0405 – Mailbag and other news

Hello and welcome back to the Barbarian Blog. Monday was one of those occassions that a whole heap of stuff happened just after posting the blog, so instead of just editing it I’ll write a new one. But first..


Benedict Vermaut, Ostend

“(You’ll watch us play) 6 times? Damn, the pressure is on!”

At first I chose which games to see purely by the location – I always took the closer games if there were two locations on a weekend. Then I just adjusted so I’d get to see all the teams at least 3 times, and it just so happened that that left me with the Pirates for 6 games, it wasn’t really planned that way!

Jonas Bruyndonckx, Puurs

“It would be nice to have the C’Mon man thing in your blog from every game that you go to watch! I really liked that part from your blog!”

I think I can handle that!

Stijn Dossche, Ostend

Why you dont select like 30 core players and then do a combine at the end of the season for everyone who wants to play in the national team and select 20 others after it? Then you know for sure that these players 100% want to play for the national team and not only because they are selected!
Dedication is great and I prefer to play with guys who are not so good but going at 100% together for the goal, than to play with guys who have all the talent but who are too lazy to work for a better team!

This is perhaps an interesting idea, and Stijn wasn’t the only person who mentioned it. To be honest, all the coaches together haven’t been able to decide completely just how we should select the team. Consider it a work in progress.

The Barbarians have a new addition to the coaching staff

Yes, we’ve been able to add another offensive position coach, this time it’s Frederik George of the Pirates (better known as Coach Hicky). He’s won multiple Belgian Bowls as a coach and a player so we’re happy to have him on board. It has also been suggested that because there are so many coaches now, that we should have to do a combine too (no way in hell that I’ll be attempting the bench press!)
Speaking of coaches, we’re also happy that Coach John Jolie has confirmed that he’ll definitely be involved with the team, after so far recovering well from his health problems.

Our opponents

Again, I really wish that I could actually announce something here. That is, to tell you who our opponents will definitely be. I can just say that the agreements are getting closer and closer to being signed, and I think that you’ll all be very impressed when you find out!

Quote of the week

“Who wouldn’t be excited by it, I just don’t know that everyone in LFFAB-land knows what good work is being done to set this all up” – David Corijn, Fighting Turtles

Well said! You see everybody, the way social media works is the more likes, comments and shares that something gets, the more it gets spread. When I say ‘like if you like, comment if you have something to say and share if you’re excited’, it’s important that you do – not only do I feel good because I see people reacting to the work that I put into this, but I know that more and more people are finding out about it!
So to those who do show some love to the blog, thankyou, and to those who haven’t yet – don’t make me say “C’mon man”!

A quick message to players

I’ve been asked recently if players can send highlights packages to me. The short answer is “yes, you can”. The long answer is “yes, but it would be much better if whole game tapes were available”. Even if the games are from last season (or even the season before, I suppose). And again, the best way to get that done is to find the group “BFL Video Log Cafe” on facebook or get into contact with Aarnout Ecker. After all, by watching full game tapes we might not just be impressed with you, but with some of your teammates as well.


There’s other things going on with the Barbarians at the moment, a whole lot of behind the scenes stuff, but the creation of a team logo is probably the most exciting thing happening at the moment (of course, thanks go to Angels CB Nicolas Delaisse for his work) – I’ve seen the first draft and I really like it, it’s extremely barbaric! We’re looking forward to being able to show you the finished product soon!
So like if you like, comment if you have something to say, and share if you’re excited. Until next time

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