0322 – Apr 15

Well, what a weekend it was. The organisation of the Titans put together a fantastic gameday, the weather agreed too and much entertainment was had by all. Even though I didn’t end up sitting there (it’s much easier recording the stats when standing on the sideline, 10 yards behind the defense), I much appreciated being offered my own little elevated desk!

Game reviews

Gent Gators 14, Izegem Tribes 7

An historic win for the Gators, who beat the Tribes for the first time. But it didn’t start so great for the Gators, with the Tribes opening drive going 12 plays and scoring 6 points thanks to RB Demeyere (21 rush, 106 yards) who took the ball in from 6 yards away. K Samyn converted the extra point and the Tribes had the perfect start, 7-0.

Izegem’s defense was playing well too, LB Verfaille sacking Gators QB Killens twice in the first half and the whole unit holding him to just three completions in the first half.
But the key play in the game was a fumbled punt return by the Tribes which gave Gent excellent field position on Izegem’s 25 yard line. It would take the Gators just one play to reach the endzone, WR Lezy (2 catch, 39 yards) left wide open down the sideline and he strolled in for his third touchdown of the season. The extra point was wide, meaning the Tribes held a slender 7-6 half time lead.

The second half was mostly about defense and penalties, both teams seemed to want to give the game away with their ill-discipline. Gators S Jolie led the game with 9 tackles, while LB De Mil had 8 and forced a fumble. For the Tribes, LB Verfaille led his team with 6 tackles and 2 sacks, meanwhile S Huyghe had 5 tackles and offensive-hogs-playing-defense Vanhauwere and Mullebrouck were busy on the inside too.

It all came down to a final drive from Gent, a 13 play, 75 yard one at that, QB Killens completing 5/6 passes on the drive and running the game winning touchdown around the left side on a botched field goal attempt from 7 yards away. He also found WR Vermassen for the two point conversion which took us to 14-7 for the Gators.
The Tribes had one final shot but couldn’t convert a fourth down attempt and the game was over, giving Gent their first win of the season.

Brussels Black Angels 16, Leuven Lions 0

After a whole lot of excitement to start the second half (see Play of the Week later on), the game kind of fizzled out. The teams combined for just three first downs in the second half as defenses took over. In fact, the defenses were so dominant that the player with the most yards from scrimmage in the game, Angels HB Banza, could manage only 32.

S Godichal had 5 tackles and Dosunmu was his usual destructive self, even though he played on the defensive line rather than as a linebacker, with 3.5 tackles, 1 sack and 1 forced fumble.
DB De Cooman managed 6 tackles and 2 pass defenses for the Lions, CB Geerts also knocking down two passes and S T’Jonck continued his strong season with 5.5 tackles and an interception.

The Black Angels took their opening drive all the way into the endzone on a 23-yard pass from QB Noel (5/13, 52 yards, 1 td) to WR T Bouron, which would end up being the only offensive points of the game. After the conversion made it 7-0, the Angels defense pinned the Lions back at their 7 yard line and forced a punt. The snap was too high and went over the punters head and out of the back of the endzone for a safety, leading to the 9-0 half time score.

One of the highlights of the game was Angels RB Bangamuabo hurdling a defender on his way to a first down. But highlights were few and far between in the second half, the kick return touchdown was the only scoring in the whole frame, and the Black Angels cruised to a 16-0 win.

All in all, a solid win for the Black Angels, and as for the Lions, they don’t quite look themselves without RB Delmeiren.

Brussels Bulls 21, Puurs Titans 7

Finally it was time for the main event, as the Titans took the field to fireworks to take on the Bulls.
It was Brussels who got the quick start, RB Acheson (23 rush, 122 yards) rushing for 28 yards on one play and following up with 20 more and a touchdown on the play directly after, opening up an early 7-0 lead after the extra point from K Stalmans.

Scoring was hard to come by in this phase of the game. Both offenses were pouring out the yards, but couldn’t convert on their opportunities, Bulls QB Torrini throwing an incompletion on fourth and goal and Titans RB Steenackers fumbling while also in the red zone. Also the Titans made it back to the Bulls red zone but time expired in the first half before they could put points on the board.

It was approaching the end of the third quarter with the score still 7-0 in favour of Brussels when they blew the game wide open in the space of two minutes.
It started when QB Njufom (3/6, 126 yards, 2 td) found WR Roudebush (5 catch, 84 yards, 1 td) in space and he scampered 37 yards for a touchdown, K Stalmans adding the extra point to make it 14-0. On the Titans second play after the kickoff, they fumbled the ball away, and on the very next play, QB Njufom this time found WR Leroy who broke a tackle and took the ball 64 yards for another score. To make it worse, the next Titans play from scrimmage was an interception as well.

However, to their credit, they didn’t give up, and their very next drive was capped by RB Steenackers, going over the right side and scoring from 15 yards away. After the extra point from K Borremans, the score was 21-7, and the time had almost ran out on this great football day.

From a defensive standpoint, what a surprise, the top three tacklers for the Titans were K Meersmans (10), Lagae (5 and 2.5 for loss) and J Meersmans (4.5), while for the Bulls, the returning Abarkans both had 4.5 tackles.

Players of the week

Bulls RB Acheson – 23 rush, 122 yards, 1 td

Titans RB/QB Steenackers – 18 rush, 92 yards, 1 td

Gators QB Killens – 11/22, 123 yards, 1 td. 4 rush, 15 yards, 1 td

Play of the week

Black Angels WR Alloun takes the kickoff to start the second half straight through the Lions coverage team and all the way to the house for 85 yards.

C’Mon man of the week

Just on the day that didn’t need any extra delays, there was one straight away, when it turned out that the Gators had forgotten to bring their jerseys. And it was looking like a total disaster for this stats boy when it seemed that they were going to have to wear different jerseys, but then, thankfully, they arrived. Gent Gators organisation – C’Mon Man!

Quote of the week

I didn’t hear this one myself, but I got told about it at half time of the Titans vs Bulls game, courtesy of Diamonds TE (and line judge) Joris Verhelst

Angels HB Rashidi Banza : “It’s hot man”
Ref : “I know, it’s exhausting”
Rashidi : “Yeah, for the first time ever, I wish I was white”

Stat of the week

Bulls RB Ben Acheson accounted for 101% of his team’s rushing yards against the Titans. And yes, you read that correctly.

FFL Fantasy Football Challenge

A good football day was made even better when I found out that I’d won the Fantasy Challenge this week! Powered by touchdowns from Bart Killens, Nico Steenackers and Thomas Bouron, I’ve now taken a 3-2 lead over Klaas.

Team Dale : 48.54
Team Klaas : 39.76

Tune in on Thursday to find out who we’ll choose for next weekend.


I do believe that we’ll be in St Agatha next weekend for Tribes v Titans and Bulls v Lions, so get out there and show your support! Until then

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3 Responses to 0322 – Apr 15

  1. Bart says:

    Bulls RB Acheson ran eg 100 yards and another one -1yard 😉 I understand

  2. Jurgen says:

    Great reporting Dale,
    And thanks for the stats, as always they were very useful during the games

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