0425 – Week 9 rankings

Well if it isn’t Thursday again! We’ve actually got a very full edition for you today, so let’s get straight into it.

Barbarians News

The Limburg Shotguns have made their three nominations too, which now brings the total number of teams to 5. Like I mentioned before, teams have until May 1 to make their nominations.

Computer rankings

1 – Brussels Tigers               + 29.0
2 – Gent Gators                    + 22.3
3 – Waterloo Warriors        + 18.8
4 – Ostend Pirates                + 14.3
5 – Brussels Black Angels   + 13.7
6 – G-D Fighting Turtles     + 12.2
7 – Brussels Bulls                  + 9.2
8 – Liege Monarchs              + 1.8
9 – Leuven Lions                   + 1.5
10 – Puurs Titans                  – 3.5
11 – Izegem Tribes                – 15.5
12 – Antwerp Diamonds      – 18.2
13 – Limburg Shotguns       – 18.3
14 – Charleroi Coal Miners – 25.3
15 – Wapi Phoenix                – 42.1

Power rankings

1 (=)       Gent Gators (4-0-0)
2 (=)      Brussels Tigers (2-0-0)
3 (=)       Brussels Black Angels (4-1-0)
4 (=)       Ostend Pirates (2-1-0)
5 (+1)     Brussels Bulls (2-2-0)
6 (+1)    Waterloo Warriors (2-0-0)
7 (+1)     Grez-Doiceau Fighting Turtles (2-1-0)
8 (-3)     Puurs Titans (2-2-0)
9 (=)      Leuven Lions (2-2-0)
10 (=)    Liege Monarchs (2-1-0)
11 (=)     Izegem Tribes (0-2-1)
12 (=)    Limburg Shotguns (1-3-1)
13 (=)     Antwerp Diamonds (0-4-0)
14 (=)    Charleroi Coal Miners (0-4-0)
15 (=)    Wapi Phoenix (0-2-0)


Stijn Dossche, Ostend
“Are you gonna provide gametape from The Netherlands and Hungary?”

The game against us will be Hungary’s first ever international game. But we will look into it, yes.

Cederic Veryser, Izegem
“Hey Dale, hope you enjoyed the football on Sunday! Just wanted to say, Limburg Shotguns, really nice guys. They play fair, and afterwards we were able to make a huddle with the 2 teams togheter and enjoy some conversation with them while having some beers. The thing I’m trying to say here is, this is how I want all of my football sundays to look like: play the game and then have some chats with your opponent! We all love football, and we’re all amateurs, there is no reason for the hate that is out there afterwards sometimes! Great refs as well!”

Pretty much everyone wants their Sundays to be like this, and I think that this will be one of the added benefits to the National Team – players will get to know the guys on other teams better.

Bart Killens, Gent
“Do you think that if someone would create a new team in Belgium and recruit Barbarians to play for his team, we would get enough quality to compete in the European League? And would players be willing to leave their team and be prepared to travel? It would of course kill the Belgian League if all the best players would be in one team instead of spread out in the league.”

Hmmm, no. Not as it currently stands, anyway. If you had 60 players who would commit to it, train twice a week and power train and learn the playbook at other times, maybe you could compete within a few years, but not as it is now.
Would players be willing to leave their team and travel? Some would, most probably wouldn’t. I suppose we will find that out when the Barbarians start playing away games. This is, incidentally, the exact reason why we require everybody to be at the Combine – we want to see who is committed.

Carlos Pype, Izegem

“Looks like an exciting 2nd half of the season is upon us, with at least 6 teams with a legit shot at the playoffs. How long has it been since there were this many contenders?”

Well, the short answer to that is ‘never’. I think in 2008 and 2010 it was very close for the final playoff spot but there were only really two teams in contention (both times the Gators missed out, first to the Diamonds, and then to the Titans).
Don’t forget that the first tiebreaker is the result of the game between the two teams. The Pirates beat the Titans who beat the Bulls who beat the Lions. In two weeks, Ostend play against the Brussels Bulls and that could be crucial.

Lots of people, everywhere

“Do you know who writes this? : http://Fafl.wordpress.com/”

Nope, no idea. Whoever wrote it knows what they’re talking about, that’s for sure. All I know is that my OCD flips out when I see the offense pointing down the page instead of up!

Photo of the week


This photo was taken by Gary Dibble – be sure to check out many more photos at http://www.gdsportpics.be/gallery3/index.php/


It’s time to go back and see just how my pre-season predictions are shaping up. This sort of thing always makes me nervous because I don’t remember everything that I had written down back then!

– Despite losing their first game, the Gent Gators will lead the FAFL in scoring. Not only that, but they’ll make the playoffs and do some serious damage along the way, winning at least one game before time by leading by 50 (and as far as I know, they have never done that before).

Three out of four ain’t bad! The Gators didn’t lose their first game. They are, however, leading the FAFL in scoring, almost certain to make the playoffs by starting 4-0 and have already won one game by 50 points.

– The Pirates will have a great first season, just missing out on the playoffs.

The Pirates are currently sitting at 2-1, having beaten the Titans and Diamonds and lost a close one to the Black Angels. They’re definitely still in the hunt for a playoff spot.

– For every team that steps forward, one will step back. The Fighting Turtles will still make the playoffs, but they won’t be the threat that they were. The new challenge in the LFFAB to the Tigers will come from Waterloo.

This one might not have been so clever. Although it’s hard to tell because the Warriors haven’t played either the Turtles or the Tigers yet. That changes on Sunday when they face the Tigers, so we’ll know more then.

– Playoff teams LFFAB – Brussels Tigers, Waterloo Warriors, G-D Fighting Turtles
– Playoff teams FAFL – Brussels Black Angels, Gent Gators, Brussels Bulls

So far so good, I’d say. The Bulls are the ones looking most likely to miss out, although they are far from out of it, especially with their win over Leuven. It’s all still very much up in the air, and that’s the way that it should be!


12pm @ Archennes – #2 Brussels Tigers (2-0-0) vs #6 Waterloo Warriors (2-0-0) – GAME OF THE WEEK
I said : Tigers by 14. Computer says : Tigers by 10

3pm @ Archennes – #7 Grez-Doiceau Fighting Turtles (2-1-0) vs #15 Wapi Phoenix (0-2-0)
I said : Fighting Turtles by 50. Computer says : Turtles by 53


Needless to say I’ll be in Archennes on Sunday. Hopefully we start to get some nominations from the LFFAB soon because we haven’t been very successful in that so far. Until next time

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4 Responses to 0425 – Week 9 rankings

  1. Nick Reyns says:

    If the Pirates would beat the Bulls, it would be a serious damage for the Titans.. Not especially for the Lions, they still have to play against us.. Things are about to get exciting!!

    • dalehousden says:

      I think the ideal scenario for the Titans in the Bulls vs Pirates game would be a tie 🙂
      I actually received a spreadsheet from Benoit with playoff scenarios which I will talk about next time as it’s too complicated to go over here!

      • Bart says:

        With the top 6 teams having 7 games between eachother, assuming no ties and they all would win their games versus the bottom 3 teams, there are 128 scenarios left if my calculations are correct. After next weekend that would go down to 32 scenarios

  2. A defensive lineman says:

    Will you be presenting the selected players and coaches of the Belgian Barbarians during the Belgian Bowl on June 29th (wearing their Barbarian jerseys)?

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