0315 – Mar 11

I was a bit worried when I woke up Sunday morning and it was snowing (again). But luckily it was warm enough for the snow to disappear, and the games could be played without a problem. Which is good, because as the Football Gods know, it would have been a total scheduling disaster if they’d have been cancelled.

Game reviews

Leuven Lions 21 – Antwerp Diamonds 6

Another Lions game, and another entertaining game – they’re fast becoming the most fun team to watch in the league.

On the Diamonds’ first offensive play, they fumbled, and it was recovered by Leuven. The Lions then made a drive which was completed when QB Baete found RB Delmeiren up the sideline for a 14-yard touchdown pass. But the Diamonds, again without a number of skill players, would answer through the returning RB Smet from 4-yards away, although they couldn’t make the extra point and the Lions would lead 7-6.

The play went up and down the field, but score would stay the same until the start of the final quarter, when QB Baete made a nice move and got himself into the endzone, again the extra point was good and the Lions went up 14-6.
The Diamonds got the ball back and took it to midfield before being forced to punt, but a fumbled snap gave the ball back to Leuven and 7 plays later, RB Van Vlasselaer went on a bustling 6-yard run for 6 points, K Van Rymenant was again good on the point after, giving the Lions a virtually unbeatable lead of 21-6, with not much time left on the clock.

The Diamonds wouldn’t give up though, taking the ball on a 12 play drive, but for the second week in a row, time would run out on the Lions’ opponents just when it looked like they would score.

Leuven play a home game next week against Gent and will look to win their third game of the season. It would be the first time since 2006 that they won three games. Antwerp don’t play next weekend.

Brussels Bulls 7 – Brussels Black Angels 0

I’m not really sure where to start with this game. It was a defensive struggle, the kind of game that defensive coördinators dream of. Neither team could sustain any offense, and there was a total of one play run in the opponent’s red zone (the play was run by the Black Angels from the Bulls 19 yard line, and was a fumble on the exchange which was recovered by the Bulls).
The two teams combined to go 3-25 on third downs and 0-5 on fourth downs – but that was more about extremely solid defense than not good offense. But it meant for a game where the punters were extremely important, and neither team could get into a rhythm offensively.

The only scoring play of the game came in the second quarter as Bulls WR Roudebush took a reverse to the right, found a little room along the sideline and burned it 49 yards to the house.

The Bulls defense looked a whole lot more dominating in this shutout than they did against the Diamonds, and I’d suggest that it’s going to take some pretty special offense to put points on the board against them. I wouldn’t say that any particular player stood out though, they’re just disruptive everywhere, and that is their strength.

The Angels also put up a great defensive effort, LBs Banza and Dosunmu in particular making a lot of tackles, but in the end, the Bulls had enough with just one big offensive play.

I must admit that there was a quite a bit of weirdness on a couple of punts from the Bulls and I’ve asked our rules expert, Jan Bogaerts, to clear it up for me, so we’ll hear what he has to say about it, perhaps on Thursday.

Next weekend the Bulls play against the Tribes in Leuven, while the Black Angels have the weekend off.

Quote of the week

“You gotta love this manly football music”, Coach Curtis Plybon, while one or other song from Kate Bush was being played upstairs just before the Diamonds vs Lions game.

C’Mon man of the week

Here’s a checklist for what we had on Sunday.
Football : check
Friends to watch the game with : check
Cold drinks : check
Hot dogs : errrr, nope. Apparently they were sold out half way through the first game!
Hot dog guy – C’Mon man!

Stat of the week

Halfway through the last quarter, the Bulls converted a third down try. This was the first against the Black Angels all season.

Play of the week

Lions QB Baete ran right, tried to cut back left and slipped a bit, stuck his hand in the ground to avoid falling over, made a man miss and powered into the endzone. A whole lot of effort for a 3-yard touchdown rush!

Players of the week

RB Seppe Delmeiren, LEU. 15 rush, 100 yards. 2 rec, 39 yards, 1 td.

HB/LB Rashidi Banza, BBA. 10 rush, 55 yards. 2 rec, 4 yards. 6 tak, 2 tfl.

WR Michael Roudebush, BB. 2 rush, 48 yards, 1 td. 3 rec, 30 yards.


Brussels Bulls 2 0 0 39 0 39
Leuven Lions 2 1 0 49 55 -6
Puurs Titans 1 0 0 19 6 13
Brussels Black Angels 1 1 0 34 14 20
Izegem Tribes 0 1 0 20 22 -2
Gent Gators 0 1 0 7 34 -27
Antwerp Diamonds 0 2 0 6 53 -47

The exact order may be slightly different, but with teams having played different numbers of games it’s difficult. I have ranked them first by wins, then win percentage, then score differential.

Meanwhile, in Wallonia

No embarrassing blowouts down south this weekend, which is nice
Brussels Tigers 25 – Charleroi Coal Miners 0
LLN Fighting Turtles 39 – Luxembourg Steelers 6

TEAM W L T +/-
Tigers 3 0 0 136
Monarchs 2 1 0 63
Bears 1 2 0 -12
Steelers 0 5 0 -247
TEAM W L T +/-
Turtles 3 0 0 117
Warriors 2 1 0 61
Coal Miners 1 2 0 -52
Phoenix 1 2 0 -66

FFL Fantasy Football Challenge

I really gave last weeks team a lot of thought, so I could make a glorious comeback this week. As it turns out, two of the guys I picked didn’t even play! Fortunately for me though, that the two who did, QB Baete (Lions) and HB/LB Banza (Angels) did more than enough to take the victory this weekend.

Team Dale : 24.56
Team Klaas : 17.84

Perhaps in the future, we should be allowed to make one change on game day. We’ll see about that later, as it seems to be just me who’s having this problem!
At any rate, the score is now : Klaas 1 – Dale 1


Well that’s all for today. Thursday it’ll be time for a little mailbag, Klaas and I will pick our Fantasy teams for next week, and we’ll talk about the games to be played this weekend – Bulls vs Tribes and Lions vs Gators. Until then

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One Response to 0315 – Mar 11

  1. FootballJunkie says:

    Hello Dale,
    I like your reporting. I have a question following this report. Which team at the moment seems to you the most balanced and would be able to handle the absence of some key players? Especialy given your comment about the absence of some skillplayers with the diamonds this past sunday.

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