0332 – May 20

So here we are, and we know who will be playing in the Belgian Bowl. I don’t think anyone can argue the fact that the Bulls (50-14 winners over the Fighting Turtles) and the Tigers are the two best teams that we have. Both teams are undefeated, the Tigers are trying to go back to back, and the Bulls will be gunning for their first senior Championship. By the way, did you know that the Brussels Tigers are currently ranked as the #19 team in Europe?

Game review

Brussels Tigers 37 – Brussels Black Angels 7

Despite the scoreline, the Angels started the game pretty well. After a few punts each way, QB Noel connected with WR Delaisse on a long pass and he could run it all the way inside the ten yard line, but two plays later there was a fumble on the quarterback-runningback exchange which gave the ball back to the Tigers.

The Tigers seemed to improve offensively as the game went on, and they eventually scored the first points of the game near the end of the first half. The Angels fumbled while trying a reverse on the ensuing kickoff, and the Tigers scored almost immediately, putting themselves up 14-0 at half time.

The boys from Anderlecht tried switching quarterbacks at half time but it didn’t help, the Tigers defensive line were able to get real pressure on whoever the Angels passer was, and by this stage the Tigers offense was working very smoothly, gaining a lot of yards and scoring touchdowns through the air.

The Black Angels made a good defensive stand when they had the Tigers backed up and a fumbled snap was recovered by the Angels in the endzone to at least get themselves on the scoreboard, but it was too little, too late.

It would be fair to say that the Tigers were the superior team. The Black Angels had chances in the first half, but weren’t able to capitalise, and against such a good opponent you can’t let opportunities like that just disappear.

C’Mon Man of the week

Gators Roald Piqueur and Kim Jolie watched the first half of Bulls – Turtles and decided to head over to watch the second half of Tigers – Angels in Anderlecht. Anderlecht? Jesse Owens Field was somewhat empty as the game was actually going down a few kilometres away in Evere. C’Mon man!

Quote of the week

“Ohhh! Hey! That’s got to be an ejection!”, me and all the guys watching with me on the sideline as #18 from the Tigers deliberately blocked Angels WR T Bouron from behind, below the knees, during a interception return from the Tigers. That guy can consider himself lucky to be allowed to play in the Belgian Bowl and Bouron can consider himself lucky to be able to walk away from the incident. It was a low act, the exact sort of thing that the game doesn’t need.

MVP Awards

So the votes have been counted and standardised, and here are the results!

Offensive MVP

Brussels Black Angels HB #7 – Rashidi Banza : 506
Gent Gators WR #83 – Thomas Lezy : 181
Brussels Bulls RB #5 – Ben Acheson : 145
Gent Gators QB #7 – Bart Killens : 136
Puurs Titans RB #33 – Nico Steenackers : 32

Defensive MVP

Puurs Titans LB #21 – Ken Meersmans : 307
Brussels Black Angels LB #50 – Benjamin Dosunmu : 253
Izegem Tribes LB #34 – Wim Vanmarcke : 209
Brussels Bulls S #3 – Kevin Van De Wiele : 126
Brussels Black Angels CB #23 – Nicolas Delaisse : 105

Iron Man MVP

Brussels Black Angels T/DE #66 – Reda Vrancken : 396
Brussels Black Angels HB/LB #7 – Rashidi Banza : 338
Puurs Titans LB/RB #21 – Ken Meersmans : 145
Antwerp Diamonds CB/RB #28 – Nils De Groef : 67
Puurs Titans LB/RB/P #27 – Mathias Lagae : 54

Special Teams MVP

Brussels Black Angels KR #84 – Bryan Alloun : 326
Izegem Tribes KR #4 – Chris Humprhey : 276
Leuven Lions KR #18 – Stephane T’Jonck : 177
Brussels Bulls K/P #86 – Kirsten Stalmans : 163
Puurs Titans P #27 – Mathias Lagae : 58

Thanks to everyone (including the panel) for voting. To the winners I’d say – well played, and go and thank your teammates for playing along side you and making you look good! And now, just to remind you of your FFL history

Offensive MVP
2012 : Ben Acheson
2013 : Rashidi Banza

Defensive MVP
2012 : Ken Meersmans
2013 : Ken Meersmans

Iron Man MVP
2012 : Sergio Borra
2013 : Reda Vrancken

Special Teams MVP
2013 : Bryan Alloun

Next Monday we’ll have the final awards for the season – the All FFL team.

Next season

I would like you all to have a good think about this. Work on the AFSP (the new stats machine) is moving forward – there’s actually a whole team working on it. There will almost certainly be more games played next season, and that means that there are going to be games played in multiple locations at the same time. That means, we’re going to need some help to take them all. I’ll do what I can but I can’t be everywhere.
Of course until we see a schedule we can’t get completely organised, but I would like all teams to think about it and get on board. I’m quite sure that what a team can get out of this is far greater than the time of one person on game day taking the stats.
I haven’t spoken to the programmers about this, but I’m guessing that it wouldn’t be much of a problem to include the LFFAB as well, but again, it will require a commitment from all teams.
We will discuss this further in the future.


I’ll try to piece together the Bulls – Turtles game for the Thursday edition, but don’t forget to send in your questions and comments as well. Until next time

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