2013 Defensive MVP

Here are the nominations for 2013 FFL Defensive MVP. Numbers in brackets are the league ranking.

Brussels Black Angels CB #23 – Nicolas Delaisse

Stats : 21.5 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss, 2 pass defense (=5), 4 interceptions (1)

A big cornerback who can stick a tackle as well as make a play on the football when it’s in his area. Hard to beat with his speed too.

Brussels Black Angels LB #50 – Benajmin Dosunmu

Stats : 38.5 tackles (3), 4.5 sacks (1), 8 tackles for loss (6), 1 defensive touchdown

The heart and soul of the best defense in the league. In addition to his above stats, he led the league in fumble recoveries with 5 (noöne else had more than 3).

Puurs Titans LB #21 – Ken Meersmans

Stats : 40 tackles (2), 4 sacks (2), 12.5 tackles for loss (2), 1 interception

Last year’s defensive MVP is very hard to block, and just tackles anything that moves and is carrying a football.

Brussels Bulls S #23 – Kevin Van de Wiele

Stats : 30 tackles (8), 1 sack, 3.5 tackles for loss, 2 passes defended (=5), 2 interceptions (=4)

A very well rounded defender, can play closer to the line and make big tackles but also drop deeper and cover receivers and make a play on the football.

Izegem Tribes LB #34 – Wim Vanmarcke

Stats : 43.5 tackles (1), 1 sack, 8.5 tackles for loss (5)

The best form tackler in the league, once he gets his hands on you, you’re going down.

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