0326 – Apr 29

There was plenty of random weirdness going on in Anderlecht. For one thing, I actually took the right exit from the freeway and found the ground easily (stupid gps keeps trying to send me to the wrong exit). The first game had a six-pack of touchdowns but no other points, and the second game had so many turnovers that I needed my toes to keep track of them*. Anyway, let’s find out what happened.

Game reviews

Antwerp Diamonds 24 – Gent Gators 12

This game started and ended the exact same way for the Gators – pear shaped. RB Vervaet (13 rush, 116 yards) opened the game by busting a 48 yard run right up the middle and the drive was eventually capped by QB Wauters (8 rush, 25 yards, 2 td) from 1 yard away, but the two point conversion failed.
Gent responded with a long drive of their own, RB Mankusa (18 rush, 114 yards) making good yards, but CB De Groef intercepted a QB Killens (17/36, 197 yards) pass in the endzone, killing the drive. At the beginning of the second quarter, it would be De Groef himself scoring a rushing touchdown but the extra point was blocked and it was 12-0.

After a disastrous kick return, the Gators put together a 11 play, 87 yard drive which was capped by an incredible flip into the endzone by RB Jolie (3 catch, 36 yards, 1 td), giving the Gators some hope down 12-6 at the half.

The second half started out all Gent too, and after a fake punt it was left to FB De Gussem to bulldoze his way into the endzone from three yards away and after another missed extra point we were tied at 12.

Antwerp went for a little trickeration but the pass was intercepted by S Piqueur and it looked like Gent had all the momentum, but it was stopped by a DE Verhelst sack. After a truly bizarre play involving two punts and a 35 yard penalty against Gent, Antwerp had good field position and were able to convert thanks to a sneak from QB Wauters, yet again the extra point was no good – Antwerp lead 18-12.

Gent would mount one final challenge and made it all the way to the 15 yard line, but the pass to WR Lezy (5 catch, 70 yards) just bounced frustratingly off his fingers, and Antwerp got the ball back. Trying to strip the ball, the Gators forgot to tackle and RB De Groef took advantage by taking a handoff 68 yards to the house to end the game.

Brussels Black Angels 36 –  Izegem Tribes 9

I think it would be fair to say that this game had everything. We had turnovers, penalties, turnovers, long passes, hard hits, a touchdown disallowed for celebrating too early, turnovers, a field goal, defensive and special teams touchdowns, and a few more turnovers. And that was just the first half!

The Tribes started out very well, holding the Black Angels early, LB Vanmarcke recovering a fumble and later forcing the Angels to punt. CB Humphrey grabbed the punt, shimmied his way through and burst down the sideline for a touchdown. But – flag. Apparently he dove into the endzone while not under pressure, which means the touchdown doesn’t count and it’s a 15 yard spot foul. Five plays later, the Tribes thought they’d scored again through a QB Huysman sneak, but they were flagged again, this time for aiding the runner. They would have to settle for a K Samyn field goal.

This seemed to spur the Angels into action, and after a couple of long HB Banza runs, QB Noel (8/23, 103 yards, 2 td) found WR Lebek (2 catch, 39 yards, 1 td) for a touchdown. Brussels seemed to be in the groove, forcing turnovers but were stung by a long pick-six by Tribes LB De Vos, putting the boys from West Flanders up 9-6.
But the game was turned around by WR Alloun for the Angels, who took a punt 40 yards to the endzone, giving Brussels a 13-9 half time lead.

The Tribes first play in the second half was a safety against, and they struggled to just 1 first down after the long break. The Angels didn’t make any long drives either, but they had excellent field position for most of the game, and WR Alloun took advantage by scoring again.
The Tribes 7th turnover was a blocked punt that LB Dosunmu fell on in the endzone, setting the final score in stone.

Players of the week

LB Vanmarcke, IZE – 11.5 tackles, 3 tfl, 1 fum rec

CB Delaisse, BBA – 6 tackles, 2 int, 1 tfl, 1 fum rec

RB/CB De Groef, ANT – 9 rush, 104 yards, 2 td. 6 tackles, 1 p d, 1 int

Play of the week

Tribes rookie LB De Vos drops back into coverage and hangs onto an interception, before sprinting 80 yards down the far sideline, untouched, into the endzone, giving the Tribes a 9-6 lead.

Quote of the week

“Dale! Stop harrassing Willy!” – one or other Gator (Jean-Yves, possibly?) while I was asking Willy about the spot on a kick out of bounds

C’Mon Man of the week

The Gators were trying very hard to win the C’Mon man pre-game, but in the end I was far too hungry to give this award to anything other than the fact that there was nothing to eat at the games – it’s not like I can nick off to the local Quick at half time or something. No food? C’Mon man!

Stat of the week

Three of the Diamonds’ four rushing touchdowns were from 1 yard away.


Brussels Bulls 5 0 0 145 14 131
Brussels Black Angels 4 1 0 113 29 84
Puurs Titans 3 1 0 81 40 41
Leuven Lions 2 3 1 56 87 -31
Gent Gators 1 3 1 46 93 -47
Antwerp Diamonds 1 3 0 37 92 -55
Izegem Tribes 0 5 0 36 149 -113

Meanwhile, in Wallonia

So the playoff seeds are set in the LFFAB. The Brussels Tigers beat the Fighting Turtles 27-0, so it’ll be : 1 – Tigers, 2 – Fighting Turtles, 3 – Monarchs.
The Turtles will have a home game against our number three, while the Monarchs will be away against our number two on Wildcard Weekend (May 12).

FFL Fantasy Football Challenge

Things are looking pretty grim for me in the challenge. Klaas took the win again this weekend, and now leads 4-3. My only hope is to force a tie, because this is the last weekend that we can make our picks. I guess if it’s a tie then we’ll just have to buy each other a beer – it’s only fair!

Team Klaas – 45.10
Team Dale – 34.78


So next weekend there are games in two places. We’ve got a pair of games in Izegem, and one in Anderlecht. As such, I need to find someone who can take the stats of the Titans vs Black Angels game because I’ll be watching the games in Izegem. Someone (or some people) is/are going to have to do it. Don’t think you can’t do it, because lots of people did last year, and they all did a good job of it.
Anyway, looking forward to some good football in my home town (as it were). Until then

* As in, there were more than 10

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5 Responses to 0326 – Apr 29

  1. Klaas Allosserie says:

    What do you think of the celebration rule? Should they make a difference between celebrating and taunting the opponent? Or is that the same thing in your book? Great read again!

  2. Remon Lavrijssen says:

    As for the food, The “brown-shack” next to the dressingrooms was the place to get burgers, beer and other snacks. Luckily someone pointed it out to me or I’d have had the same problem.

  3. Bart says:

    Didn’t you see all the people eating burgers and drinking ? There was food being sold in the brown shed near the home team’s sideline.

  4. Hauwie says:

    Here we go with the celebration thing again! I’m maybe the biggest opponent of this rule, but if it’s in the book, it’s in the book. We teach our guys not to go too crazy while scoring. But it is not an easy task in an emotional game that is football. I really think next season there has to be a distinction between taunting and celebrating (the dive in the endzone must be allowed!!).

  5. Dafke #79 Turtles says:

    hey Dale if you don’t find anyone of the ffl side for helping whith your stats of the Black Angels – Titans game tell me what you need and i am willing to help

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