0317 – Mar 18

So we had some football on Sunday. The field was in a lot better condition than I thought it would be, however the field didn’t live up to its reputation as a high scoring ground, what with three teams not even troubling the scorers*.

Game reviews

Brussels Bulls 50 – Izegem Tribes 0
(Game was Bulls 21 – Tribes 0 when it was ended)

This game was forfeited and I’m not going to waste my time on it.

Gent Gators 0 – Leuven Lions 0

So this is the second Donut Bowl I’ve seen in the last few years, but this game had a much more open character than Black Angels-Bulls from a couple of years ago.
Leuven were without QB Baete and RB Delmeiren on offense, and it showed, with the Gators having the best of the early exchanges, getting into the redzone after a 37-yard catch and run by TE Dufour, but an interception by CB Geerts ended the drive.

The Gators would respond in kind, with S Piqueur picking off a pass and returning it 20 yards, again setting up Gent with great field position. They would make it all the way to the 3 yard line but in the end would have to settle for a 30-yard De Gussem field goal attempt, which sailed wide left.
Leuven got their ball control offense working better, but by half time still hadn’t managed to cross half way, in fact they wouldn’t enter into Gators territory until the final play of the third quarter. However the drive would stall and the Gators took over.

Three quick passes to WR Lezy and the best run of the game by a Gator, RB Mankusa had Gent looking good but he fumbled at the end of the run and Leuven had another chance. They took advantage, rumbling all the way to the Gator 5 yard line, where it was set up for a K Van Rymenant 22-yard field goal attempt, but the snap was high and the kick was blocked. A couple of incompletions later, the game was over with the same score that it started at.

Players of the week

Gators TE Dufour. 5 rec, 84 yards

Gators DE Sautois. 10 tackles, 0.5 tfl

Lions RB Van Vlasselaer. 20 rush, 61 yards

Play of the week

Leuven fake a handoff to the motion man going left and follow with the ball carrier. Gators DT Rogier Depreitere tackles the guy who they faked to, bounces up and buries the ball carrier as well. Result of play : 9 yard loss.

Stat of the week

Gent vs Leuven was the first game this season in which both teams attempted a field goal.

Quote of the week

“Eighty-eight! Throw it! No, to eighty-eight! ARRRGHH!”, Bulls coach Gus Tshiani was really into the Gators vs Lions game, especially when Gent had the chance to score early on.

C’Mon Man of the week

This is an unfortunate C’Mon man, because I couldn’t see who it was. Leuven punted the ball really high but only about 20 yards. The ball then bounced backwards (uphill) for 25 yards, giving the Gators brilliant field position in the red zone. Except for a Gator decided to jump on the ball, only to fumble it and have it recovered by the Lions. Now, in my time at Gent I was special teams dude, and I wouldn’t have been saying “C’Mon man” in this situation, that’s for sure! However, unidentified Gators player – C’Mon man!


Brussels Bulls 3 0 0 89 0 89
Leuven Lions 2 1 1 49 45 4
Puurs Titans 1 0 0 19 6 13
Brussels Black Angels 1 1 0 34 14 20
Gent Gators 0 1 1 7 34 -27
Antwerp Diamonds 0 2 0 6 53 -47
Izegem Tribes 0 2 0 20 72 -52

Meanwhile, in Wallonia

Here are the results from the weekend

Charleroi Coal Miners 30 – Wapi Phoenix 13
LLN Fighting Turtles 70 – Waterloo Warriors 0
Brussels Tigers 26 – Liege Monarchs 0

Leading us to the following standings

TEAM W L T +/-
Tigers 4 0 0 162
Monarchs 2 2 0 37
Bears 1 2 0 -12
Steelers 0 5 0 -247
TEAM W L T +/-
Turtles 4 0 0 187
Warriors 2 2 0 -9
Coal Miners 2 2 0 -35
Phoenix 1 3 0 -83

FFL Fantasy Challenge

So Klaas and I have come to the agreement that we can make one gameday substitution, because every week we learn that someone we picked isn’t playing. We were both one player short in this one, but it didn’t hurt Klaas all that much.

I said I was going to work out the stats for the Bulls – Tribes game but I can’t be bothered. Klaas would definitely have won though, his selection of WR Roudebush for the Bulls would have been enough to beat my entire team.


Not sure if I’m going to Antwerp. There’s nowhere for me to get on high, I’m still not properly mobile, the weather forecast isn’t great and I’m just generally not in the mood. Disappointingly, although not surprisingly, nobody has come forward to either help with that one game in Anderlecht or help with the stats system that Benoit has been working on. Bye

*’To not trouble the scorers’ is perhaps not an Aussie phrase, but it’s taken from cricket, in this case meaning ‘scored no points’.

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2 Responses to 0317 – Mar 18

  1. John says:

    Sad to read the first game does not deserve a word, even if it was a forfait. Dissapointed.

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