0418 – BFL Week 6

BFL action was live from Liege on Sunday, and the Football Gods provided the appropriate weather, the first game gloomy with dark skies, and the second game warm and sunny. Let’s see what happened.

Game reports

Brussels Tigers 58 – Charleroi Coal Miners 0

I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to say about this game. If there was ever an argument for playing in two divisions (major league and development league, perhaps?), then this was it. Don’t get me wrong, the Coal Miners tried, but they weren’t able to get much done, football-wise.

The Tigers pretty much just went into their offensive huddle and decided who was going to score the next touchdown. WR #20 had the best time of it, scoring 3 touchdowns and 3 two point conversions by my reckoning.

The Football Princess (WR Viola) managed to score as well, catching a two-point conversion that took the score to 50-0, which is of course the point that an FAFL game would have ended. I recommend that the LFFAB do the same in the future, because I don’t see how this is helping the Miners develop, and I don’t see how this is helping the Tigers improve either.

Anyway, the bottom line is that the Tigers have made their debut in 2014 and they look like having yet another great season.

Mont-Saint-Guibert Fighting Turtles 29 – Liege Monarchs 22

Well I admit that I was fairly wrong about this one, I kind of figured that the Turtles would walk over the Monarchs but that was far from true.

In fact it was the home team who scored first with a bit of trickeration in the second quarter, the old WR reverse pass from #4 found a wide open WR #30 who walked in for a touchdown, and then the Monarchs converted with a run from QB #15 (13/28, 84 yards, 2 td, 2 int – 9 rush, 50 yards) and it was 8-0.
It wouldn’t take the Turtles long to get on the board themselves, actually it was their next play from scrimmage, QB Firszt (13/23, 213 yards, 2 td, 2 int) found a streaking WR Dejehet for 66 yards and 6 points. The conversion made it 8-7 Monarchs and that’s the way it would stay until half time.

The Fighting Turtles came out in the third quarter and scored on their first possession, RB Elias (5 rush, 13 yards, 2 td) finishing off from 2 yards away, and a field goal later the Turtles were up 16-8 heading into the final frame, seemingly in control. But then all hell broke loose.

A long Monarchs drive ended in a touchdown when QB #15 found WR #17 (5 catches, 29 yards, 1 td) on a short pass which made it 16-14 Turtles. MSG’s next play from scrimmage was intercepted by CB #20, and a couple of short passes later WR #4 had caught a touchdown, and WR #81 caught the two point conversion and the Monarchs led 22-16.
When QB Firszt was intercepted again things looked grim for the Turtles but their defense stiffened and Liege couldn’t move the football any more. TE Schoonheyt caught a pass across the middle, bounced off a defender and scored, with the conversion it was 23-22 Turtles. Again the Monarchs couldn’t go anywhere, failing a fourth down attempt, which left a very short field for the Turtles, and RB Elias sealed the deal from 6 yards away and the final score was set, 29-22.

The Turtles outgained the Monarchs 242-199, but both teams seemed to be constantly hurting themselves with penalties.
On the Turtles defense, LB #42 Duga had 7 tackles, including 3 for a loss, while S Maris had 5 tackles and 1 interception before getting himself ejected.
For the Monarchs, their best defensive effort came from LB #56 with 6 tackles (and at least 3 more that were voided by penalties).

Players of the week

Turtles TE Schoonheyt – 6 catches, 94  yards, 1 td

Tigers WR #20 – 3 td, 3 2xp

Turtles LB Duga – 7 tackles, 3 tfl

Play of the week

Coal Miners LB #54 surprised everyone on the sidelines by making a leaping one-handed interception against the Tigers.

Quote of the week

“How do I place this?” – the Brussels Tigers (back-up, I may assume) kicker didn’t have much experience with the kicking tee during the game against the Coal Miners

C’Mon man of the week

Whoever made the event of the Liege gameday had better look at the actual location of the field. The address given was actually right in the middle of Liege, rather than at the field itself. Hence, we were late arriving. C’Mon man!

Game previews

@ St-Agatha, 12pm – Gent Gators (3-0) vs Limburg Shotguns (1-2)

When people think of the Gators they think of them spreading the field and taking to the air. But don’t forget about their defense. Their last two games (against the Bulls and Tribes), they’ve given up 91 yards total offense. Not per game, but 91 yards total.
Limburg have struggled to move the ball consistently and will need to improve all over the field if they want to compete.
Prediction – Gent play fast and this game is to be played on the fastest field in the country. I don’t like to predict forfeit scores, so I won’t, but it’ll be close to that. Gators 46 – Shotguns 0.

@ St-Agatha, 3pm – Brussels Bulls (1-1) vs Puurs Titans (1-1)

Now here’s a match-up with a twist. One of the Titans defensive linemen has left the team and joined with the Bulls, so I’m sure that they’ll be trying to make a point to him. The Bulls offense looked much better against the Shotguns and they’ll want to stay in the flow for this game, but we all know that the Titans can sure play defense. So can the Bulls, however.
Prediction – The Titans need to get the ball to their receivers in space, but the question is if they’re capable of doing it or not. Bulls 22 – Titans 6

@ Leuven, 12pm – Brussels Black Angels (2-1) vs Ostend Pirates (1-0)

This should be a game where we’ll learn a lot. The Pirates face a strong test in the Black Angels, and they’ll want to continue their winning ways. The Angels have won their last two as well, and won’t want to drop to 2-2. Brussels have plenty of power, but believe me, there are quite a few players on the Pirates roster who know a thing or two about toturing the Black Angels.
Prediction – The real question is how will the young guys from the Pirates shape up against a quality opposition. I think they’ll do alright, but I still expect Brussels to win. Black Angels 27 – Pirates 14

