0426 – BFL week 10

Hello and welcome back to the Barbarian blog. We had two games to check out on Sunday, and we’ve got four to preview for next weekend, so we’ll be fairly busy today. But first of all it’s time for

Barbarians News

Good news as we’ve now received nominations from our first LFFAB team – the Phoenix. Also the nominations from Liege are coming too, so this is exciting news as well as this is a much better team than I had thought. Don’t forget to annoy your coaches until they have made their selections too (just kidding), as they have just a little over two weeks!

In other, sadder, news, it seems that the Turtles won’t nominate any players. The word we heard was that they don’t believe in the National Team. They won’t stand in the way of their players going to the combine and playing if they are selected by us, but they won’t actively help either. Sad.

Game reviews

Brussels Tigers 30 – Waterloo Warriors 19

This was a most entertaining game that had pretty much everything. That is, except for a glorious comeback from the underdog, as the Tigers proved to be just a bit too much for the young Warriors.

The Tigers had a rotten start, their first play was a snap straight over their QB’s head and the Warriors recovered. But they couldn’t take advantage of their good field position, and it was the Tigers who scored first, QB #34 (13-36, 243 yards, 5 td, 3 int) finding RB #8 (21 rush, 50 yards. 4 catch, 81 yards, 1 td) on a long catch and run for 39 yards and a touchdown near the end of the first quarter. It would be their only score in the first half.

The Warriors wouldn’t crumble after this setback, and even took the lead once QB S Franchomme (12-32, 174 yards, 2 td, 2 int) found both his form and WRs Schoonjans (3 catches, 52 yards, 1 td) and G Franchomme (4 catches, 117 yards, 1 td) in the endzone, so the boys in green entered half time up 12-6.

Their defense had a much tougher time in the second half, which was started by Tigers WR#87 finding a lot of room and scoring a touchdown. It was answered straight away by Warriors RB Meerschout who made a very long run up the left sideline for another Warriors TD, this time with extra point and the Tigers found themselves down 19-12.

But then it was time for Tigers WR #18. He made three catches after this : 23 yards, 50 yards and 16 yards. All three were touchdowns, and his final score put the game out of reach of the Warriors, who just couldn’t get a handle on covering him, nor could they get enough quick pressure on the Tigers QB to disrupt their timing.

All in all it was a really nice game, one of the best I’d seen this year. The Warriors actually outgained the Tigers 304-280. Warriors defensive players Godart had 3 tackles and 2 interceptions, while Lustman had 5 tackles. Defensively for the Tigers, #84 had a huge game with 8.5 tackles, 2.5 tackles were for a loss.

Grez-Doiceau Fighting Turtles 52 – Wapi Phoenix 0

So the Turtles did pretty much just what was expected of them, by heavily defeating the Phoenix. Wapi had just 15 players and were forced to use one of their offensive tackles as a quarterback, but you’ve got to admire their spirit.

The Turtles started the game fast, scoring touchdowns on four of their first five drives, QB Firszt (6-21, 147 yards, 4 td) tossing four touchdowns, all to different receivers. The Phoenix, meanwhile, were just trying to make a first down. The Turtles tried to score again but they fumbled on a handoff right close to the goal line and the Phoenix recovered, which all led to a comfortable 28-0 half time lead.

The second half was much of the same, the Turtles were lining up to score, TE Valet (4 catches, 68 yards, 2 td) catching his second and later in the final quarter he took a reverse the distance as well, with the final score coming from QB Firszt on a run. RB (!?) D Corijn (9 rush, 52 yards) made his second two point conversion and the game was over, the Turtles winning easily 52-0.

The Turtles dominated the game, outgaining the Phoenix 423-59. S Massart made 2 sacks for the winners, while DL #69 had 5 tackles, 3 for loss, and CB #26 had 5 tackles and 3 passes defended for the Phoenix.

Players of the week

Warriors RB Meerschout. 12 rush, 114 yds, 1 td. 2 catches, 4 yards. 5 tackles, 3 tfl, 1 f f.

Tigers QB #34. 13/36, 223 yards, 5 td, 3 int

Turtles TE Valet. 2 catches, 58 yards, 2 td. 3 rush, 66 yards.

Tigers WR/DE #18. 3 catches, 91 yards, 3 td. 1 sack

Bonus player of the week. I won’t list any stats, but respect to the guy who played QB for the Phoenix, #10. He clearly had no experience at the position but he really tried his best, scrambling for a few yards here and there and encouraging his teammates for the whole game despite taking a real pounding from the Turtles.

Play of the week

Warriors RB Meerschout takes a pitch wide left, hurdles a Tiger, cuts inside, then outside, catches a block and is gone. 68 yards to the house

Quote of the week

“Mock him!” – Steven Corijn
I had a chat to David Corijn at half time, just after he’d fumbled from the 1-yard line and I’d said that he missed his once chance at glory. Then his brother joined in, giving the quote of the week. That’s what brothers are for!

C’Mon Man of the week

So I talk about punting and returning in this section pretty often, but seriously, it’s getting worse. Here’s the situation – Phoenix punt and the ball kind of rolls around a bit. The Turtles returner watches it for a while, picks the ball up and kind of walks around like the play is dead. The refs look at each other and decide to blow their whistles, ending the play (I assume because the runner had ‘given himself up’?). But here’s the thing – the play was not dead. The ball was live (at least until the officials blew their whistles) and the Phoenix missed a glorious opportunity to drill the Turtles returner. C’mon man!

Game previews

12pm @ Leuven – Antwerp Diamonds (0-4-0) vs Brussels Black Angels (4-1-0)

So the Diamonds and their new and improved offense will face a tough test as they take on the Black Angels. Brussels have recovered well after their opening game loss and a win against Antwerp will almost guarantee them a playoff spot.

Prediction : I think that this will be a tough one for the Diamonds. Black Angels 34, Diamonds 7.

3pm @ Leuven – Gent Gators (4-0-0) vs Leuven Lions (2-2-0)

Probably the two most aerial teams in the FAFL will take to the skies in Leuven. The Lions’ defense will have to bring their very best if they want to slow down Gent for long enough so that they can score enough points themselves to keep up. At any rate, it should be a very entertaining match, as the Lions can score in a hurry too.
Prediction : I think the Gators can continue their merry march to the playoffs. Gators 32 – Lions 14

12pm @ Puurs – Brussels Bulls (2-2-0) vs Ostend Pirates (2-1-0)

This could be a very important game with playoff implications. A win for the Pirates gives them victories over both the Bulls and Titans and will let them control their own destiny in the hunt for the post-season. The Bulls need this game just as badly, and will be hoping for a better offensive effort than their last couple of games.
Prediction : This has all the potential to be a great game. Pirates 20 – Bulls 14

3pm @ Puurs – Izegem Tribes (0-2-1) vs Puurs Titans (2-2-0)

The Tribes couldn’t quite finish the deal against the Shotguns but will look to learn from that experience and do better next time. The question will be if they’re allowed to have another shot at winning the game, as the Titans at home will look to get back to winning form and keep themselves in the playoff hunt.
Prediction : I think the Titans can get themselves back above .500 by winning this game. Titans 27 – Tribes 14


I’m out. Until next time

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  1. Angel #37 Tigers says:

    C’est pas le 87 qui a mit le touchdown puisqu’il était sur la side line c’est moi le numéro 37

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