0302 – Jan 24 Mailbag

Welcome to the first mailbag edition of this season of the FFL Blog.

Hicky from Ostend : “The first thing a team or the FFL should do if they want more attendance is to put a schedule online. I looked at practically every site that has something to do with American Football in our region and nowhere did I find when and where I have to be to watch a game. Luckily I can count on you to give me some data”

Good point. I would have thought that everyone would have posted the schedule all over the place, but apparently not.
I guess ideally I’d have my own website for the blog and other associated things (the stats, for example), but that’s way beyond my abilities.

Bart from Gent : “How are the fantasy points counted? What is there to gain between you and Klaas or to lose”

It’ll just be standard IDP scoring that you can find on the NFL website. We might just add up the number of weeks that we win, rather than the total number of points though. We’ll only start in week 3 of the season (to give us a chance to check everyone out first) and we won’t play in the week that there’s only one game.
As for what’s on the line, well, we’ve gone very traditional and so the winner gets a beer at the Belgian Bowl. It’s all about the pride!

Joris from Antwerp : “Wow, did we ever lose to the Bulls? I honestly didn’t know, quite a shocker for me! Could you please verify for me when that happened? I’ve been searching the web, but I could look no further then the 2010 season.
I’d love to know what source you use for all those data, as I’m sure there’s a lot of other insights that I didn’t know about either!”

March 15, 2009. Bulls 28 – Diamonds 18, and it was at Berendrecht. Anyone able to confirm? There were two games that day, the first was Gators v Lions (which ended in a 6-6 tie). I know for sure that I wasn’t there, because I was too busy kicking drop kicks against the Titans in Bornem (I sure remember that day!).
I got the information from the FFL website though, so I may assume that it’s correct.

Bart from Gent : “Will all players have access to the stats files or only the Head Coaches (like last year)? Now that you are taking stats again this season, does that mean we will have career stats as well?

All players had access to them last year too, the coaches were allowed to pass them on if they wanted (although they weren’t allowed to distribute the main file). I don’t know which coaches did and which didn’t.
I’m not against just putting everything online, but the problem with that is that players have a tendency to complain that their stats aren’t right when 1 – I have a better view of the game than they do, 2 – it’s difficult to do, and mistakes are going to be made anyway, and 3 – most players don’t completely understand what counts as a stat and what does not.
As for your second question, yes, that was part of the plan although it’s not organised yet. That will only really need to be ready by the end of the season.

So that’s all the time we have for today. Thanks all for your contributions.
I hope that you’re all able to train at the moment because the weather isn’t exactly good for football. I’ll be back on Monday with more of the usual stuff. Until then

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2 Responses to 0302 – Jan 24 Mailbag

  1. Francis says:

    I plan to put a location section in my website where we will be able to find any field of the league 🙂 …

  2. hammer7273 says:

    Glad to be part of this Blog.i never thought i be a Bloger.lol. t here alot of good ideas out there and i hope all will do whatever it takes to make us a better leagues and show what American football about!

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