@ Leuven, 3pm – Leuven Lions (1-1) vs Izegem Tribes (0-1)

Here’s another interesting one. Both teams have young, mobile quarterbacks who will need to be contained by the opposing defenses. The Tribes gave the Gators trouble at the beginning of the game, and their offensive line is pretty good too. The Lions made a good fist of it against the Angels and if their receivers get on the same page as their quarterback then they’ll do some damage.
Prediction – This could be a most entertaining game, with plenty of speed out on the field, but I think the Lions at home will do just a bit more. Lions 26 – Tribes 14

Barbarian News

So we think that pretty much all teams have been informed about the player selection procedure. Now it’s just a waiting game until the nominations roll in.


I’m definitely looking forward to some excitement in Leuven, I think we’ll see two great games with plenty of action. Don’t forget to like and comment so we’ll have a mailbag on Thursday, otherwise it’ll just be the rankings. Until then

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7 Responses to 0418 – BFL Week 6

  1. Francis says:

    Really disagree with you about the mercy rule. That shouldn’t exist! We just need 2 divisions. No teams on either division would make a 50-00! Some people are just make a “trip” to watch a football game. What are you saying to people coming to watch a football game and ending in the middle of the third quarter? We are discussing again and again every season about making two division. Making 2 divisions would provide a higher level for ALL teams. That would let new team to go to a full championship without any forfeit.

  2. Lye's says:

    Suppose you well!

    Regarding the Kicker Tigers, the Back up of the Back up from!

    As I warned at the last minute that I did not know coming!

    That said, I’ve seen far worse Kicker (with experience!!)

    #18 BT

  3. Anonymous says:


    Here is some food for thought for reorganizing the competition for seniors in American Football in Belgium in 2015. First we need to abandon the two “regional” championship formulas (FAFL, LFFAB) and create 4 groups of 5 teams. This can only be possible if the new teams (Sharks BLC, Verviers Mustangs, Ardenne Razorbacks) decide to join the league in 2015, as well as the Ardenne Bears and the Luxembourg (now they are competing in a regional Lorraine championship). There might also be the Zemst Rats…..
    4 groups:
    1: Brussels Tigers, Leuven Lions, Puurs Titans, Antwerp Diamonds, Limburg Shotguns
    2: Ostend Pirates, Izegem Tribes, Ghent Gators, Brussels Bulls, WAPI Phoenix
    3: Brussels Black Angels- Charleroi Coal Miners, Sharks BLC, Waterloo Warriors, LLN Fighting Turtles
    4: Liege Monarchs, Verviers Mustangs, Andenne Bears, Ardenne Razorbacks, Luxembourg Steelers

    Each team will play against all the teams of their group once and one team of each other group (7 games total). We would keep the same FAFL game schedule (a regular competition game every two weeks).
    10 teams will qualify for the play-offs: the 4 winners of each group, the 4 second of each group and the 2 best thirds of the 4 groups (most wins, PF/PA difference …). This ranking can also serve as a basis for 2016 if we would like to create two divisions.
    Wild Card round: weekend following the last weekend of regular competition: 4 winners of each group and two best seconds of each group are BYE, others compete for two 2 spots
    Play-offs round 1: weekend following wild card weekend: 2 wild card winners compete the remaining 6 teams for 4 spots
    Play-offs round 2: weekend following round 1 Play-offs: Semi-final: winners will go to Belgian Bowl
    Belgian Bowl: Last Sunday of June: two weekends following the Play-Offs round 2.
    Weekend in between: Barbarians combine.

    So, what do you think?

  4. stijn de backer says:

    Hello Dale,

    That Sarah scored on a 2 pnt conversion is just great, this young lady was joined this past saturday by 2 girls from the Puurs Titans Cadets that suited up to play tackle. With 1 girl playing QB and the otherone a center it was fun to see these girls hold their own and even do better than some of their peers. The Titans cadet center managed to keep the Tigers NT in check despite the Tigers boy being bigger. If you like cadet tackle football, we’ll be in competition every other saturday till the end of May.

  5. Lye's says:

    Francis is right!

    It takes Elite Championship

    I think the decision to the 4 best teams in the previous championship (not to be jealous at first) and the LFFAB FAFL in an elite competition would be better!

    which would,



    The rest’ll meet in the second division

    Elite play off the first 6
    the first two qualify automatically for the semi-final

    Play off second division
    first rises and vice versa automatically Elite Elite last drops second division, the second division two play a return leg against the penultimate Elite …

    This inevitably raise the level in Belgium

    It is more motivating a championship with good teams in place!

  6. A defensive lineman says:

    I see a few interesting reactions regarding the reorganization of the Senior American Football League in Belgium and that means that people are very involved with their favorite sport. I know this isn’t up to you (even though you are an excellent advocate in promoting American Football in Belgium), but wouldn’t it be possible to create a suggestion box on your blog and Belgian Barbarians FB page where everyone could post his ideas on the future of American Football in Belgium? Hopefully this will get the attention of the right people (BFL, BAFOC, FAFL, LLFAB) involved to change the current situation in American Football land. A major and a minor league would not be a bad idea, as some have already suggested, and might motivate new teams (Sharks BLC, Ardenne-Gaume Razorbacks, Verviers Mustangs, Zemst Rats, …) to join the minor league. And consequently raise the level of American Football in Belgium….

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