0417 – BFL week 5 rankings

Welcome to the Thursday edition of the Barbarian Blog. We’ve got the rankings for you and also the mailbag, so let’s get started.

Computer Rankings

You may think it illogical for the computer to have dropped the Gators’ ranking by about three points, but it thought that Gent would beat Izegem by about 30. Because they ‘only’ won by 22, they get a ratings decrease. It’s tough at the top!

1 – Waterloo Warriors          + 26.0
2 – Gent Gators                      + 24.6
3 – MSG Fighting Turtles    + 24.2
4 – Ostend Pirates                 + 23.0
5 – Brussels Bulls                  + 14.4
6 – Brussels Black Angels    + 6.9
7 – Izegem Tribes                  + 2.6
8 – Brussels Tigers                – 0.5
9 – Liege Monarchs               – 4.8
10 – Puurs Titans                   – 10.0
11 – Leuven Lions                  – 11.0
12 – Limburg Shotguns        – 19.9
13 – Charleroi Coal Miners  – 20.8
14 – Wapi Phoenix                 – 27.0
15 – Antwerp Diamonds       – 28.0

Power Rankings

The Bulls vs Shotguns game made me rethink my rankings of those teams, so I put the Bulls back in the top four and move Izegem up one spot as well.

1 (=)          – Gent Gators (3-0)
2 (=)         – Brussels Tigers (0-0)
3 (=)         – Brussels Black Angels (2-1)
4 (+1)       – Brussels Bulls (1-1)
5 (-1)        – Ostend Pirates (1-0)
6 (=)         – Waterloo Warriors (1-0)
7 (=)         – MSG Fighting Turtles (1-0)
8 (=)         – Leuven Lions (1-1)
9 (=)         – Puurs Titans (1-1)
10 (=)       – Liege Monarchs (1-0)
11 (+1)      – Izegem Tribes (0-1)
12 (-1)       – Limburg Shotguns (1-2)
13 (=)        – Antwerp Diamonds (0-3)
14 (=)        – Charleroi Coal Miners (0-2)
15 (=)        – Wapi Phoenix (0-1)


Mr Nobody from Parts Unknown

“I really don’t reply that much but this time I need to. This disturbed me a lot:
I don’t know what happened and I don’t care – I thought that we had grown beyond this. Apparently I was wrong.

Maybe you should check the gametape and reconsider. The Shotguns QB was (even due to the 31-0 lead) getting late hit time after time. (Some Bulls players got ejected for this behaviour also) but even after that the Bulls kept doing that. And this of course can light some fuses.”

So let me get this straight, Mr Nobody. You’re disturbed with me because I think that players should be able to control themselves? Not sure I follow your logic on this one. However, you may be interested to hear that the Barbarians are not interested in undisciplined players.

Sven Rochette, Leuven

“Great seeing you again on the field Dale, last time was at the All-Stars game in Ghent years ago. You’re doing a great job for our beloved sport, keep it up man. I’m very excited to see what the future brings for the Barbarians.”

Well thanks man, we had some fun in that All-Star game didn’t we? The Coaches and Staff are excited and we hope that the players are too!

Bart Killens, Gent

“How do you watch the gametapes for scouting players? Do you watch every play 22 times to check all the players on that play?”

Well, no, not 22 times. You must keep in mind what I’m trying to achieve at the moment. That is to make a list of players who we’d like to have at the Combine.
Some players I already know that I want them there, so I don’t need to scout them as much. Some players will soon be nominated by their teams, so I won’t need to scout them either. Some players I’m pretty convinced that they won’t be able to provide enough to the National Team to justify selecting them. Some players aren’t Belgian… It’s a process of elimination.
But I would say though that every play of every game that’s available I’ve seen at least 5 times, and some quite a lot more.

Bart Killens, Gent

“How many players have been nominated by their coaches to be selected for the Barbarians?”

