End of season 2

Well, this post-season didn’t begin quite how I’d planned it. Having a new function at work means that I can’t be head coach of the Gators any more as I just won’t have the time for it, and you should all know by now that I either do something 100% or I don’t do it at all.
However, I am staying on board as part of the coaching group, but my role will be less significant than planned.

So that means I have some time for the blog and I hadn’t expected to. In fact, I had already written the final episode of the blog, and I’ve just deleted it as it wasn’t appropriate any more. I will be able to continue to write, probably in a similar format to last season.

As far as the stats go, well, that depends on you guys. I may hope that it was useful for the coaches, I know that it was popular among the players. The actual format of the stats spreadsheet wasn’t ideal as anyone who saw it would know – this was because I had one week before the start of the season to get it organised. I don’t want to be racing around like that again, so this is a request to all teams – if you want the stats, and if you’re willing to find someone to record them for one or two games, let me know please. I know for sure that the Diamonds are in, and I’ll reply on behalf of the Gators that we want it too. Give us as much time as possible to get it all sorted out and you might just find that it’s a whole lot more convienient than last season.

It’s time for some thankyous. This is really dangerous because I just know that I’ll forget someone who I shouldn’t have.. Anyway, here we go

First of all to my buddy and fellow FFL writer Klaas Allosserie. He’s helped a lot with stats and game reports and just generally talking football. Also don’t forget to check out his FFL blog each week too – he’s an actual writer!

To all the coaches and team reps, whom I bugged a lot last season with questions and requests for information : Coach Curtis (a true “ideas man”) and coaches Sven and Stijn at the Bulls, Coach Romu and Chantal of the Angels, Coach Hannes of the Gators, Michel of the Shotguns, Coach Bene of the Tribes, Coach Kevin of the Lions, Coaches Dorian and Tom, as well as Hans of the Titans, and Sergio of the Diamonds. An extra special thankyou goes to Coach John Jolie of the Diamonds for going above and beyond the call of duty with ideas, reports and saving the stats when it looked like it was going to fall apart.

Also to players who provided info when I couldn’t get hold of a coach, for example Law, Bart, Floris and Lawrence of the Tigers.
I’ll also just mention John vdM at this point to thank him for all his work, not just for the Belgian Bowl, but for everything.

To the boys who got the game film happening, the idea and collation has a lot to do with Hans but also Aarnout and his crew who do a wonderful job filming and putting in information. Not to forget all other people who provided game film too. This already worked better than I had thought it would so it’s something to build on in the future.

To everyone who handled the stats, thankyou. Just know that Monday nights, when I posted the stats on the facebook page, were the most popular evenings in the FFL. So Joris of the Diamonds, Lesley of the Bulls, Chantal and helpers of the Angels, Dennis of the Gators, Christoph of the Lions, Klaas again of the Tribes and Hans of the Titans – thankyou. I’m sure it wasn’t easy! But it was very much appreciated. Also an extra thankyou to Kevin for making some improvements that saved me some time each week.

Let’s think, who have I forgotten. Oh yes, I know. You!
If you’re a player and you’re reading this, thankyou for entertaining me, for giving your all on the field and then reading, liking and sharing the blog afterwards.
If you’re a coach and you’re reading this, thankyou for organising trainings, making game plans and plotting the downfall of all the other teams in the league.
If you’re a team or league official and you’re reading this, thankyou for giving your time to do work that most people don’t even realise is being done.
If you’re a fan and you’re reading this, thankyou for supporting your team. It does make a difference, believe me, I know.
If you’re a referee and you’re reading this, thankyou for doing the difficult job that has to be done.

So this is the end of season two of the FFL Blog. Season three will begin a few weeks before the 2013 FFL season.
In the mean time, train hard, play hard, improve yourself, your team, your sport in whichever way you can, and we’ll see each other on the field in seven or so months time. Until then

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