0313 – Mar 04

What a great game we had in the main event in Izegem, the Lions and the Tribes going back and forward and in the end only two points (and two yards) separated them. So let’s look back at the games, check out the standings, and speak about the Fantasy Challenge as little as possible!

Game reviews

Brussels Black Angels 34, Gent Gators 7

It looked for a while like the sun was going to shine through on Sunday, but it just couldn’t quite manage it in the end, a lot like the Gators, who managed to have the score tied 7-7 at half time, but faded in the end to be handed a logical 34-7 defeat.

In the first half, the Angels gained most of the yards but couldn’t convert it into points (I think I have heard this story before) but a nice swing pass from QB Noel to HB Banza opened the scoring at the start of the second quarter.
After getting a nice bounce on a punt, the Gators would pin the Angels deep in their own territory and force a fourth down. An incomplete pass on a fake punt would set up the Gators in perfect position, and QB Killens found TE Dufour in the end zone on a broken play and the score was tied.

The second half would be dominated by the Angels’ offensive line, allowing RB Bangamuabo to rack up the yards and HB Banza to add to his touchdown total. But it wasn’t all ground and pound, QB Noel threw for 132 yards and three touchdowns, 84 of those yards were to WR Thomas Bouron.
The Gators defense worked hard but were just outmuscled, LB Castrillo doing particular damage with 8.5 tackles and 2 forced fumbles, and S Piqueur had 6 tackles and a very timely pass deflection on what would have been a long touchdown otherwise.

Not much to write about on the other side of the football, the Gators only managing 47 offensive yards, LB Dosunmu was the standout in the Brussels defense with 4 tackles, 1.5 sacks and 2 tackles for loss.

The Gators don’t play next week, while the Angels will head across town to St. Agatha to face the Bulls.

Leuven Lions 22, Izegem Tribes 20

Now this was a cracking game of football. Well played by both teams, and exciting right to the end.
It started slowly, both teams testing the other with their running games, the Tribes putting together a 10-play drive which ended with QB Huysman sneaking it in from 3 yards away in his first ever senior game. But the Lions answered promptly with a bruising 5-yard touchdown smash by RB Lauriers, K Van Nerum putting Leuven ahead 7-6.
After more strong running by RB Atwood (22 rush, 142 yards, 1 td), it was FB Barbour who ended up scoring, the two point conversion was no good but the Tribes led 12-7 at half time.

After half time, the Lions put together a long drive and it was ended by QB Baete who scored from 1 yard out, taking the lead back for Leuven. But perhaps the most crucial play happened soon after, when Leuven got a great bounce on a punt that went out on the 1 yard line, and on the next play, LB Caelenberghe (10.5 tackles) made the tackle for a loss for a safety, taking Leuven to a 15-12 lead. Three plays after the safety punt, QB Baete found a streaking RB Delmeiren for a 37-yard touchdown pass, and the extra point made it 22-12 for Leuven.

The Tribes then mounted their comeback, recovering a QB Baete fumble, and quickly scoring a touchdown and two point conversion through RB Atwood to reduce the margin to just two points, 22-20. The Tribes tried unsuccessfully for an onside kick, but forced a three and out and then LB Webb blocked the punt which was recovered by DL Mestdagh, giving the home team one last chance. A false start at the start of the drive pushed Izegem back, and in the end, RB Atwood had one last attempt at the endzone, but he was denied by LB Caelenberghe at the 2-yard line and the game was over.

I must admit that I really enjoyed this game. It was a really tough battle between two very even teams – everything that a fan could ask for.

Izegem have the week off to work on some of the little things that let them down, while Leuven play against the Diamonds.

Quote of the week

“Oh crap”, Gators kicker/linebacker Sander De Gussem, after drilling his first practice kick before the game high over the net and into some dude’s backyard.

C’Mon Man of the week

You know I hate to even speak about the officials, but I’m sorry, how many times do I have to say it – offside doesn’t exist against the offense! It’s bad enough when players and coaches are calling for it on the sideline, but when the ref actually gets on the mic and calls a team for it, that’s just crazy talk. Mr Referee – C’Mon man!

Play of the week

Black Angels WR Thomas Bouron’s diving one-handed snag in the second half against the Gators.

Stat of the week

Not only did all four teams score on Sunday (which is fairly unusual in itself), but all four teams scored in the second quarter of their games.

Players of the week

HB/LB Rashidi Banza, BBA : 14 rushes, 85 yards, 2 td. 1 catch, 8 yards, 1 td. 3 tak, 1 tfl, 1 pd.

RB Tanner Atwood, IZE : 22 rushes, 142 yards, 1 td, 1 two.

LB Jan Caelenberghe, LEU : 10.5 tackles, 1 tfl, 1 safety.


Now it actually makes sense to show the standings, so here they are.

Brussels Bulls 1 0 0 32 0 32
Brussels Black Angels 1 0 0 34 7 27
Puurs Titans 1 0 0 19 6 13
Leuven Lions 1 1 0 28 39 -11
Izegem Tribes 0 1 0 20 22 -2
Gent Gators 0 1 0 7 34 -27
Antwerp Diamonds 0 1 0 0 32 -32

Meanwhile, in Wallonia

Here are the results in the LFFAB

Liege Monarchs 42, Andenne Bears 13
Brussels Tigers 88, Luxembourg Steelers 0

Tigers 2 2 0 0 111
Monarchs 2 2 1 0 63
Bears 2 1 2 0 -12
Steelers 3 0 4 0 -214
Turtles 2 2 0 0 84
Warriors 3 2 1 0 61
Coal Miners 2 1 1 0 -27
Phoenix 3 1 2 0 -66

FFL Fantasy Football Challenge

In our defense, the reason that we were only going to start this week was so that both Klaas and I would get the chance to see all the teams play before having to make our picks, so let’s just say that the results were pretty disastrous (at least, mine were).
I also managed to pick two players who got injured during their games. Hopefully I’m not a curse!

Team Klaas : 35.60
Team Dale : 15.18

Congratulations to Klaas, who now leads the season series 1-0!


Thursday will be the mailbag, so send in your questions and comments. Also, Klaas and I will make our picks for next week, and we’ll look ahead to the games on Sunday, Leuven vs Antwerp and Brussels Bulls vs Brussels Black Angels. Until then

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2 Responses to 0313 – Mar 04

  1. kenneth says:

    that ofside call of the ref wasn’t his only fuck up :p

  2. JVDM says:

    Ts ts Kenneth, only those who do nothing make no mistakes.
    Yep, that one may have hurt us, yet the win was ours to take, and this time we didn’t.
    Always focus on what you can control.
    Better next time.

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