0414 – BFL week 4

So this weekend, all the action was in Charleroi, and I braved the “Walloon Freeway” (that damn freeway is a disgrace – it’s got more holes than road) to check it out in sunny conditions. I must admit that the games were very lop-sided, but I guess not every game can be a barn burner. Anyway, here’s what happened.

Game reviews

Waterloo Warriors 55 – Wapi Phoenix 0

So I missed the first two touchdowns (I wasn’t late, the game had started 10 minutes early), but I’m reliably informed that they were scored by WR Schoonjans and RB Meerschout (but these aren’t included in the stats).
I sure didn’t have to wait long to see more points as the Warriors had a short field and the drive was ended by RB Meerschout (6 rush, 29 yards, 1 td) who scored from 4 yards away. The Phoenix’s next play from scrimmage was a fumble recovered by DE Huart, and it took Waterloo just two more plays to score, this time QB #12 (3/5, 35 yards, 1 td) found WR #89 in the endzone for another six points. Then the Phoenix lost another fumble after a bad snap, and this time it only took one play for QB Torrini (2/3, 38 yards, 2 td) to find WR Schoonjans (4 rec, 50 yards, 2 td) for another touchdown. By this point it was 26-0. And then it was quarter time.

They just kept on going on the second as well. QB Torrini found a wide open WR #88 for touchdown number five, a bit later it was TE #98’s turn to score on another catch and then RB #25 rushed in from 6 yards away to make the score 47-0. Strangely though, the Phoenix had the longest play of the game when QB #33 managed an improbable 56 yard sneak, but then time in the first half ran out on Tournai.

The teams agreed to use a running clock in the second half (as you probably know, there is no mercy rule in the LFFAB), so not much more happened after the break. The Warriors found time to score once more on another catch by WR Schoonjans, and then he helped on the conversion by taking a bad snap and passing the ball to RB Meerschout who could cross the goal line and end the scoring at 55-0.

This was a beat down, pure and simple. The Warriors didn’t really make a lot of yards but they didn’t need to, forcing turnovers and capitalising on great field position.
Don’t get me wrong, the Phoenix tried hard but they just weren’t able to compete with Waterloo. For Tournai, #69 had 5 tackles which lead the team. Waterloo outgained Tournai 150-82.

Mont-Saint-Guibert Fighting Turtles 45 – Charleroi Coal Miners 0

The game started with a rash of fumbles and facemasks, but it was WR Schoonheyt who opened the scoring on a 6 yard pass from QB Firszt. Charleroi responded with a nice drive but it stalled just as they entered the redzone. The Turtles took the ball back and had a long drive mixing passes and runs until RB Lucas (9 rush, 61 yards, 1 td) found the endzone from 5 yards away and it was 13-0 at the quarter.
The highlight of the second quarter was a great 57 yard catch and run by WR Valet which ended with the Turtles celebrating their 20-0 lead at the half.

The second half was much of the same, Charleroi trying to move the football on the ground but not really being successful. They started the game with only 17 players and ended with just 14 which was not only a problem for this game, but could pose problems for the team heading forward.

The Turtles finished the game strong, after a strip sack by #22, DE Salehe picked up the loose ball and scampered for a touchdown, and a couple of rushing touchdowns later the game was over.

The Turtles had a good team effort, outgaining the Coal Miners 298-90. You can check the players of the week for some Turtles players’ stats, but also Duga had 4.5 tackles.

Players of the week

Fighting Turtles QB Firszt – 9/16, 116 yards, 3 td

Fighting Turtles WR Valet – 5 catches, 102 yards, 2 td

Coal Miners LB #36 – 9.5 tackles, 1 pass defended

Play of the week

Already up 13-0, Fighting Turtles QB Firszt finds WR Valet on a curl route, he spins around his man and accelerates all the way to the endzone for 57 yards and 6 points.

BFL Story time : Jean-Yves and the Beanbag

Once upon a time there was a happy young guy called Jean-Yves who was officiating in the Turtles vs Coal Miners game. At one point he realised that he’d lost his beanbag. Panicked, he began asking everyone if they’d seen it, and if they’d please return it if they had found it, for it was his favourite.

“I bet it’s already been found and sold as cocaine”, said a wise-cracking fellow official

But this didn’t deter Jean-Yves and he kept looking. The afore mentioned fellow official, Bart, did manage to find something on the sideline, an iPhone, and he tried to give it to Jean-Yves, but it just wasn’t the same.

Later on, while running, Jean-Yves noticed a strange noise coming from just above his ankle. Stopping to find out what it was, he found his bean bag, which had fallen down his pants and ended up trapped just near his sock. Jean-Yves was overjoyed until he relayed the story to a reporter, who responded with, “C’mon man!”

Week five previews

Brussels Black Angels (1-1) vs Leuven Lions (1-0), 12pm @ Beringen

The Lions started the season with a good win against Antwerp, but the Black Angels defense are a different kettle of fish. The Angels themselves found some rhythm on offense in their win against the Shotguns so Leuven’s defenders will have to use their quickness and play a great game.
Prediction – Most Black Angels games look like a matchup of strength against speed, and they virtually always win. Black Angels 20 – Lions 13

Brussels Bulls (0-1) vs Limburg Shotguns (1-1), 3pm @ Beringen

The Bulls will look to respond after they didn’t score at all against Gent. But definitely don’t count out their defense who are quite capable of holding a shutout themselves. Limburg have good team speed, unfortunately for them, so do the Bulls.
Prediction – I’m looking to the Bulls for a much better performance this week. Bulls 27 – Shotguns 0

Antwerp Diamonds (0-2) vs Puurs Titans (0-1), 12pm @ Gent

The Battle of Antwerp is here again, and it’s always a hard fought game. Especially now that both teams are still looking for their first W of the season. Both teams have had troubles moving the football, so look to the offenses to make the neccessary improvements in order to win the game.
Prediction – I just like the match up of the Titans linebackers against the Diamonds blockers, though I think it will be a low scoring game. Titans 13 – Diamonds 7

Gent Gators (2-0) vs Izegem Tribes (0-0), 3pm @ Gent

Welcome to the 2014 season Izegem! It’s not a present that you get in your first game, having to face the rampaging Gators in the Swamp. The Tribes do have playmakers in their defense and they’re going to need every single one of them to play out of their minds if they want to slow down Gent’s high powered offense.
Prediction – I honestly don’t see it happening. Gators 38, Tribes 6


I must say it was good to see some familiar faces in Charleroi (you know who you are). Be sure to tune in on Thursday when we check out the BFL rankings and maybe we’ll talk a little more about National Team Selection. Don’t forget to comment if you have a question! Until next time

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7 Responses to 0414 – BFL week 4

  1. Bears#83 says:

    I really love you start stats for de LFFAB 🙂 Thanks for your work.

  2. Klaas Allosserie says:

    Do you think the Warriors (infused with new talent at various positions) and the Turtles will have what it takes to threaten the Tigers?

    • Hicky says:

      I don’t think so, at least if the Tigers are the same team they were last year. They still have to play their first game of the season. So, we’re all looking forward to this one.

  3. Benoit Lagae says:

    Do you consider it an advantage or a disadvantage for a team to start a season as late as the Tribes and Tigers do this year ?

  4. Dylan says:

    For the turtles it’s the Quaterback Dylan Denis #12, he made the throw to the Tight End Valet !

  5. Bart says:

    Scary close with the predictions of this sunday, well done Dale

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