0338 – June 10 : The Barbarians

So it’s Monday and we’ve got an announcement to make, but first there’s a question that has to be answered, so that means it’s time for..


Chuck Arnold, Zele

“What’s the one thing you took from this season? Good and bad. Well, thats two things”

Well, let’s start with the bad because that’s easy. There were two fights on the field this season, and no matter what the circumstances, that’s two too many.
The weather was bad too but that was fairly unavoidable, although there wasn’t much room allowed in the schedule to catch up and we ended up one game short.

As for the good, well, the first thing was the Tribes. When I heard that Izegem and Ostend were going their separate ways, I thought that that would kill off both teams, because player numbers were down and when you halve that again, you’re left with not many. But the opposite seemed to happen, Izegem had a lot of players, and Ostend do as well for when they join in next year. Izegem may not have won any games this season but they were competitive, and I’m quite sure that the Pirates are going to be pretty dangerous next season too.
I also liked that teams seemed to understand better what they were capable of doing and what they were not. Most teams threw less this year than last year, which resulted in less turnovers and an increase in yards per attempt.
I don’t have the numbers to back this up, but I think that for the most part, there were more people watching the games than last year (Puurs and Izegem leading the way), which is obviously a good thing.
And I like what I’m about to talk about next.

The Barbarians

Given fairly short notice, the response of the players has been really nice, so now I’d like to present to you all a  list of the players who will be representing us all as The Barbarians at the Treasure Cup in Ostend (note that there may be one or two more additions).

WR/KR Bryan Alloun, BBA
RB Tanner Atwood, IZE
HB/LB Rashidi Banza, BBA
T Olivier Beck, BB
LB Wim Borremans, PUU
WR/K Thomas Bouron, BBA
KR/WR Jonas Bruyndonckx, PUU
CB/WR Nicolas Delaisse, BBA
DT/G Rogier Depreitere, GNT
LB Benjamin Dosunmu, BBA
TE Stef Dufour, GNT
C Jimmy Dupont, BBA
LB Kevin Elsner, BBA
CB/PR Kris Humphrey, IZE
LB Greg Jamin, IZE
S Kim Jolie, GNT
QB Bart Killens, GNT
LB/P Mathias Lagae, PUU
WR Thomas Lezy, GNT
C Dennis Lyck, BB
LB Jens Meersmans, PUU
LB/RB Ken Meersmans, PUU
S Quentin Mees, BB
QB Francis Njufom, BB
DT Romy Nyati-Panzu, BB
S Eckhart Piqueur, GNT
CB Carlos Pype, IZE
RB Nico Steenackers, PUU
S/LB Kevin van de Wiele, BB
G Sven Van Immerseel, PUU
DE Tom Van Put, PUU
WR Regguy Van Reeth, PUU
TE/FB Cederic Veryser, IZE
DE/T Reda Vrancken, BBA

It looks like a good blend of speed and strength, of youth and experience. I think I speak for all the coaches when I say that we’re all really looking forward to it.
Personally, I think that there’s a lot of talent on this team, and it’s going to be really interesting to see who can step up to the next level and really stand out. I’ve had a list of our possible opponents (still waiting for confirmation) and I can tell you that we’re going to have to work hard if we want to win! In any case, we’ll see you all in Puurs on Sunday for our first training. I hope now that you can see all the players who are playing, that you’re all as excited as I am to get out there. I can’t wait for Sunday!


So that’s all we have for today. Not sure if there will be anything to say on Thursday, we’ll see. Until next time

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6 Responses to 0338 – June 10 : The Barbarians

  1. Mark Jasper says:

    why not play the Pirates?

  2. Mark Jasper says:

    Greg J. is the best DE in Belgium!

  3. JVDM says:

    Is it correct that there are very few (3 if I’m not counting the two players that are actually D-players and are listed two way) OL in that lineup? All other positions seem to be pretty well covered except that ‘core’ of any offense. Are OL not interested/too tired/injured:…?

    Just curious, since in the past, this also always seems to be the troubled section in All Star and National Teams.

    • dalehousden says:

      There was nothing special about the availability of the linemen, some were on holidays, one didn’t feel his body could do it. We’ve been able to add a couple of extra big guys over the last couple of days so we’ll be ok

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