0422 – BFL week 8

Week 8 is in the books, as the games took place in Waterloo and Grez-Docieau, so let’s not watse time, but get stuck into it.

Game reviews

Brussels Tigers 28 – Grez-Docieau Fighting Turtles 7

So this was one of those games that I thought was closer than the final score indicated while watching it live. Although looking back at the numbers it was probably a fair result.

It started horribly for the Turtles, fumbling on their first possession and handing the ball to the Tigers in great field position. They took advantage of it on a pass from QB #34 (8-17, 106 yards, 1 td, 1 int) to WR #37 for 18 yards and a touchdown. Neither team could do much with the ball for the rest of the quarter so it was fitting that LB Mons made an interception for the Turtles and was able to return it to the endzone for a touchdown. After the extra point the game was tied 7-7.

After a Tigers field goal the game was poised nicely at 10-7, and it seemed like the game was waiting for a big play. It was provided by the Tigers WR #20 (3 rec, 37 yards. 7 rush, 35 yards, 1 td), who took a swing pass, found a little room and scored a touchdown from 11 yards away to make the score 16-7 just before half time.

In the second half the Turtles offfense just fizzled out, only able to make 1 first down and QB Firszt (9-29, 55 yards) throwing 3 interceptions, two of them to Tigers CB #15 (1 tackle, 2 int). Their defense fared better, shutting out the Tigers in the third quarter, but eventually the Tigers could breach them thanks to RB #28, and later on RB #5 scored from 1-yard away and the scoring was complete.

So this game was played at the Turtles new home at Grez-Docieau. It was pretty easy to find and looks to be a good facility – certainly an improvement over their last place. If you want to know the downside though, you had better check out the quote of the week.

The Tigers outgained the Turtles 251-53, and the Turtles were held to the pretty amazing total of -2 yards rushing by the Tigers front seven.

Other scores :

Liege Monarchs 60 – Wapi Phoenix 6
Waterloo Warriors 58 – Charleroi Coal Miners 6

Players of the week

Tigers RB #28 – 22 rush, 83 yards, 1 td

Tigers LB #11 – 6 tackles, 3 tackles for loss

Turtles LB Mons – 8.5 tackles, 1 interception, 1 td

Play of the week

Turtles KR Massart is on the return, cuts right, and gets drilled shoulder high by the Tigers player #65, causing the returner to lose his footing and land flat on his back.

Quote of the week

“They should call themselves the Fighting Bloodsuckers”, Gators and Barbarians Head Coach Roald Piqueur, being eaten alive by mosquitos on the sidelines of the Turtles game.

C’Mon man of the week

So I headed to the Turtles field, checking the weather before I went, like usual. The weather report said 23° and sunny. I don’t need to tell you that there wasn’t a single ray of sun to be seen for the entire day! Weather guy, c’mon man!

Game previews

12pm @ Berendrecht : Izegem Tribes (0-2) vs Limburg Shotguns (1-3)

The Tribes defense took a bit of a pounding by the Lions in their last game so they’ll be looking for a better effort against the Shotguns. Limburg’s defense will also look to improve after being blasted by the Gators for nine touchdowns in their last game.
Prediction : I think Izegem have the offensive line to make the tough yards so I think that they just might be able to do enough and win their first game. Tribes 20 – Shotguns 18

3pm @ Berendrecht : Antwerp Diamonds (0-3) vs Ostend Pirates (1-1)

The Pirates come off a tough loss to the Black Angels and will look to reverse that and get back to their winning ways. If they hope to make the playoffs then they definitely can’t afford a slip up here. Antwerp will be at home and hungry for their first win of the year. They will need to play mistake-free football and punish any mistakes that Ostend makes.
Prediction : The Pirates should be to sail right out of Antwerp with the win with their strong offense. Pirates 34 – Diamonds 14

12pm @ Anderlecht : Brussels Bulls (1-2) vs Leuven Lions (2-1)

The Bulls’ run defense will be stretched hard against a Lions team who ran all over the Tribes in their last game – fortunately this is their strength. The real question is what adjustments will they make to their game that didn’t really work out for them against the Titans? As for the Lions, this will be a great test to see exactly where they stand. If they win this game, it will almost exclude the Bulls from playoff contention.
Prediction : I think the Bulls’ defense might just be too much for the Lions, but it’ll be close. Bulls 14 – Lions 10

3pm @ Anderlecht : Brussels Black Angels (3-1) vs Puurs Titans (2-1)

So the Titans come off their big win and have to head to Anderlecht to face the Angels. The Titans would put themselves firmly in the middle of playoff contention with a win, but they’ll be a few guys short as their victory over the Bulls cost them with injuries. The Black Angels have been in good form throughout the season and with a victory in this game they’ll have beaten almost every other playoff contender.
Prediction : I like the Black Angels at home to win this game. Black Angels 27 – Titans 13


This guy will be heading to Anderlecht on Sunday for what should be a great pair of games, so I’ll see you there. Until then

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