0416 – BFL week 5

So week five is already over (there are actually 16 weeks this season, not including playoffs), and I suppose the results were fairly predictable. But each game always throws up things that were unexpected, and that’s why the games are played! The weather also played a part, there seemed to be a lot of fans in Beringen (certainly a whole lot more than earlier in the season) and it looked like there were a whole heap in Gent too. As my dear ol’ Dad would say : “It was definitely good for football”!
Oh, we’ve got room for one little extra thing this week. From now on I’ll have four players in the players of the week, and one of them will be an offensive lineman. The hogs deserve a bit of love too!

This week our thanks go out to John Jolie, Bart Killens, Klaas Allosserie and Ken Meersmans for their help in describing the games in Gent!

Game reviews

Puurs Titans 18 – Antwerp Diamonds 0

The Diamonds were missing a few players due to injuries and started with just 18. It was a very physical game, in the beginning both teams moved the ball but could not score. Antwerp’s best plays came in the air, and the Titans’ best plays came on the ground. After some good redzone stops and a few mistakes by both teams, Puurs took the lead after a long run up the middle, which was the only score in the first half, 6-0 Titans.

After a deflected pass ended up in the hands of a Titan, they had the ball at the 15 yard line. After hard work and a lot of plays they finally got it in. The Diamonds didn’t help themselves with penalties and they had a hard time running the ball against the Titans linebackers. Another clutch pass ended up in the hands of a Titan so they could start again on the Diamonds 18. Yet again they were able to score on the ground.

There were a few wild and wacky plays in the game too, Diamonds P Butler had a crazy long punt after a nice bounce. Later on the Titans fumbled and the Diamonds could recover it on the 2 yard line. But on first and goal the Diamonds fumbled it right back to the Titans for a touchback.

Standing out for the Titans were their runningbacks, RB Steenackers scoring twice and RB Kabongo finding the endzone for the first time in his senior career. For the Diamonds, QB/CB Wauters had some nice passes and made an interception as well. Skill players Baeyens and Vervaet made some good catches as well. Antwerp don’t play in two weeks time so they have four weeks to get some players back for their game against Ostend.

Gent Gators 30 – Izegem Tribes 8

I must admit to being pretty surprised when I got this sms from Klaas while I was standing in Limburg – “Tribes lead 6-0”. LB Normon was able to recover a loose snap in the endzone and put the boys from West Flanders ahead.
The second quarter was much more business as usual for the Gators as QB Killens found WR Lezy to tie the score and in the dying seconds TE Defour found the endzone as well to just put the Gators up 12-6 at the half.

In the second half the Gators got it done with their running game, scoring on some big runs, RB Mankusa with one and RB Cocquyt the other two. The Tribes scored a safety after a missed snap rolling around in the endzone was booted over the end line by the Gators which ended the scoring at 30-8, taking Gent to 3-0 on the season.

Brussels Black Angels 28 – Leuven Lions 13

The Angels started out the game on fire, scoring twice on their first two drives courtesy of RB Godichal and HB Banza, the second coming on a very strong finish. Things looked bleak for the Lions but their defense stepped up, forcing a fumble and later stopping the Angels on a fourth down. Their offense were able to complete some passes but weren’t able to put together a long drive.
Actually, they didn’t need a long drive, only one play was enough as QB Baete found WR Sakyi-Gyinae on a 48-yard bomb which brought the score back to a manageable 14-7 Black Angels lead at half time.

But the third quarter went the same way as the first had, WR #85 making a catch along the sideline of the endzone for Brussels’ third touchdown, and then RB Godichal scored yet again, making it 28-7, the Lions again seemingly unable to stop the Black Angels.
The fourth quarter then went the same way that the second had. Angels QB T Bouron was intercepted by Lions DB #23 who returned it 80 yards for a touchdown. The conversion was no good but Leuven were back to within two scores, 28-13.
Brussels couldn’t run out the clock, giving the Lions the ball back, but time ran out on them.

The Black Angels outgained the Lions marginally, 235-194. Defensively for the Black Angels LB Banza had 5.5 tackles while DE Vrancken had 3 tackles, 3 tackles for loss and 2 sacks.
On the other side of the ball, Lions OLB Rochette had 7 tackles before having some ankle trouble, and DE Salvaggio had 5.5 tackles.