Zero. We’ve talked to many coaches but there is not a deadline (yet). And just to be clear, this is not a nomination to play for the Barbarians. This is a nomination to go to the Combine, after which the team will be chosen.
Oh, and by the way, one team have decided not to nominate any players. The official word from them is that they believe in the National Team as it is, so they don’t feel the need to nominate anyone, they’ll just accept the nominations that come from us. Personally, I think that’s kind of unusual, but hey, it’s their choice!


@ Liege

12:00 #2 Brussels Tigers (0-0) vs #14 Charleroi Coal Miners

15:00 #7 MSG Fighting Turtles (1-0) vs #10 Liege Monarchs


Needless to say I’ll be found in Liege on Sunday. I’m most interested to see what the Tigers and Monarchs bring to the table, as I’ve not seen them play yet this season. It looks like being a bit cloudy but hey, it sounds like football weather to me! Until next time

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4 Responses to 0417 – BFL week 5 rankings

  1. Thomas says:

    I’ve been checking your blogs in order to find some info about the combine and I found a small ‘contradiction’ in your information or at least so I think. In one of your earlier blogs you mentioned that the first Barbarian practice is on June 22 but that the Belgian Bowl is on June 29 and that the players playing the Belgian Bowl will be excused from attending this practice. When you announced the combine though you specifically highlighted that every player wanting to play for the Barbarians should be present at the combine. Does this mean that Belgian Bowl players get their excuse revoked? And what about students who might have an exam the next day? (Not trying to be a pain in the ass here, just asking this out of curiosity)

  2. Aarnout Ecker says:

    To: Mr Nobody from Parts Unknown; From: Aarnout Ecker, DC Brussels Bulls.

    I’m the first one to admit that the game didn’t end the way it should, but I do need to respond to your allegations.
    1) Only one Bulls player, not multiple, got ejected. This was not due to a late hit, but because the refs saw a helmet2helmet hit. We have rewatched the video multiple times and believe our player hit the shoulderpad first. However, the refs are boss on the field so we accept their judgment.
    2) “Multiple late hits on the QB”. Yes, we got 2 late hit penalties called against us and certainly the first was warranted (even though refs were late to blow the whistle). On the second, the Shotguns QB ran out of bounds but then decided to return inbounds and run forward. Again, we accept the 2 penalties but anyone who ACTUALLY watches the gametape can clearly see that on every other play where the QB was not a runner he was barely touched. Hats off to the Shotgun QB’s quick release time because we were unable to reach him even when we blitzed.
    3) “And this can of course light some fuses” = condoning that a Shotguns player punches a Bulls player on the head after the whistle was blown on a long punt return (think twice next time, we’re wearing helmets in this sport). This was the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that resulted in the game being ended early by the refs.

    As the Bulls defense we have and will sit down together to adjust the unacceptable loud-mouthing that was going on on our side of the field. We can only control how we perform on the field and can assure every team in the league that this will be the worst game we play for the rest of the season.

    • Hicky says:

      1) Whenever you hit helmet2helmet or hand2helmet on a passing QB it’s going to be a penalty. No matter if your shoulderpads hit him first.
      2) There’s a difference between late hit and hit the QB within the 1-step rule. Lot of teams think it are all late hits. I think the referee is keeping an eye on this. On the gametape you don’t see a lot of late hits but when the ball is thrown the camera isn’t focussing on the QB anymore. On a deep pass he’s mostly out of the picture.

      The attitude against other players and trashtalking is something that is difficult to review on gametape. But I hope everybody realizes that this isn’t something that is acceptable in football (or any sports). Officials and coaches should stress on this. We all want a healthy competitive environment to play the sports we love.

  3. stijn de backer says:

    If you would allow me to react to mister nobody. As the respobsable for coaching at the Bulls, I would like to point out that 1 Bulls player got ejected for helmet to helmet contact. We deeply regret that the game spiraled out of control and our defensive coach contacted the refs to improve our coaching and prevent these penalties. We do not condone headhunting by our defense and we already have had a squad meeting to discus sundays events and how to prevent them in the future.
    On a personal note. I hereby nominate the Bulls Dbs and the O-line/d-line. (this is my personal opinion, and if i could i nominate the entire bulls team)

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