0411 – Thursday edition

Hi everyone and welcome to the Thursday edition of the Barbarian Blog. I got a really good question from our friend Coach Hicky (not to mention that he’s the Barbarians running back coach too), so here it is :

“Depending on your predictions of the first week I think your FAFL Power Ranking may have looked like this:
1. Brussels Bulls
2. Brussels Black Angels
3. Ghent Gators
4. Ostend Pirates
5. Puurs Titans
6. Antwerp Diamonds
7. Leuven Lions
8. Izegem Tribes
9. Limburg Shotguns

Correct me, if i’m wrong.
Obviously after Week 1 some things have changed.
How would your Power ranking look like today ?”

Well, I’d say that that was fairly accurate. I might have had Antwerp and Leuven the other way, but on the other hand, maybe not.
But either way you’re definitely right that some things have changed, not only after week 1 but after week 2 as well! But I’ll go BFL wide with the Power Rankings rather than just stick to the FAFL though – here it is

1 – Brussels Tigers (0-0)
2 – Gent Gators (1-0)
3 – Brussels Bulls (0-0)
4 – Brussels Black Angels (0-1)
5 – Ostend Pirates (0-0)
6 – Puurs Titans (0-0)
7 – Waterloo Warriors (0-0)
8 – Mont-Saint-Guibert Fighting Turtles (0-0)
9 – Leuven Lions (0-0)
10 – Liege Monarchs (1-0)
11 – Limburg Shotguns (1-0)
12 – Izegem Tribes (0-0)
13 – Antwerp Diamonds (0-1)
14 – Wapi Phoenix (0-0)
15 – Charleroi Coal Miners (0-1)

Obviously it’s hard to have any sort of accuracy with teams that I haven’t seen yet, and it sure looks like most teams aren’t interested in filming their games, making scouting more difficult than it should be. So you should all just take this with a grain of salt until I have more information to go on.
Anyway, I told you on Monday that Gent vs Brussels Bulls was the game of the week, and now you see why!

If this turns out to be a bit popular, then I think this is a good thing to put in a little Thursday blog. Just let me know you think it’s a nice addition by showing some love for it, or of course you could always complain that your team is too low! I don’t mind, anything that gets people talking about football is a good thing.

I hope to see some of you Sunday in Ostend, where I’ll be. Actually I had planned to go to Berendrecht at the start of the season, but I changed my mind after week 1 when the games in Izegem were cancelled and I went to Beringen instead – this way I get to see three teams for the first time this season.

Anyway, this has been short but sweet, I’m out. Until Sunday

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