Brussels Bulls 38 – Limburg Shotguns 0

I’m not really sure where to begin with this one. But I guess I’ll start here – I only saw the first half because 1 – it was almost 2 hours drive to get home, 2 – I thought I was getting sunburnt, and more importantly 3 – the game was over as a contest (it was 31-0 already). As it turns out, the game was ended two minutes before the end to due it getting a bit out of hand.

I don’t know what happened and I don’t care – I thought that we had grown beyond this. Apparently I was wrong.

What I did see was the Bulls doing pretty much whatever they wanted, both on offense and defense. Bulls QB Njufom had a good time in the sun, finding receivers both short and deep, WR #86 (3 catches, 71 yards) in particular was a threat. Also their RB #27 (5 rush, 55 yards) showed good speed, finding the endzone once as well. S #30 lead the Bulls with 4 tackles and DE De Nolf chipped in with 3 tackles of his own.

For the Shotguns, they got outgained 238-34, with WR Hermans (2 catches, 34 yards) putting in a good effort.

Players of the week

Lions QB Baete – 10/22, 150 yards, 1 td, 1 int

Black Angels RB/S Godichal – 9 rush, 50 yards, 2 td, 1 int

Bulls QB Njufom – 7/11, 139 yards, 2 td

Shotguns LT Gijsel – completely neutralised the imposing Bulls outside rush on his side

Play of the week

Lions QB Baete had a bit of a tough time in the pocket against the Angels. Especially late in the first quarter, when he stepped around one defender, straight into DE Vrancken who levelled him, raising an “oooooooooh” from the crowd. Perhaps surprisingly, his head was still on his shoulders. A tremendous, clean hit.

C’Mon man of the week

If I was a quarterback then I’d hate the stats. Their numbers take a hit because of mistakes from others. They’ve got the toughest job in sports, and all they ask is that the guys who call themselves ‘receivers’ actually catch the ball when it’s thrown to them. An example, Lions QB Baete looks to throw, almost gets decapitated by The Terminator, escapes, dodges another lineman and then throws a strike off his wrong foot 35 yards downfield to an open receiver (lucky for you I didn’t get your number) who clangs the ball off his hands into the dirt. C’Mon Man!

Quote of the week

“That was a meeting between an old number 50 and a new number 50. I’m old enough to be his Dad!” – Lions #50 DE Paolo Salvaggio ran into Angels #50 G Benjamin Dosunmu on the field

Week 6 preview

Brussels Tigers (0-0) vs Charleroi Coal Miners (0-2)

So finally the two-time defending BFL Champion Tigers get to play a game! We’ve had to wait a long time to see just what they have to offer this season, and I (along with the rest of the BFL) am most curious. Most teams don’t play their best in their first game of the season, so we probably shouldn’t expect a stunning performance, but I can’t imagine them having much trouble with Charleroi.
Prediction – I hope that the Coal Miners manage to find a few more players than they had in their last game, because they’re going to need them. Tigers 45 – Coal Miners 0

MSG Fighting Turtles (1-0) vs Liege Monarchs (1-0)

Both teams have played one game and both teams have beaten Charleroi, the Monarchs by 16 and the Turtles by 45, so I think that this is a good measuring stick as to how the game will go. I do believe that Liege is now the only team that I’ve never seen play before (although I did play once against the Liege Red Roosters).
Prediction – I liked what I saw from MSG last weekend and I think they’ll be able to continue their good form. Fighting Turtles 35 – Monarchs 6


So that’s the end of the blog for this week. As usual, on Thursday we’ll go over the rankings and we’ll see if we have enough to go with another mailbag, so as always, leave your questions and comments and I’ll get to them then! Until next time

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2 Responses to 0416 – BFL week 5

  1. Sven says:

    Great seeing you again on the field Dale, last time was at the all stars game in ghent years ago. You’re doing are great job for our beloved sport, keep it up man. I’m very excited to see what the future brings for the Barbarians.

  2. mr nobody says:

    i really don’t reply that much but this time i need to.

    this disturb me alot:
    I don’t know what happened and I don’t care – I thought that we had grown beyond this. Apparently I was wrong.

    mayby you should check the gametape and reconsider. Shotguns QB was (even due to the 31-0 lead) getting late hit time after time. (some bulls player got ejected for this behaviour also) but even after that the bulls kept doing that. and this ofcorz can light some fuses.

    that being said, the reffering was terrible. penalty’s did not get marked off correctly.

    poor quality game in global. from all 3 teams (shotguns,bulls and refs)

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