0428 – BFL week 11

Welcome back to the Barbarian Blog. Just quickly, there won’t be a blog on Thursday. This is because I am playing an Australian Football game in France and I’m away for a few days. You see that you guys aren’t the only ones who can represent your country! Anyway that’s enough about me, it’s time to talk BFL.

Barbarian News

The Antwerp Diamonds are the latest team to have submitted their nominations to the Combine. That now makes 8 teams who have done so. And also it looks like the Fighting Turtles will be joining in the fun after all, which is great news. There are now 10 days until all nominations must be handed in. Not long after this, all of the nominated players will receive an invitation to the Combine, and not long after that I’ll publish a list of all nominated players.
Also we’ve been talking to some Belgians who are playing in Germany. The ones we’ve talked to all want to come and compete, so I recommend you local guys all bring your A-game to the Combine!

Game reviews

Brussels Black Angels 47 – Antwerp Diamonds 3

The Diamonds went into this game down their quarterback, and it didn’t begin well for the boys in red, down three touchdowns while still in the first quarter. The Black Angels passing game was working well, however, making a lot of completions, and looking like forcing the game towards a mercy rule.
However in the fourth quarter the Diamonds made some drives, mostly due to some long passes to WR Lufungula. Also of a big help was the punting and kicking job done by Vervaet, including a 35 yard field goal to prevent the shutout.

Gent Gators 34 – Leuven Lions 0

Surprisingly, this game started as a defensive struggle. The Lions were down a few key players on offense but their defense held strong, almost scoring on an interception return. But with just a few seconds left in the half, QB Killens snuck one in from two yards away. After recovering the onside kick it took just one play for WR Lezy to make a catch and run for another touchdown and it was 12-0 in about 15 seconds.

The Gators continued on in the third quarter with a touchdown catch by WR De Ruyter, and after the two point conversion it was 20-0. In the final term both De Ruyter and Lezy made their second touchdown catches of the game, setting the score at 34-0.

Something else to come out of this game was the birth of TECA (The Excessive Celebration Army) a group of mostly ex-Lions players whose mission is tailgating and cheering like mad for Leuven. If you ask me (and if you’re reading this, then you are asking me) then I think that this is awesome! These games really need some atmosphere, and what a great way to provide it.

Brussels Bulls 20 – Ostend Pirates 14

Here was a game where both teams were their own worst enemy. I have never seen a game where both teams shot themselves in the foot so many times. The Bulls spent half of the game in illegal formations, and the Pirates spent the other half of the game shouting at each other. If either team would have got their act together they would have walked away with the game comfortably. But as it was, it was a thriller.

At the beginning of the game the Bulls seemed to have trouble again moving the football. After going nowhere and being forced to punt, the Pirates made a nice drive which was ended by a QB Vermaut pass to WR Kaca in amongst defenders for a touchdown. The extra point made it 7-0 and that’s the way it would stay until just before half time.

The Pirates let WR Paulus (4 rec, 121 yards, 1 td) get behind them and he was found by QB Njufom, taking it 65 yards to the house but the conversion failed and the Pirates led 7-6. An untimely interception gave the Bulls good field position and RB Van de Wiele (27 rush, 146 yards) was able to convert from 8 yards away, and he made the two point conversion as well, so the Bulls were up 14-7 at the half.

It was the Pirates defense who made the next score, DL Eeckhout stripping the ball from the Bulls RB and taking it 50 yards for a touchdown (I must admit that when I saw their RB without the ball my first thought was ‘that was one hell of a fake handoff’, before I figured out what had actually happened).
So the score stayed tied at 14. The Pirates made one goal line stand, but with just six seconds left, QB Njufom found WR Despiegeleer on a slant for a touchdown and that was the end of that.

The Bulls outgained the Pirates 284-71. The Pirates “outpenaltied” the Bulls 111-110. For the Bulls’ D, LB Nicolajeff had 8.5 tackles and an interception, while the Pirates big defensive contributors were LB Van Hee with 6.5 tackles, and LB #35 with 6 tackles.

Puurs Titans 26 – Izegem Tribes 16

I don’t remember any game this season where a player had at least 10 tackles. Could be wrong, I suppose, but this game actually had three players with double digit tackles!

The Titans began like a house on fire*, RB Kabongo (7 rush, 143 yards, 2 td) proving almost unstoppable, at least until he got hurt, but the damage was already done. He had a huge touchdown run and backed it up with another from 5 yards, giving the Titans a two touchdown lead at the quarter, and when RB Steenbeke (12 rush, 70 yards, 1 td) scored from 4 yards away it was 20-0 with just a few minutes gone in the second quarter.

But the Tribes wouldn’t give up, and they would score on their final drive in the half, QB Huysman (12 rush, 106 yards, 2 td) breaking tackles and scoring from 12 yards away to make it 20-7 at the half.

After a LB J Meersmans fumble recovery, QB Baete found WR Bruyndonckx in the endzone to make it 26-7 and all seemed lost for Izegem. It was QB Huysman again who found a little room in the Titans defense, this time 27 yards worth as the score came back to 26-14. A little later the Titans were stuffed in their own endzone by LB Van Marcke for a safety but the Tribes ran out of time.

