0311 – Feb 25

Welcome to a much abbreviated version of the Monday Blog. Given that the games in Gent were cancelled (funny how the field that got frozen was The Swamp) we don’t have a lot of anything to talk about.

Early weather prediction for Sunday

Cloudy with a maximum of 4°C

With a little help from my friends

You’ve probably heard that I have to have an operation on Wednesday. I’ve got a torn ligament in my foot and it’s got to be dealt with straight away. I won’t be allowed to put weight on it for a couple of weeks, will be in a cast for six to eight weeks and won’t be able to do sport for six months.
I am allowed to drive (it’s my left foot and I drive an automatic), so I can get to the games, but because I can’t stand up, and because the games are in Izegem on Sunday and there’s nowhere I can get up on high (the following games are in St Agatha and Korbeek-Lo, so that’s not a problem), I’m going to need some help taking down the stats. I can still write everything down, but I’d like some extra eyes. You won’t have to help for the whole two games, even a bit would help, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask – trust me, I would rather do it myself.

Meanwhile, in Wallonia

They did manage to play some football down south, let’s check out the results and standings.

Waterloo Warriors 50 – Luxembourg Steelers 0
Wapi Phoenix 8 – Liege Monarchs 6

Tigers 1 1 0 0 23
Monarchs 2 1 1 0 34
Bears 2 1 1 0 17
Steelers 3 0 3 0 -126
Turtles 2 2 0 0 84
Warriors 3 2 1 0 61
Coal Miners 2 1 1 0 -27
Phoenix 3 1 2 0 -66


So I guess that’s just about all there is to say. Of course, Thursday is the beginning of our little Fantasy Football Challenge. Seeing as how Klaas and I have only seen four of the seven teams play, it’ll be a bit tough, but we’re up for the challenge!
We’ll also have your mailbag and previews of the two upcoming games, Black Angels vs Gators and Lions vs Tribes.

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2 Responses to 0311 – Feb 25

  1. Roald says:

    Something positive did come out of the cancellation of the games. Somewhere some needy persons got to eat burgers, because we donated the food for sunday to a good cause. 🙂

  2. My point of view:
    LFFAB standing wont move anymore till playoffs…

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