0402 – Q and A

Hello and welcome back to The Barbarian Blog. Monday’s post generated a lot of questions, so I’ll do my best to answer them now. Let’s get started.

How often are you going to write for this blog?

I haven’t decided yet. Maybe once every two weeks in the pre-season (unless something special comes up, like this) and once every week during the season. I also still don’t even know what I’m going to write about yet. You could say that I’m winging it*.

Will the Barbarians have their own jerseys?

The plan is to use the Gators jerseys again. There are actually Belgian jerseys (back in the day I even wore one myself a couple of times), but because the BFL don’t want to help us, we are not allowed to use them. Go figure.

What about juniors?

Well, we talked about this at the last meeting and the feeling is that we aren’t in a position to be able to do both seniors and juniors right now. Of course we would want to have juniors in the future, but it would have to be a kind of separate organisation with their own coaches and helpers. If you feel like you want to start something with the juniors then get in contact and we’ll see what we can do.

You said that you will have about 45 players, but NFL teams can have 53. Why is this?

It’s purely a jersey issue. As far as I know, the Gators have about 45 jerseys, meaning we can have about 45 players. I think this is a good size for a team anyway, if you have more then it’s going to be hard to get everyone on the field – keep in mind that NFL teams have specialist long snappers, special teamers and so on. I believe we had 42 at the games last season, and that seemed to work well.

If you take 45 players,do you know how many in each position?

No, not yet. The coaches have already said what formations and style they want to play, and it’ll be up to me to find them the right players. I’ll talk about this more over the next few blog posts though.

Isn’t the Treasure Cup going to be played on Saturday, July 19?

Yes, it is. I’d said on Monday that it would be on July 20 but I was wrong, it’s the Saturday. Thanks for the correction. So the proper schedule would then be as follows :

Sunday, June 22 : training
Sunday, July 6 : training
Sunday, July 13 : training
Saturday, July 19 : game at the Treasure Cup, Ostend
Sunday, July 27 : training
Sunday, August 3 : game

Quote of the week

“Of course I will compete to be selected as a player, but if others beat me then I will be glad to help the team behind the scenes or at practices, maybe throw balls for defenses or help on gameday. This team needs to keep going”

– Bart Killens

Excellent! We hope that this is the attitude that everybody will have around the league.

Stat of the week

Barbarians All-time leading scorers

1 : Bryan Alloun (BBA) – 14
2 : Jonas Bruyndonckx (PUU) – 12
2 : Ken Meersmans (PUU) – 12
2 : Nico Steenackers (PUU) – 12
5 : Thomas Lezy (GNT) – 6
5 : Arkadi Meerschout (WAT) – 6
7 : Wim Borremans (PUU) – 5

Introducing the Barbarians coaching staff

From now on, each blog post will feature this little segment where we’ll introduce one of the coaches, so you can all get to know them a bit better. And what better place to start than at the top?

Name : Roald Piqueur
Role at the Barbarians : Head Coach
Age : 31
Team : Gent Gators
Experience : 10 years playing, 7 years coaching (of which 4 as a player/coach)
Role at the Gators : Head coach/president and I’m also a member of the FAFL board
Why are you involved with the Barbarians? : I want to improve the level of football in Belgium and one of the ways is teaching the better players to become better so they can teach their teammates. The Barbarians is also a way for coaches to get better and share best practices.


As always, show the blog a little love if you want it to grow. There were a lot of positive responses to the last one which shows me that I’m doing the right thing here (both with the blog and with the team). Probably see you Sunday in Puurs for the junior semi finals. Until then

* “Winging it” is an Australian phrase, in this case meaning “making it up as I go along”

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