
Antwerp really surprised me this season – and most pleasantly surprised at that. I thought that the loss of their quarterback would be too much to overcome, but they are just able to manage the game so well thanks to their experience, both on the field and off it, and a running game that might not break off big chunks but just keeps those chains moving.
So in order to do well against the Turtles they’ll need to look after the football, run it well, surprise them with the occassional pass or trick play, keep everything in front of them on defense. And if you’ve seen Antwerp play this season, you’ll know that these are all things that they’re capable of.
I wish I knew more about the Turtles, I saw them play against the Black Angels last year and I remember that it took the Angels a very long time to open the scoring, but it went much smoother once they got that first touchdown.

The winner of this game will face the Brussels Bulls in the semi-final.

Diamonds chance to win : 50%

LFFAB #3 Liege Monarchs @ FFL #2 West Flanders Tribes

It would seem that not many people give the Monarchs a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this game. I don’t either. I think the weather is going to be nasty though, so passing could be a bit of a difficulty, not to mention the kicking game. Of course, the game will be played in Ostend, and if any team can deal with windy conditions it’s the Tribes.
West Flanders always have the advantage of being able to beat teams in different ways, and I expect them to get the job done against the Monarchs. However, veterans of the Tribes will remember (I certainly do) losing a practice game in Liege (against the Roosters, as they then were) about 5 years ago. That was one long bus ride home, I can tell you, and I imagine that it’d be party from one side of the country to the other if the Monarchs were able to get the W.

The winner of this game will face the Brussels Tigers in the semi-final.

Tribes chance to win : 95%

Awards time

Both I, and you, have decided who we like as Rookies of the year, and MVP’s, so it’s time to reveal what we decided.

FFL Offensive Rookie of the Year 2012

Your vote : QB Samuel Torrini (BB)
My vote : QB Samuel Torrini (BB)

FFL Defensive Rookie of the Year 2012

Your vote : CB Carlos Pype (WF)
My vote : LB Tarik Abarkan (BB)

FFL Offensive MVP 2012

Your vote : RB Ben Acheson (BB)
My vote : RB Ben Acheson (BB)

FFL Defensive MVP 2012

Your vote : LB Ken Meersmans (PUU)
My vote : LB Ken Meersmans (PUU)

FFL Iron Man MVP 2012

Your vote : QB/LB Sergio Borra (ANT)
My vote : QB/LB Sergio Borra (ANT)

So just about the only secret I’ve still got up my sleeve is the All-FFL team, and you’ll have to wait two more weeks for that one! Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who voted, I think the voting was the most popular thing we’ve ever done!


At the risk of sounding like an FFL spokesman, I hope you’ve all got your tickets to the Belgian Bowl because it seems like they’re going fast. I’m already looking forward to it but let’s not look past this weekend because we’ve got a couple of interesting games to check out. Until next time

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