0306 – Feb 04

Welcome back to the FFL Blog. There’s some good stuff for you this week, so let’s not waste time and effort working on an introduction, but just jump straight in.

All-Star Game

You might recall a couple of weeks ago I said that the All-FFL team might have more meaning this year. That was because our President, Hannes Roman, asked me to pick the FFL team to play in an eventual All Star game. Unfortunately the LFFAB don’t want to play the game, I don’t know why, so I guess that idea is out the window, which is a pity. Anyway there still might be a game, but just against someone else. I hope that everybody gets on board if there is a game, because these sorts of things are great experiences for everyone involved.

Playoff chances

Antwerp Diamonds

I say : 40%
You say : 43%

Why they’ll make it : Experience and toughness. Call it Diamonds Football.

Why they won’t make it : Team speed and all around athletic ability. Can they keep up with younger and quicker teams again?

Brussels Black Angels

I say : 70%
You say : 73%

Why they’ll make it : Their defense can be impenetrable at times.

Why they won’t make it : And yet they gave up big plays against the Bulls and Tribes which cost them two victories last year. And can they finish their drives this time around?

Brussels Bulls

I say : 85%
You say : 100%

Why they’ll make it : They’re too skilled, too well coached not to make it.

Why they won’t make it : Not really sure! I just don’t like to say 100% because football is a funny ol’ game.

Gent Gators

I say : 15%
You say : 4%

Why they’ll make it : Because they’re athletic and will be tough to deal with in the open field.

Why they won’t make it : Because in order to be able to use the space, you first have to create it.

Izegem Tribes

I say : 50%
You say : 35%

Why they’ll make it : Because they still know how to win, and they want to show everyone that they haven’t forgotten.

Why they won’t make it : Because their team is so completely different to years past. It may be hard for them to come together.

Leuven Lions

I say : 30%
You say : 31%

Why they’ll make it : Because they’ll continue their improvement from last year to this year, making them just a bit more than competitive.

Why they won’t make it : Because they struggle in the big man department.

Puurs Titans

I say : 10%
You say : 14%

Why they’ll make it : Because they can’t possibly have as many injuries and turnovers as last year.

Why they won’t make it : Because it’s a long way back from where they were last season.

So that should give you all a bit of motivation to go out there and make it happen!

Rule changes

There will be some rule changes in the FFL this season. Nothing too major, but still it’s better to know than not to know.

– Anyone who has watched football this last season saw the changes on kickoff. All players on the kicking team (except for the kicker) have to be within 5 yards of the ball once the ball is on the tee.

– Kickoffs are from the 35 yard line and touchbacks go out to the 25 yard line (only on kickoffs, not punts)

– You have to give a kick returner 1 yard to catch the football. The same applies for onside kicks if the ball is kicked straight into the ground and bounces up in the air.

– There are some techincal changes to who is allowed to block below the waist and who is not. I’d advise you to ask someone who knows the rules better than I do on this one though.

– You may not jump over an opponent if you are trying to block a punt.

– If your helmet comes off, you cannot continue to participate in the play (except for if you’re in the middle of the action, then it’s ok)

I think that that’s just about all. If you have questions then you had better ask your coaches or an official for an explanation. In my experience, the officials are always happy to explain something. Which is nice, because..

The officials

This year we’ve got someone on board to help out with calls and penalties that need some extra explanation. FFL Referee Jan Bogaerts will be around to answer questions that arise over the course of the season. Finally there’ll be some real expert comments around here!

Meanwhile, in Wallonia

The first games of the BFL season are in the books. Here are the results :

Andenne Bears 40 – Luxembourg Steelers 0
LLN Fighting Turtles 26 – Charleroi Coal Miners 0
Waterloo Warriors 21 – Wapi Phoenix 9

You can also check out http://www.njufom.com for results and standings.


So Thursday will be the mailbag, and the Monday after that we’ll have some games to talk about as we’ll just be one week away from kickoff. This is the time of year that players can enjoy because it’s almost time to go play, but coaches hate because they’d like another month to prepare everyone! See you Thursday

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6 Responses to 0306 – Feb 04

  1. KlaasA says:

    Too bad the LFFAB don’t want to play the game, it would have been nice. A good Dutch team would be great to play against.

  2. kenneth says:

    i don’t understand the rule you need to give te returner 1 yard to catch the ball can you explain that one a bit more in youre mailblog?

  3. Dennis (Turtles) says:

    it’s Turtles 28-00 Coal Miners.
    I don’t understand why the LFFAB board dont want to play an all star game. đŸ˜¦

    • Mathieu #21 (turtles) says:

      The LFFAB never said no…it’s just still under discussion but the LFFAB teams and players want a game like this…

  4. Titan58 says:

    Once again great post Dale! One thing though: The new kickoff rule states that every player (on the kicking team) has to be within 5 yards away from the 35 yard line, not the ball.

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