0324 – Apr 22

So here’s the Monday edition of the FFL Blog. The season is getting to the pointy end, with playoff possibilities, and titles and seeds being decided. We officially now have a number one seed, with the Brussels Bulls winning their second straight Flemish Championship, and the first week bye in the playoffs that comes along with it. Let’s see how they did it, but first..

Game reviews

Puurs Titans 27 – Izegem Tribes 0

Welcome to the Ken and Mathias show! The two alledged linebackers sliced, diced, crashed and bashed their way through, over and around the Tribes defense for a combined 273 yards and 4 touchdowns (for reference, the Titans as a team gained 292 yards of total offense).

The game started slowly but was shook into life by RB Lagae who busted a couple of tackles and scored from 33 yards away, followed not long after by his partner in crime RB K Meersmans who scored from 4 yards out, opening up a 12-0 lead.
It was hard work for the Tribes to gain any yards and when Titans LB Borremans (5.5 tackles, 1 sack) recovered a fumble, it set up Puurs in good field position. It was RB K Meersmans again, this time from 13 yards which took us to half time at 18-0.

In the second half the Tribes defense stiffened, keeping out the Titans on a fourth and goal situation, but they couldn’t mount any long drives.  Near the end of the game, RB Lagae took one straight up the middle and all the way to the house for 44 yards, this time the extra point was good and Puurs had the game wrapped up at 25-0.
Right near the end, Tribes QB Huysman got flagged for intenional grounding in his own endzone for a safety, setting the final score at 27-0.

The Tribes defense was as usual led by LB Van Marcke with a game high 9.5 tackles and a sack, while S Huyghe and LB Jamin had 6 and 5.5 tackles too. QB also Huysman rushed for an even 100 yards.
For the Titans, LB Borremans registered the first sack against the Tribes all year, and DE Van Put was strong with 3 tackles, 2 for loss.

The Tribes head to Anderlecht next weekend to face the Black Angels, while the Titans have the weekend off.

Brussels Bulls 35 – Leuven Lions 7

The Bulls started this game so quickly that I felt sure I’d be able to go home early, but to the Lions’ credit, they didn’t give up and even managed to score, something that Bulls’ opponents haven’t done very often this season.

After a Lions punt to start the game, the Bulls needed only 4 plays to travel 67 yards to the endzone, highlighted by a QB Torrini (3/9, 69 yards) to WR Stalmans bomb of 49 yards. RB Acheson (17 rush, 97 yards, 2 td) finished the drive from the 4 yard line. And he was back at it again in the second quarter, this time scoring from 5 yards away.
A Lions fumble handed the ball to Brussels in the redzone and it was left to QB Njufom (6/10, 128 yards, 2 td) to sneak in the touchdown, and after another extra point from K Stalmans, it was 21-0. The very next Bulls play from scrimmage was a 42 yard touchdown catch from QB Njufom to WR Leroy, and on the final play in the half, WR Roudebush caught another ball but was just brought down inside the 5 when it looked like he was going to score as well – the Bulls dominated the first half and 28-0 was a fair score.

After the break the Lions looked like a different team. They forced a three and out, then took the ball 54 yards downfield (much helped by 30 yards of penalties on one play), leading to QB Baete sneaking the ball in from 1 yard away. The extra point was good and it was 28-7.
It even looked like the Bulls wouldn’t score at all in the second half, but QB Njufom’s second touchdown pass found WR Roudebush from 5 yards away and the final score was set, 35-7.

For the Bulls, LB Van de Wiele led things with 8.5 tackles and a sack. On the other side of the ball, Lions S T’Jonck had 9 tackles, 2 pass break-ups and 60 yards of kickoff and punt returns.

Players of the week

Titans LB/RB Ken Meersmans – 21 rush, 131 yards, 2 td. 6.5 tackles, 3 tfl

Titans LB/RB Mathias Lagae – 8 rush, 142 yards, 2 td. 4 tackles, 3 tfl

Bulls WR Roudebush – 3 rush, 45 yards. 4 catch, 56 yards, 1 td. 1 tak

Play of the week

The Tribes, backed up to their own 1-yard line after an extraordinary punt, call for the ol’ QB sneak to give themselves a little extra room. QB Huysman pushes through, bounces outside and gets tackled.. 45 yards later!

Quote of the week

It was Coach Curtis Plybon’s final game in charge of the Bulls. He’s been a real help to this blog over the years so in his honour, here’s a double shot of him.

“Nothing but net” – his remark when his punt returner let a punt go right through his arms
“This is hillbilly coaching” – while writing a play down on the back of his QB’s wristband sheet

C’Mon man of the week

It was a bit of a tough week for the C’Mon man, I didn’t really see anything too crazy. However, one of the medics was sporting a shocking mullet (not that there’s such a thing as a nice mullet). Dude, the 80’s called and they want their hairstyle back. C’mon man!

Stat of the week

The entire FFL has combined for 4 902 yards of total offense this season. Calculated per game, this is about 13% less than last season.


Brussels Bulls 5 0 0 145 14 131
Brussels Black Angels 3 1 0 77 20 57
Puurs Titans 3 1 0 81 40 41
Leuven Lions 2 3 1 56 87 -31
Gent Gators 1 2 1 34 69 -35
Antwerp Diamonds 0 3 0 13 80 -67
Izegem Tribes 0 4 0 27 113 -86

Teams in bold are in the playoffs. Teams in italics are eliminated from playoff contention.

I’ll do a playoff scenario section on Thursday.

FFL Fantasy Football Challenge

Well I was right, it was a close one, and despite everyone telling me that I was going to win for sure this week, I didn’t. Klaas subbed in Titans RB K Meersmans for RB Steenackers because he didn’t play (much – not in the first half, at least).

Team Klaas : 69.95
Team Dale : 63.04


You may have noticed that I posted something on the facebook page asking for your nominations for Rookies of the Year (you may have to scroll down a bit to see it). Take a look at it, because only rookies who have their name posted there will be considered for the awards – so please post anyone who should be thought about. No complaining afterwards about someone that was forgotten, it’s up to you!
I’m also going to introduce a Special Teams MVP as well, to go along with the Offensive, Defensive and Iron Man MVPs. Not to mention the All-FFL team as well. Sounds like I’m going to be busy!


Thursday’s edition will almost certainly be delayed. It’s Anzac Day, so I have more important things to do than write about football. It might be up late Thursday, but probably more likely it’ll be Friday. Until then

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One Response to 0324 – Apr 22

  1. Hauwie says:

    Hey Dale, great job once again.
    On the sideline we were unanimous in our c’mon man of the week. Number 59 (Left defensive end) of the Leuven Lions took the cake with his unique rushing skill. Check out any play on the gametape if there is any.

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