0337 – June 6

So the big news over the last few days has been the assembly of an All-Star type team (although we wouldn’t dare call ourselves All-Stars, because that would be frowned upon), made up as much as possible of players who made it to the All-FFL team. Of course there are people who are unavailable due to exams, holidays, work, weddings, barbecues and so on, which is fine of course, but I think the response has been really nice. All the players seem to be excited to have the chance to play and the ones who can’t make it seem disappointed that they’ll miss out.

This whole thing has only come out to everyone since after the Belgian Bowl but plenty of people have been working behind the scenes for quite a while now. The idea really came from Benedict Vermaut. Roald Piqueur, Pauwel Depreitere and Stefaan Degrendele signed on as coaches and Mathias Lagae and Dieter Eerens made sure that Titans Stadium would be the training location for the team. I only really got on board later on after a lot of discussions had taken place, as they would use the All-FFL team as the basis of the representative team.

The team are called The Barbarians. There’s a very good reason for this, and I wonder how many people can figure it out! Anyway, I think it’s going to be awesome. The game will be on June 29 in Ostend at the Treasure Cup, and we’ll be playing against a soon to be named Dutch team (depends on which teams in the Netherlands make the playoffs and so). We’ll train twice and try to be as ready as we can, not easy of course, given such a short time frame, but we can rely on a whole team of talented players!

The top five games I saw this year

5 – Brussels Black Angels 36 – Izegem Tribes 9

Probably not what you’d expect to start out a top five given the Angels won convincingly by 27. Brussels were clearly the better team, but what I most liked about it was how the Tribes stood up to the Angels and didn’t let themselves be walked over.

4 – Brussels Bulls 21 – Puurs Titans 7

The Bulls showed their quality by playing a tough game against the hometown Titans, and then blowing them away in a withering five minute period.

3 – Gent Gators 14 – Izegem Tribes 7

The Tribes were just one play away from beating the Gators, but a very long drive right at the end of the last quarter handed Gent a hard fought victory.

2 – Puurs Titans 28 – Gent Gators 13

Gent’s passing game was in full force, as was the Titans running game. A clash of two different styles that was most entertaining to watch.

1 – Leuven Lions 22 – Izegem Tribes 20

This was an easy choice, the Tribes coming so very close to pulling out a victory, getting down inside the 5-yard line before just running out of time in what was a very well played and highly entertaining game in front of what was probably the biggest crowd for an FFL game this season. Maybe it wasn’t the most skilful game I saw this year, but it was my favourite.
Which reminds me of this..

The Quote Of The Year

“You must really love football, Dale” – Tribes TE/FB Cederic Veryser, as I climbed/pulled myself up the ladder to get on the roof of the Tribes changerooms with one foot in a plaster cast.


I’ve had a couple of questions lately that I haven’t got the time to answer at the moment (thanks Chuck) but I will get to them for sure on Monday. Until then

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