0330 – May 13

Just right away I’m going to say that I don’t have a lot of time to do this today, so I’ll do what I can and probably write some more on Thursday. Anyone who can provide some information about the Angels vs Monarchs game, send me a message or whatever and I’ll write something up next time. Same goes for the names of the Turtles players, I know I can ask but again this is going to be written quickly, I’ll get back to it.

Game review

Corbais Fighting Turtles 24 – Puurs Titans 2

Stats can be weird if you don’t appreciate their context. A quick glance at the numbers from the Titans Wildcard game against the Fighting Turtles will show you that Puurs went nowhere. In fact, less than nowhere, with a total of -10 yards of total offense.
The reality was that the Titans did get somewhere (a slightly deeper look at the numbers will reveal that Puurs actually made 12 first downs, just two less than their opponents), but they gave up a lot of yardage on errant shotgun snaps.

The Titans defense weren’t able to get much pressure on the Turtles QB, and given some time he’s more than capable of finding a target, going 9/11 in the first half, many of those completions coming on third down, and in fact it was their QB who scored first, a bootleg fooling the Titans defense to end their first drive with six points.

A low kick off bounced off a Titan and was recovered by David Corijn, perhaps as thanks for recording the stats last week? The Turtles had all the momentum and drove downfield, their RB #87 finishing off from 5 yards away on his first of two touchdowns of the game and Puurs were already looking down the barrel.

They put together a drive with RB Steenackers and RB Meersmans making the yards but it stalled just outside of the redzone when S #18 knocked down a QB Baeke pass on fourth down.
After a Titans punt, the Turtles had golden field position and they didn’t miss their chance, their RB scoring his second of the game and setting the score as 18-0 at the main break.

The second half didn’t start any better for the Titans, a failed fake punt set up the Turtles again with great field position and this time it was the FB #70 who scored on a run, 24-0.
The Titans tried, but just weren’t able to create anything. An insane punt by P Lagae (see play of the week) was followed by another insane punt by the Turtles (see C’Mon man of the week) and after that it was 24-2.
I must say that the game petered out in the final quarter but the result was already beyond doubt.

So I’d say to the Bulls – beware. The Turtles can pass, run, play defense and special teams, they’re well organised and have strong team spirit. A very dangerous team to have to play, especially given what happened to the Bulls last year.

Quote of the week

“Come on defense! Errr, offense!”, Titans LB Ken Meersmans forgot which team he plays for (twice!)

Play of the week

Titans P Lagae booms a punt 73 (!?) yards downfield, which just barely rolls into the endzone for a touchback. A few plays later, it led to a safety.

C’Mon man of the week

Check out the facebook page for a video of the C’Mon man of the week. The Turtles punter kicks the ball into the back of one of his teammates scone* and the ball ricochets 20 yards out of the back of the endzone for a safety.

Rookies of the year

So the voting is finished for both all of you, and the panel. After a quick standardisation (it’s now as if there were a total of 1000 votes), here are the results.

FFL 2013 Offensive Rookie of the Year

Leuven Lions RB #31 – Seppe Delmeiren : 348
Gent Gators TE #88 – Stef Dufour : 317
Izegem Tribes QB #3 – Wout Huysman : 181
Izegem Tribes G #79 – Kris Labeau : 84
Puurs Titans WR #85 – Jonas Bruyndonckx : 70

FFL 2013 Defensive Rookie of the Year

Brussels Bulls CB #32 – Guillaume Cerfontaine : 376
Puurs Titans CB #88 – Raphael Baeten : 323
Leuven Lions CB #9 – Levi Geerts : 147
Antwerp Diamonds S #25 – Isaac Lutundila Lufungula : 90
Gent Gators CB #23 – Floris Deseure : 64

Congratulations to all the rookies, but especially to the winners! Seppe Delmeiren follows Bulls QB Samuel Torrini as Offensive Rookie of the Year, and Guillaume Cerfontaine follows Bulls LB Abarkan and Tribes CB Pype as Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Don’t forget that you can now vote for Offensive, Defensive, Iron Man and Special Teams MVP on the facebook page.


So on Thursday I’ll preview as best I can the two games, and I’ll write something about the Angels vs Monarchs game as well. Not sure where I’ll go this Sunday yet, I’ll decide later in the week. Probably to Tigers vs Angels, I guess, at least that way I’ll be able to say something about any of the teams who might qualify for the Belgian Bowl. Until next time

* There are many different words I could have used here. Nut, bonce, dome, scone, melon and so on, all meaning the same thing – head.

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  1. mathieulyte says:

    Damn I love this blog. Thanks you for what you do every week. 🙂

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