0406 – Top fives

Hi and welcome back to the Barbarian Blog.

We’re oh so close to being able to reveal who the Barbarians opponent will be at the Treasure Cup in Ostend. Once the relevant papers are signed, you’ll be informed. It will definitely be a tough challenge, but we won’t let that stop us!

In other Barbarian news, we will have a meeting this weekend where we’ll discuss a whole range of things from the exact player selection policy and timing to our jerseys. I’m sure we’ll get a whole lot of stuff worked out, and again, I’ll keep you up to date with any inportant information that comes out of it.

The top five regular season games I’m looking forward to watching in 2014 (not neccessarily the games I think will be the best played, just the ones I have a good reason to want to see).

5 – Evere, May 25 : Liege Monarchs vs Waterloo Warriors

Maybe a strange choice of a game but these are two teams that I really don’t know at all, and if you look at the results of last season there’s a good that at least one of them will make the playoffs.

4 – Izegem, February 9 : Leuven Lions vs Ostend Pirates

This is always a game to look forward to – it’s the first game of the season in the BFL. Add to that the fact that it should actually be a pretty decent game and also that it’s just down the road (for me, anyway), and I’m really looking forward to it.

3 – Izegem, May 18 : Gent Gators vs Puurs Titans

This should be a fantastic matchup, featuring possibly 12 players who played for The Barbarians last year. Also look for the different styles of the two teams, with the Titans ground-and-pound and the Gators run-and-gun.

2 – Corbais, March 30 : Brussels Tigers vs Corbais Fighting Turtles

The Turtles got close to beating the Tigers at home last year (20-12) so the question is can they get the W this time and snap the Tigers 2-year winning streak?

1 – Izegem, May 18 : Izegem Tribes vs Ostend Pirates

Now this should be a fairly ovbious number one. If there are two teams who know each other well then it’s these two with their history together. Lots of good players involved, and it may well be a friendly rivalry but it’s a rivalry, nonetheless.

The top five best places to watch a football game (though I admit I haven’t been to the new Shotguns field nor most of the fields in the LFFAB (yet))

5 – The Cage, Evere (home of the Tigers)

Last time I went there, a new stand was being built, which should provide nice views for the fans.

4 – The Bullring, St Agatha (home of the Bulls)

I admit that I didn’t like playing there (that astroturf is deadly) but to watch a game it’s brilliant. You can get a great view from upstairs and the bar is right there too.

3 – The Savannah, Leuven (home of the Lions)

This has a bit of a similar feel to the Bulls field but the whole complex is more compact and you feel much closer to the action as the viewing area isn’t quite so high up.

2 – The Swamp, Gent (home of the Gators)

The field with the biggest stand in the league (most of it covered too) provides great angles to watch the game from. Parking is easy too, along the canal.

1 – Titans Stadium, Puurs (home of the Titans)

It doesn’t have a stand, but the facilities are outstanding, providing a place to warm up and get a hot chocolate in between games.

Introducing the Barbarians coaching staff

Today we’re going to meet the Barbarians Special Teams Coördinator – me!

Name : Dale Housden
Age : 34
Current Team : none
Experience : 5 years playing (1 in Australia and 4 in Belgium), 4 years coaching
Why are you involved with The Barbarians : The reason I got Belgian nationality was so that I could play for Belgium (back then, we were the Griffins). I loved playing and wanted to be a part of something bigger than just my team – it was a great experience and one of the best moments of my playing career and I thought it was such a shame that it didn’t continue. Now I have the chance to help start it up from the ground again and make something special of it. Also, I think that the punting in this country is pretty horrible for the most part, and I know that if I spend just 15 minutes with someone I can make them better than they were before.


So that’s all I’ve got for you this time. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to reveal who our opponents will be so that will give everyone something to talk about! Until next time

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