The Titans outgained the Tribes 280-173. The three defenders with massive amounts of tackles were Tribes DE Jamin (10), Titans LB K Meersmans (12) and Tribes LB Van Marcke (12.5)

Players of the week

Tribes LB Van Marcke – 12.5 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 1 safety

Titans LB K Meersmans – 12 tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss, 1 pass defense, 1 interception

Titans RB Kabongo – 7 rush, 143 yards, 2 td

Bulls RB Van de Wiele – 27 rush, 146 yards, 1 td, 1 2xp

Play of the week

Titans RB Kabongo takes a handoff right, gets a little room, turns on the afterburners and goodbye. 79 yards to the house.

Quote of the week

“After some strong defense from the Titans, the flag was waved off” – Dieter Eerens, not making a hell of a lot of sense doing play-by-play during the Titans-Tribes game. I will say this though for the Titans, they sure know how to have a good time when watching a game. It was good times in the press box!

C’Mon man of the week

I’m not sure whether to be silly or serious with the C’mon man this week. Actually, I think I’ll go with serious. I don’t normally write bad things about people so I won’t say who it was, but a certain player abandonded his team by walking off the field, leaving them a man short for what could have been a very crucial play. This attitude will not be a part of anything that The Barbarians stand for. C’mon man!

Computer rankings

1 – Brussels Tigers                   + 29.0
2 – Gent Gators                        + 26.6
3 – Waterloo Warriors            + 18.7
4 – Brussels Black Angels       + 14.4
5 – G-D Fighting Turtles        + 11.7
6 – Brussels Bulls                     + 10.2
7 – Ostend Pirates                    + 10.0
8 – Liege Monarchs                 + 1.9
9 – Leuven Lions                      + 0.6
10 – Puurs Titans                     – 8.0
11 – Izegem Tribes                    – 9.9
12 – Limburg Shotguns          – 16.6
13 – Antwerp Diamonds         – 22.1
14 – Charleroi Coal Miners    – 25.4
15 – Wapi Phoenix                   – 41.6

Power Rankings

1 (=)       Gent Gators (5-0-0)
2 (=)      Brussels Tigers (3-0-0)
3 (=)       Brussels Black Angels (5-1-0)
4 (+1)    Brussels Bulls (3-2-0)
5 (+1)     Waterloo Warriors (2-1-0)
6 (-2)     Ostend Pirates (2-2-0)
7 (=)      Grez-Doiceau Fighting Turtles (3-1-0)
8 (=)      Puurs Titans (3-2-0)
9 (+1)    Liege Monarchs (2-1-0)
10 (-1)   Leuven Lions (2-3-0)
11 (=)     Izegem Tribes (0-3-1)
12 (=)    Limburg Shotguns (1-3-1)
13 (=)    Antwerp Diamonds (0-5-0)
14 (=)   Charleroi Coal Miners (0-4-0)
15 (=)    Wapi Phoenix (0-3-0)

Game previews

12pm @ Tournai : #7 Grez-Doiceau Fighting Turtles vs #4 Waterloo Warriors – GAME OF THE WEEK

There’s a large chance that this game will determine who will finish second and who will finish third in the LFFAB, and it’s a big difference because the team that’s second gets a home game in the wild card round.
The Warriors played pretty well against the Tigers and will look to continue that good form here. Meanwhile the Turtles will look to regain a couple of players and out-physical the Warriors.
Prediction : It should be a great game but I think the Warriors can do it with their speed around the outsides. Watch out for those Turtles Tight Ends though!
I say : Warriors by 2. Computer says : Warriors by 7

3pm @ Tournai : #14 Charleroi Coal Miners vs #15 Wapi Phoenix

Both teams come into this game still looking for their first win of the season, and for the Coal Miners their season will be over after this game. The Phoenix work hard for each other but the Miners are a physical team.
I say : Coal Miners by 10. Computer says : Coal Miners by 16

2pm @ Evere : #2 Brussels Tigers vs #9 Liege Monarchs

This will be a great chance for the Monarchs to show everyone just what they’re made of. The Tigers have already clinched a playoff birth, but a win in this game will guarantee them the number one seed in the LFFAB (again). I expect a hard hitting football game but I still expect the Tigers to do what the usually do, and that’s win.
I say : Tigers by 14. Computer says Tigers by 26


I may or may not get to any games next weekend, depends on when I get back from France, although Tournai is actually on the way home so maybe I’ll swing past there. Good to see a few faces in Puurs that I hadn’t seen in quite a while! Until next time

* I have no idea why we say this, but if something starts like a house on fire it just means that it started very fast.

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4 Responses to 0428 – BFL week 11

  1. John Jolie says:

    Since the onside kick is suddenly more common than an item used in special situations maybe you could clarify the rules. I always thought the ball had to travel at least 10 yards before the kicking team could legally touch it. I saw at least two gent recovered kicks were they touched the balls within 10 yards. Shouldnt that be a penalty.

    • dalehousden says:

      As far as I understand it, the ball can only be recovered by the kicking team once it has gone 10 yards – or – they can recover it anywhere if it has been touched by the return team first.

    • Ruben De Ruyter says:

      I was on the field for all those recovered kickoffs and I assure you they all went 10 or more yards.

      • Bart says:

        Ruben, our first kickoff versus Leuven was touched by a Gator after 8 yards.The official didn’t see it. We got lucky on that one. This is the only one we got away with this year that i know of.

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