0415 – BFL Week 4 rankings

Well it’s Thursday again, so that means it’s time for the rankings and we’ll even have a little mailbag too (it’s nice to be able to do one). Here we go

Computer rankings

1 – Gent Gators                         +27.3
2 – Waterloo Warriors            +25.6
3 – MSG Fighting Turtles       +23.8
4 – Ostend Pirates                    +15.6
5 – Brussels Bulls                     +13.3
5 – Brussels Black Angels       +13.3
7 – Izegem Tribes                      -0.9
7 – Brussels Tigers                   -0.9
9 – Liege Monarchs                  -5.2
10- Leuven Lions                      -9.7
11 – Limburg Shotguns            -12.7
12 – Puurs Titans                      -17.3
13 – Charleroi Coal Miners     -21.2
14 – Antwerp Diamonds          -23.7
15 – Wapi Phoenix                    -27.3

There were a couple of big wins for the Warriors and Turtles, so that sees their rating go up a lot.

Power Rankings

1 (=)              – Gent Gators (2-0)
2 (=)              – Brussels Tigers (0-0)
3 (=)              – Brussels Black Angels (1-1)
4 (=)              – Ostend Pirates (1-0)
5 (=)              – Brussels Bulls (0-1)
6 (=)              – Waterloo Warriors (1-0)
7 (=)              – Mont-Saint-Guibert Fighting Turtles (1-0)
8 (=)              – Leuven Lions (1-0)
9 (=)              – Puurs Titans (0-1)
10 (=)             – Liege Monarchs (1-0)
11 (=)              – Limburg Shotguns (1-1)
12 (=)             – Izegem Tribes (0-0)
13 (=)             – Antwerp Diamonds (0-2)
14 (=)             – Charleroi Coal Miners (0-2)
15 (=)             – Wapi Phoenix (0-1)

I didn’t really see anything that made want to alter anything in the Power Rankings. Maybe I could have flip-flopped the Warriors and Turtles but I’ll just leave it the same way for now.


Klaas Allosserie, Izegem – “Do you think the Warriors (infused with new talent at various positions) and the Turtles will have what it takes to threaten the Tigers?”

Well I haven’t seen the Tigers play this season, but if we assume that they haven’t gotten any worse since then, then I’d say that the answer is ‘no’. The Turtles got within a touchdown of the Tigers last season, and I wouldn’t say that MSG have gotten that much better, so I still expect the Tigers to go undefeated.

Bears #83 (I’m sorry I don’t know your name), Andenne – “I really love you start taking stats for de LFFAB. Thanks for your work.”

No problem bro. I take the stats during the games so I can write about them and I watch the game tape to scout players for The Barbarians. It’s fun to see all the different teams.

Benoit Lagae, Gent – “Do you consider it an advantage or a disadvantage for a team to start a season as late as the Tribes and Tigers do this year ?”

Good question! I would consider it a disadvantage though. I think I’d rather have my games spread out as much as possible rather than play one after the other. Just gives a little extra time for players to get over small injuries and gives the coaches a better chance to be prepared for the opponents.

Barbarians News

Not a lot to report at the moment, except to say that we’ve started informing coaches as to how they can select their players to go to the Combine. Hopefully the nominations will start coming in soon so we can begin to build this team! I have to say that for me, it’s a very exciting time. As of right now, there are 96 names on my list, and I still have to watch tape of at least one more game, so that number will be increasing all the time. At the moment I’m not thinking about the final team, just about the players who we’d like to have a closer look at at the combine.
I must say that I’m very happy that virtually all the games are being taped. It really helps a lot (not just for me of course, but for your coaches too). Great job everybody!


@ Gent

12pm – #13 Antwerp Diamonds (0-2) vs #9 Puurs Titans (0-1)
3pm – #12 Izegem Tribes (0-0) vs #1 Gent Gators (2-0)

@ Beringen

12pm – #3 Brussels Black Angels (1-1) vs #8 Leuven Lions (1-0) = Game of the Week
3pm – #5 Brussels Bulls (0-1) vs #11 Limburg Shotguns (1-1)


This Sunday I’m going to Beringen (if it would have been terrible weather then I’d have gone to Gent instead), so I’m looking forward to seeing some good football and checking out the Lions for the first time this season. Have a good game, no matter where you’re playing! Until next time

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One Response to 0415 – BFL Week 4 rankings

  1. Jordi says:

    Hi Dale, i see you’re referring to game tapes, is it possible for outsiders to get these to? I’m from the Netherlands and not able to watch a lot of games in Belgium.

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