0329 – May 09

If you’re looking for detailed previews of the two games coming up this weekend, I’m afraid you’re looking in the wrong place. I can’t preview teams that I’ve never seen before, unfortunately.


Chris Humphrey : “When do you all put the All FFL team together ?”

As far as the team itself goes, it’s made only based on the regular season – so I’m pretty much finished with it. But it only gets announced the week before the Belgian Bowl, so that’ll be Monday, May 27.

A look back at some predictions

At the start of the year I was asked to list some players that I expected big improvements from in the 2013 season. I didn’t do too badly, as it turns out. Here were the players that I chose, one from each team, and then decide on who I should have chosen.

ANT, Sebastian Morales-Rosales, LB

He had a few less tackles than last year but more rushes and more yards gained (of course he played a couple less games this season). So I guess this wasn’t a bad pick, but it wasn’t great either.
Who I should have picked : Piet Wauters, QB/CB

BBA, Kevin Noel, QB

Led the FFL in touchdown passes, was second in completions, attempts and passing yards after getting a little time as a back-up last season.
Who I should have picked : Kevin Noel, QB

BB, Brian De Caluwe, RB/KR

Made the switch to a primarily defensive player and didn’t feature as much on special teams, which is a pity because he’s got outstanding speed.
Who I should have picked : Michael De Nolf, DE

GNT, Eckhart Piqueur, S

Increased from 4.5 (100th in the league in 2012) to 36.5 tackles (5th in the league in 2013) and found time to make a couple of picks as well.
Who I should have picked : Eckhart Piqueur, S

IZE, Wout Huysman, QB

Ended up the season with more rushing than passing yards but looked better as the season went on. Played all six games, went interception free in five of them.
Who I should have picked : Wout Huysman, QB

LEU, Jarne Schmitt, LB

He didn’t play.
Who I should have picked : Seppe Delmeiren, RB

PUU, Philippe Raman, WR

His offensive stats pretty much stayed the same but he did play a little defense and managed to make an interception while doing it.
Who I should have picked : Wim Borremans, LB

So like I said, 3/7 isn’t too bad when you consider each team has 30 or so players to choose from!

The other predicition that I made was I had the three playoff teams as the Bulls, Black Angels and Tribes (in that order). I guess I was a bit off on that one, as the Titans had a much better season than I thought they might. But no matter, everyone is wrong once in a while (even me), and like I’ve said before – I’m always happy to be proven wrong!

The games

Brussels Black Angels (FFL #2) vs Liege Monarchs (LFFAB #3)

In the last five years, the Black Angels have played four wildcard games, all of them at home. They’ve won those four games 36-0 (vs Tigers, 2008), 50-0 (vs Tigers, 2009), 49-0 (vs Luxembourg, 2010) and 35-0 (vs Turtles, 2011). Good luck with that, Monarchs. The winner of this game will face the Brussels Tigers in the semi-final.

LLN Fighting Turtles (LFFAB #2) vs Puurs Titans (FFL #3)

This is the Titans third playoff game in their history – they’re 0-2 after being defeated 48-26 by Charleroi in 2009 and 20-13 by Doornik in 2011. Could it be the third time that gets them into the semi-final? The winner of the Turtles vs Titans will face the Brussels Bulls in the semi.


So that’s just about all I’ve got to say about that. Let’s see what happens, and as this is the FFL Blog after all, let’s go Black Angels and Titans!
And don’t forget to vote for the Rookie of the Year – you have until midnight on Sunday! Until next time

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